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    Saturday, April 17, 2021

    NXT in the UK (4/15/21): Week of the Midcarders

    This week on NXT UK, the midcarders take center stage again after the main eventers returned for NXT UK Prelude.

    Friendship breakup

    Two weeks ago, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan broke up as a tag team. It didn't take NXT UK too long to capitalize on the angle, putting their grudge match as a main event on the show two weeks later.

    The match was good—not too long, clocking in at under 15 minutes but still managing to pack in a lot of drama for their first fight. There's no denying that both men are good at what they do, or else they wouldn't be in a brand that showcases the best of the UK and Europe. 

    Unfortunately, all my thoughts from two weeks ago remain unchanged. I get that the format of a one-hour show like NXT UK is to revolve who gets featured at the main event spot to keep everyone fresh and unsaturated. Your main event isn't always going to be your real main eventers. Nothing has changed in the past couple of weeks to shake my belief that Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are not a big enough deal to have this spot.

    The funny thing is if they devoted a couple more weeks to build up this grudge match, they could've earned the main event status. I would've been more willing to see it if they just fomented some more drama to make the story reach a boiling point somewhere. I also understand that it also makes sense to run the match as soon as possible, but a few episodes of Williams ducking Jordan and, I don't know, brawling in the back could've heightened the perception of this admittedly very midcard story.

    NXT UK 4/15/21 Grade: B+

    Bits and pieces

    • This week's episode was so focused on the brand's midcarders that you could actually skip it and not miss anything huge; if you do want your fix of solid wrestling, you should stick around.
    • We've gotten a couple of months of Nathan Frazer running down random guys from the roster. It's time to give him an actual storyline soon.
    • I'm down for Gallus vs. the Hunt, but I'm not really too keen on watching Eddie Dennis wrestle.
    • Completely surprised to see Emilia McKenzie take the loss so soon—I thought she was getting a new girl push.
    • To tell you the truth, I was way more interested in Jack Starz vs. Ashton Smith than I was in the main event. You should go watch this match.
    Photo from WWE


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