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    Sunday, October 31, 2021

    NXT in the UK (10/28/21): Towels Are Flying Everywhere

    Noam Dar and Tyler Bate

    Hey there, NXT UK fans! I'm back—sorry I went away for a couple of weeks, Dynamite moving to Saturdays over the past two weekends had to edge out NXT UK in my weekend diet. That means I missed A-Kid vs. Ilja Dragunov, Dragunov's first United Kingdom Championship defense, which I hope you watched anyway. Instead of recapping the episodes I missed, let's just dive into what we have right now.

    New champ swing

    This week's main event features the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match that Noam Dar earned after a grueling two-month (or was it three?) tournament. As most British Rounds matches go, it was no doubt a solid matchup; after all, that's Tyler Bate and Noam Dar in there.

    If there is anything I'm iffy about in this match, however, it's the finish. Tag champs Pretty Deadly come out to try and distract Tyler Bate and his partner Trent Seven on the outside, and Seven and Pretty Deadly eventually end up coming to blows. In the ensuing fracas, the Moustache Mountain towel Seven carries with him inadvertently flew into the ring, causing the referee to think that Seven threw in the towel for Bate, awarding Dar the victory.

    While yes, this was the way to have the title change hands to keep Bate looking strong, I'm not sure it does wonders for Noam Dar, even though he technically won the title because of it. Even though Noam is a heel and heels should ideally win in terrible ways, none of his cunning was used in this finish—he really just got lucky because a fourth party, Pretty Deadly, caused the towel to come flying in.

    I would've probably fixed this by having Dar's cornerman Sha Samuels, not Pretty Deadly, start the ringside fight with Seven and throw the towel in the ring, so at least it's still Dar's party that causes the loss, then have Pretty Deadly come out and mock them after the match. Either that, or you have Noam explain that he recruited Pretty Deadly to help him in the match. I know Noam wasn't really supposed to look especially strong in that finish, but he also ended up looking rather weak, and I just wouldn't reward one of your most hardworking heels—who had, up until that point, been wrestling a more-than-solid bout—that way. 

    I appreciated what they were going for in the finish, I really did, it's just that I felt the execution could've been better. I felt Noam Dar deserved better in what was an otherwise really competitive match. Congratulations to him, though, and it was time for the title to change so Moustache Mountain could finally take the titles from Pretty Deadly.

    NXT UK 10/28/21 Grade: A-

    Bits and pieces

    • Myla Grace had a lot of offense against Amale, which leads me to think that she's another new signee in a quietly stacked women's division. She wasn't bad at all.
    • Surprising that Rohan Raja ate a loss against Mark Coffey—I thought Teoman was getting a push?
    Photo from WWE


    Romeo Moran (@roiswaris the Editor-in-Chief of Smark Henry and one of the three hosts of the Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast. He gets by in this hard-knock life through working in public relations. Smark Henry was his and Stan Sy's original vision of a watering hole for local wrestling fans. He roots for the undersized guys who hit hard, and he likes taking your wrestling questions over on his Curiouscat account. 

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