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    Monday, February 21, 2022

    The Rampage Report (2/18/22): Breathe It In, Or Something

    Jay White

    Apologies for missing the previous week's Rampage Report, if there was anyone who was looking forward to it; real life just got in the way. Last Friday, Rampage broke the nice little streak of title match main events they had going on in favor of a Forbidden Door matchup. Only problem is, it was really just a big deal if you're a Jay White fan—and we know there aren't that many of you.

    The road to Revolution

    The episode starts off with another Adam Cole match against the Dark Order's 10, as he's the go-to guy for Rampage nowadays. It isn't a bad spot for him, as starting off the show with him gets him out of the way quickly.

    Adam Cole vs. 10 isn't quite the match I'm looking for, as even though it made psychological sense, I just didn't like the visual of the much bigger and bulkier 10 getting cut down to size because he had a bum knee. The smaller Adam Cole working over the larger dude in a slow and methodical way isn't the action I prefer from him, and I also wanted 10 to get a bit of a showcase of what he's been doing and working on down in the Dark shows.

    Anyway, this is the beginning of Adam Cole's quest for the AEW World Championship against "Hangman" Adam Page, presumably at Revolution in a couple of weekends. The moment I wasn't really looking forward to is coming soon, and I just hope they don't actually pull the trigger on Cole becoming World Champion yet because I like where he's at right now as someone who isn't the most important part of the show.

    Big bois in the Face of the Revolution ladder match

    The second match was a qualifier for the Face of the Revolution ladder match at, uh, Revolution, and surprisingly, Dante Martin did not win.

    Seeing how much they really like Dante over the past few months, one would think that they would give him another showcase and put him in the ladder match. That's not the case, apparently, and I guess I could kind of see the logic of not putting him in if he wasn't slated to win. I don't mind it as much, too, as Powerhouse Hobbs needs something going for him as a part of Team Taz. That's just a lot of meaty men slapping meat in a ladder match, and I'm here for it.

    Knife perverts gonna knife pervert

    So here it is, your main event—Jay White vs. Trent Barretta, just to continue the neverending Best Friends vs. Young Bucks/Elite/Bullet Club/Undisputed Era war.

    Not gonna front—it was a good match, good enough to hook everyone in near the end. It got enough time to be as dramatic as it needed to be. Trent is good, White is okay; it's just that you knew that White, as the newcomer, was going to win this. Only real Jay White fans actually want that. I don't hate him, but I'm just not that guy. I would've much rather seen Trent win, and as harsh as it sounds, White's introduction feels like this entire gang war between the Elite and the Best Friends/CHAOS has jumped the shark.

    Rampage 2/18/22 Report: This episode, and its main event, wasn't bad by any means; it just wasn't as hype as previous weeks. B+

    Little rampages

    • This week's token women's match (and it is a token women's match, no matter what you say) is Serena Deeb's five-minute challenge. I can't lie; while it's a good way to just build up Deeb's credibility, a short veteran squash that's more common on the Dark shows is not what you want to have to fill in your weekly quota of women's wrestling. The reason why it worked on the previous week of Dynamite is because it supplemented another women's match. You had time to do two.

    Photo from AEW


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