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    Sunday, July 18, 2021

    NXT in the UK (7/15/21): A Moot Press Conference

    WALTER and Ilja Dragunov

    After last week's "off week," this week's episode of NXT UK is absolutely loaded. But first, the elephant in the room.

    WALTER is injured

    Yes, that's right—our forever NXT UK Champion WALTER has been diagnosed with a "severe" hand injury, and that's after they've already pretaped this pretty good press conference segment that opened this episode.

    It's a damn shame this had to happen, as it seemed that Ilja Dragunov was finally set not only to win the championship, but to finally get over the demons that have been haunting him ever since he lost to Der Ringgeneral. They've told that story brilliantly through Dragunov's words at the press conference, and now it's looking like that won't happen.

    But assuming WALTER does get stripped of the title due to injury, I can't help but say that that's the better route for his character. He's been an unstoppable monster for 800-something days now, and an injury being the only thing that beats him for the championship only adds to his legend as one of the best to ever do it in all of NXT. Dragunov could always beat someone else for the championship, but WALTER could leave unscathed by a pinfall.

    I don't say this to take any joy from WALTER's injury, as I know injuries are always tough and unwelcome. I'm just saying that this is the potential silver lining for him, if it is coming to that. It's at least a clear path for Ilja to take the title, and I'm sure nobody would mind a rematch with Joe Coffey and/or Rampage Brown.

    In other news, we've also got two title matches this week, with a quick and decent defense of the NXT UK Women's Championship by Meiko Satomura against a game Amale, and a solid British Rounds match between Tyler Bate and Mark Coffey. You should definitely go check it out—it's your typical good wrestling from NXT UK every week.

    NXT UK 7/15/21 Grade: A-

    Bits and pieces

    • Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith vs. Teoman and Rohan Raja was pretty fun. Teoman is better off with Raja as a tag partner, as I don't see him making huge waves (just yet) in a pretty stacked singles division. Carter and Smith are also ready for a push.
    Photo from WWE


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