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    Saturday, August 14, 2021

    NXT in the UK (8/12/21): More Like Subfailure

    Mark Andrews and Noam Dar

    This week on NXT UK, the Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament kicks off. It's a great thing to have as it'll be spread over what seems to be a couple of months.

    Bad night for SUBCULTURE

    Well, the brand continues merrily along, seemingly oblivious to the power struggle happening on stateside NXT. I just hope it stays that way, but I just don't think it's going to be bulletproof for too long. NXT UK is an entire expense that—if we're going to judge by what Vince McMahon wants from NXT—isn't quite justified if it's only going to get a couple of people on the main roster. (Well, just one in Doudrop, as neither WALTER nor Ilja Dragunov are called up just yet.)

    So while we still have time to enjoy NXT UK for what it is, let's make do with what we have.

    It was a really bad night for SUBCULTURE, as Flash Morgan Webster loses his slap-challenge match against Gallus's Wolfgang and Mark Andrews goes down to Noam Dar in the first match of the Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament. Both are good matches, as can be expected from the NXT UK roster—well worth the addition to your wrestling diet, but if you don't have the room, you don't have to watch this week's episode.

    I'll just wax a little about SUBCULTURE as with a strange losing streak on all fronts, I'm not even sure why they felt like they needed to be a stable. Dani Luna's not going to be a women's championship contender anytime soon, while Flash and Mandrews haven't really won a big match since rebranding as SUBCULTURE. It feels like they're just there to be there, a minor brand refresh to make the three midcarders look interesting when they're actually not.

    What I'm saying is I would like SUBCULTURE to win more. That's why they banded together, right? To support each other as they navigate their careers in NXT UK? That's just me, though, as I'm a fan of all three, and I'm disappointed that the big formation hasn't amounted to much.

    NXT UK 8/12/21 Grade: B+

    Bits and pieces

    • Looks like they're in the process of turning Amale into a face. Not a bad idea as there seem to be too many heels in the women's division.
    • Totally forgot about Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey being a thing, so this is definitely a match to watch out for. Hopefully this has championship implications attached to it?
    Photo from WWE


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