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    Sunday, September 5, 2021

    NXT in the UK (9/2/21): The Wrath of Teoman

    Nathan Frazer and Teoman

    After a pretty strong past couple of weeks, it's time for NXT UK to ease up a little on the big moments—but that doesn't mean the workers don't stop working.

    Teoman defeats Nathan Frazer

    All eyes are on young Nathan Frazer to see if he can get past Teoman in the first round of the Heritage Cup Championship contender's tournament. Nathan Frazer has always been good, and they're booking him as the great underdog who just keeps getting outclassed, which is totally fine. I feel like this match was also good for Teoman, who I hadn't really been that impressed with since coming to the brand.


    It's not that Teoman isn't good or anything; it's more of I had a hard time fully buying into his intense and cruel character because he wasn't really the biggest dude in the ring. It turns out he just needed someone like Nathan Frazer who could really bump and sell for him, and he needed a match like this British Rounds match that could truly emphasize his style. 

    Teoman winning the final fall via a combination of Rohan Raja's subtle interference and his own cunning was a good call, too. It's the right move to really sell him as someone vicious, especially after a long fight. That new finisher also looks pretty awesome.

    The Heritage Cup Championship contender's tournament is shaping up to be a fun outing, and I'm glad to see that I'm a little vindicated in suggesting that the midcard needs another tournament to raise the stakes a little more around here. Between this and Ilja Dragunov's reign, it's gonna be an exciting rest of the year for the red and black brand.

    NXT UK 9/2/21 Grade: A-

    Bits and pieces

    • Jack Starz is really coming out as a solid hand in the midcard. I'd say he can be someone you can bring over to NXT stateside with the right new gimmick. I'd even say that you can give him a makeover and turn him into a real star one day.
    • Speaking of bringing people over to NXT stateside, I'm predicting that Blair Davenport goes to the US around this time next year. She's that good.
    Photo from WWE


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