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    Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Theme Song Tuesday: Penta Says... They've Got a Dope Theme Song

    It's Tuesday. You know what that means. It's time for another edition of #ThemeSongTuesday!

    I'll be the first to admit that AEW entrance themes haven't gotten much love from this column, but that's because there was a time when I couldn't find their themes in full. That's changed dramatically over the last year, now that AEW has its own YouTube channel for its entrance themes. I mean, it's why we were able to immediately give you a rundown of how Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, and Bryan Danielson's AEW themes sounded on their own.

    While going through the AEW Music YouTube channel, I came across the Lucha Bros' theme, which I've heard on Spotify here and there, but never really bothered to dig into. After clicking the link, I noticed the words "Feat. Alex Abrahantes," and I was like, no, he couldn't have... did he?!

    Upon listening to the track, going through the comments, and just doing a whole lot of Googling, it turns out that the Lucha Bros' manager did actually rap the verses in their dope-ass theme song!

    "Zero Miedo" is a hip-hop theme produced by AEW Music Producer Mikey Rukus. He's the man behind many of the themes we've come to know and love in AEW, with Adam Cole's new theme being one of his newest creations. Rukus also provides the vocals in the hook, and we saw him perform it live during the Lucha Bros' entrance at All Out 2021. The dude's insanely talented and knows his way around various instruments and genres, much like the legendary Jim Johnston. I mean, just listen to this banger. It sounds so menacing with the dark chorus in the background, while the contemporary beat and Abrahantes's vocals add an intimidating vibe that hypes you up for battle.

    Alex Abrahantes doesn't sound like a master rapper on this track, but he does what he can to murder these bars on the verses. It's like he finally figured out how to channel all that energy he brings to the ring into the right type of aggression that this song needed. I really love how he clearly enunciated his vocals while adding a bit of mockery in the delivery of certain lines just to add a bit of color to his delivery. He doesn't need to pull an Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and switch up his cadence mid-verse or rap in supersonic speed in just one breath. Not every hip-hop wrestling theme needs that, and Abrahantes seems to understand that.

    If you've ever wondered what the English translation of the verses is, you can find them below courtesy of the good people at Genius.com.

    Fenix, Penta make you feel the mood
    They are the best in the ring, and that's not a lie
    You can feel it, It is strong, it is for all of the people
    Opponents fall with Broop Broop, face first
    The King and Lord of Lucha are always present
    Representing freedom and all that are independent
    They fight with heart, which is very strong
    Punishing moves that are always hot

    Face off in the ring and feel the worst
    You fall like the rest, at the feet of the best
    In the fight, it doesn't mattеr if it's American style
    You are going to know thе best style is Mexican
    We defeat you in a singles or a tag match
    You are going to know that why the bad guys are the best
    We attacked you in the air, or with a submission hold
    You going to have to ask for a blessing

    Now that we know what the lyrics mean, I'm hoping Alex Abrahantes steps into the studio to record these verses in English. I'd love to hear what that would sound like!

    As we enter the last quarter of the year, "Zero Miedo" stands out as one of the contenders for New Entrance Theme of the Year. It's a custom-made track that accurately paints a picture of the wrestler/s it was made for. It gets you pumped and wanting to kick some jabroni ass. It also has a memorable hook, with Penta's iconic catchphrase kicking off the entire thing. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the song's just fun to vibe to. Now, if only the Lucha Bros' dancers actually put some hip and ass movements into their dancing at All Out...

    Images from AEW


    Stan Sy (@_StanSy) is the Editor at Large of Smark Henry and is also a TV and events host, a freelance writer, and a podcaster. His podcasts include On Deck with Stan SyNow Steaming: A Tsinoy Podcast, and The Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast. He also used to be one of the hosts and writers of The Wrestling Gods on FOX Philippines. He enjoys watching WWE, AEW, and the occasional New Japan match.
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