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    Saturday, May 15, 2021

    NXT in the UK (5/13/21): Round Two With The Final Boss

    Meiko Satomura and Jinny on WWE NXT UK

    This week on NXT UK, we get two big matches. It's always fun to see a Heritage Cup Rules match, even if it fell on the same week as a two-out-of-three falls match on NXT.

    Meiko Satomura gets another shot

    If I had it my way, Meiko Satomura wouldn't even need to be in this gauntlet match after Amale took out Xia Brookside. She should've beaten Kay Lee Ray on her first try—because she is the Final Boss—and KLR should be in this match earning her title rematch.

    But it's okay. They want to build Meiko up as the chasing heroine, and there's nothing wrong with that. I also would've preferred her to be in the match to begin with, but the whole idea was to give chances to the younger talent (at first).

    If there's one thing I didn't like about the gauntlet match, it's that the 20 minutes they gave five women weren't enough. I could've waited 'til next week for the SUBCULTURE debut of Mark Andrews going up against Levi Muir. As a result, women like Dani Luna and Jinny had to eat relatively quick pins, which sort of undermined the whole idea of showcasing the women's division. (Okay, even if the whole point was to make Isla Dawn look good and Meiko Satomura earn another shot.)

    Still, though, I'd take it. I really feel like this has to be it, because you don't send a legend to fail twice. There should only really be one forever champion on the brand, and WALTER's more than earned that title. Bring it on. Give it 30 minutes or something. My body is ready.

    NXT UK 5/13/21 Grade: A-

    Bits and pieces

    • Definitely enjoyed that Heritage Cup Rules match between Nathan Frazer and Noam Dar. Honestly thought it was going to be another Frazer win but I was pleasantly surprised that Dar took it (with a little help from Sha Samuels).
    Photo from WWE


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