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    Friday, August 13, 2021

    Finisher Friday (8/13/21): No One Can Get Past The Ultima Weapon

    Welcome to another edition of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal giving you a short review of an underdog's certainly-not-underwhelming finisher.

    Organic babyfaces. This term only applies to a handful of talents who easily get the crowd behind them, as they overcome adversity inside the ring to either a victory or defeat—actually a win or loss doesn't matter as much as having the audience pour out all of their emotions from the time their hero is battered and bruised, to them summoning their last attempt of a comeback, feeding off the fans' energy in every step of the way. In mainstream wrestling, underdogs such as Daniel Bryan, Kylie Rae, or Rey Mysterio easily come to mind. In the independent wrestling scene, seasoned vets would vouch for the name of Mike Bailey.

    One look at this guy's get-up is more than enough to give you an educated guess of his schtick. Wearing his trademark martial arts gi with no shoes, "Speedball" looks like a geek who decided that the Karate Kid is the best fighter outside and inside the ring. Standing at 5’8" and coming in at 174 pounds, at first glance Bailey is very much a regular dude, a stark contrast to most of the giants and over-the-top characters in the wrestling world. But that works in his favor, as he can utilize the David-Goliath dynamic to his advantage, serving as the underdog everyone loves. But don't pass him off as just a chump who has charisma: he actually is a technical genius in the ring, having accomplishments such as being the former IWS World Heavyweight Champion and two-time KO-D Tag Team Champion, the winner of CZW's 2015 Best of the Best and DDT's 2016 DNA Grand Prix tournaments under his résumé.

    Drawing from his experience as a fourth-degree taekwondo black belt, his striking offense consists mostly of kicks that you would only see in martial arts flicks:

    Putting aside his flashy kicks, his creativity and agility enable him to perform flips and unique slams that a normal martial arts practitioner would normally shy away from:

    His finisher is something taken out of Sonjay Dutt's playbook, a shooting star double-knee drop called the Ultima Weapon:

    Not even ZSJ can counter the damage dealt by a 174-pound wrestler crashing onto his back

    Unlike most diving foot stomps wherein the attacker "takes care" of his opponent, Speedball delivers a "Bye, Felicia" to the opponent's back as he drops on them with all of his weight. (For more information about taking care of opponents during a diving foot stomp, kindly refer to this article):

    Oh Cara Noir, why must you suffer the pain of having your spine crushed?

    Just watch this GIF of karate master having a boulder thrown to his back, and you'd quickly imagine the pain Speedball's opponent experiences after taking the move:

    Not gonna lie, this bloody GIF never fails to crack me up

    Using my Regal Rating, I would give this move a:

    10/10 for aesthetics. Speedball not giving a damn about his opponent's safety adds to the beauty of the move, as a "pulled back" double stomp gives off the impression of a botch or the performer simply tapping the opponent, like in the GIF below:

    9/10 for damage. Blunt force trauma to the back is no laughing matter. It can easily cause problems such as kidney bruises, thoracolumbar fractures, and hemothrorax to the lungs—and all of these can prove fatal if the checkboxes are ticked right.

    And that's it chaps, my short review of Mike Bailey's Ultima Weapon! With his five-year US travel ban finally getting lifted, do you think WWE or AEW will be in a race to acquire Speedball in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below!


    Wreddit_Regal is the resident finisher fanatic of Reddit's wrestling forum, r/squaredcircle. From the most basic of punches to the most intricate double-team maneuvers, he can explain them within the realm of human anatomy and physics, because when doing absolutely nothing wrestling-related, he also happens to work as an operating room nurse.

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