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    Sunday, November 21, 2021

    The Rampage Report (11/19/21): The Unarguable Epoch

    Jungle Boy and Bobby Fish

    Missed last week's episode because I forgot to do it before Full Gear hit. Anyway, this week's episode carries on on the road to nowhere specific, as AEW likes to do after their PPVs.

    Billy Ass and the Ass Boys

    Our first Rampage match this week is Darby Allin vs. Billy Gunn, because Darby needs to rebound with a win after losing a competitive match to MJF at the pay-per-view. AEW's ridiculously deep roster really shines here, as you know Billy Gunn has been plucked out of the Dark shows to provide Darby and the fans a fresh matchup, but you also know he's here to lose.

    It's nothing mindblowing, as it's just a big guy vs. small guy matchup that they work really well here, but as a pro wrestler I like it for its simplicity. There's no need for any fancy stuff in this one; Darby is out to get a win over a well-respected (if not better-known) name in the business in William Ass, and in the process he does what he does best and throws himself at people, especially when they're bigger than him. Good opener.

    The TBS Championship tournament continues to get Jaded

    This week's perfunctory women's match is the continuation of the TBS Championship tournament, which is now in its second round. It wasn't mentioned before but I guess I do like the little nuance of having the top-ranked women in the division earn the first-round byes.

    Anyway, this is just a quick match to make Red Velvet look competitive and to give Jade Cargill a longer rep in the process of her seasoning as a young wrestler. Of course, Jade gets the win, because she's Jade Cargill, and I wouldn't be surprised if this entire TBS Championship tournament is hers to lose.

    The Unarguable Epoch

    AEW's attempt to draw in the viewership for this episode of Rampage is in its main event, in which Adam Cole and Bobby Fish reunite to take on the Jurassic Express in a sort of rematch. This is AEW's version of WWE's multiple-rematch booking logic, and as expected it's a better take on the whole thing.

    It's a good match, as can be expected from all four men, and is easily both the match of the night and the deserving main event. It all checks out for me. The story of the match is how Adam Cole leaves Bobby Fish to hang out to dry at the hands of the Jurassic Express, which tells me that the next big thing for the Elite—or at least, for Cole—is a feud with Bobby Fish.

    After Cole's feud with Kyle O'Reilly, I think I'm ready to see this, even though it makes Fish's second turn in the span of a little over a month since he arrived in AEW. While Tony Khan writes in weekly speed, I will admit this is pretty rushed, if Fish is going to turn; but I feel Fish vs. Cole is a more interesting proposition than Robert joining the Elite. We'll see.

    Rampage 11/19/21 Report: A solid but relatively quiet episode of Rampage. Good if you have the time for it, but admittedly nothing must-catch. B+

    Photo from AEW


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