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    Sunday, September 19, 2021

    The Rampage Report (9/17/21): The View From Up Tony Khan's Ass


    This week on Rampage, we get two decent title matches and a segment that a lot of people might find pretty hot.

    The Butcher and the Blade get a title opportunity

    The Butcher and the Blade get a shot at the AEW Tag Team Champions because, once again, they've apparently been undefeated on the Dark shows and that quietly earned them a title match. The match was decent work for all involved—it's just that it could've used a lot more fanfare, especially if AEW wanted Rampage to at least try and look like it wants to move the needle.

    We did find out on Wednesday's Dynamite that Butcher and Blade would be getting a title shot, but it wasn't made a big enough deal for people to tune into Rampage today. Fuego del Sol's challenge, where he put his car on the line if he didn't win, at least built up this show's main event. Is it truly too much to ask to give Butcher and Blade a big win on a previous show (a show that is on TV, mind you) to highlight that they'd be getting a title match? Or maybe even a promo on Dynamite? Certainly this is a reasonable ask. These are your tag team champions.

    Anna Jay beats the Bunny

    The second HFO match of the night sees Anna Jay beat the Bunny after a distraction, but Penelope Ford beats Jay and Tay Conti down with brass knuckles after the match. This would be the first of two post-match beatdowns in the evening, but at least they're also working on another women's storyline.

    Ruby Soho and Britt Baker shoot off the hip

    For those wondering where Ruby Soho and Britt Baker, D.M.D. were on last Wednesday's Dynamite, they were really just saving the big confrontation before Dynamite Grand Slam for Rampage. I can't remember right now if they also built up to this on Wednesday.

    The two women get real with each other, with Britt bringing up the fact that Ruby has been changing her character for a while and got fired from WWE, and Ruby bringing up the fact that Britt is in a relationship with someone backstage (who arrived on the same night as Ruby, by the way) and is apparently chummy with Tony Khan. 

    With less than a week before their big title match on Wednesday, I can understand why they had to go this route to drum up interest—while I personally think going into a worked shoot is almost always low-hanging fruit, there's not much history here for them to kayfabe, and people will love all the shoot references to generate some heat. It's the world we live in now, and I think they pulled it off well. Oh, and since Ruby got the upper hand tonight, she's not winning on Wednesday.

    Fuego del Sol loses his car

    I was wondering why we were getting a second Fuego del Sol vs. Miro match, and then the post-match happened: we're actually building up to a Miro vs. Sammy Guevara feud, and I thought it was pretty well done over the past few weeks.

    They've been building up the friendship between Sammy and Fuego well that you know Sammy coming down to save his buddy makes sense, and oh, there's a TNT Championship match to be made here along the way. This match and feud should be more fun, made even more so by the fact that it might just be time for Sammy to win his first singles title.

    Rampage 9/17/21 Report: It's another easy and fun watch this week on Rampage, but ultimately nothing must-watch if you're a little frugal with your wrestling time this weekend. Hardcore AEW fans will be okay with this week's product; you can save your energy for next week's two-hour episode. B+

    Little rampages

    • So they've completely done away with Mark Henry on commentary this week, but they're still trying to do four men for God knows what reason. Ricky Starks contributed nothing substantial to the show's commentary, and as always, while Jericho's enthusiasm is much better than JR's stumbling, it's annoying to hear Taz try to keep up with his energy. Get rid of Taz, get rid of the fourth man; if you really want Jericho, just pair him up with Excalibur. This isn't hard.
    • Some poor plant who cosplayed as Orange Cassidy got an in-ring haircut. Since everyone knows you can't really attack fans, I don't think anyone believed that that guy was a real fan in the audience—I would have preferred Matt Hardy trot out a guy he paid to dress up like Orange Cassidy to humiliate him. Not really sure that worked.
    • I don't know why Penta is so afraid of going unmasked when he wears heavy face paint under his mask anyway.
    • I don't really mind Jericho calling Butcher by his real name; the only real problem with it is unlike Jack Perry, most people don't know who this Andy Williams is, so you're really doing the Butcher dirty by using a name AEW fans don't associate him with.

    Photo from AEW


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