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    Thursday, October 15, 2020

    #SGQ: These Custom Edge Jordans Will Make You See Clearly

     Custom Air Jordan 1s with a design inspired by WWE's Edge

    Wrestling and sneakers are two universes that honestly just don't seem to intersect enough. While more and more wrestlers are starting to wear sneakers in the ring (many, many years after John Cena pumped Reeboks) wrestling shoes and traditional boots remain the popular choice, while streetwear remains worn outside the squared circle.

    While WWE has released collabs with a couple of shoe brands over the years, they haven't really set the world on fire. The best they've ever done might be last year's collab with FILA for the New Day and Sasha Banks, but other times, they've just been meh.

    That's why when artists get their hands on shoes and customize them individually, they more often than not end up looking a lot better, like this custom-made pair of Jordan 1s for Edge.

    Edge custom Air Jordan 1s

    Made by Cincinnati-based customizers Glaciers of Ice by request from Shane Helms, this literal one-of-a-kind pair really gets the Rated-R Superstar, turning in a shoe that's quintessential Edge.

    First, you can't have an Edge anything that isn't black-and-red. This works in the shoe's favor due to that colorway being the Jordan 1's most famous. 

    Second, they've also added great touches to the design: the Rated-R Superstar logo, the iconic Edge star you normally see on his gear, and arguably the best moment of his career: the infamous first-ever Money in the Bank cash-in, which is immortalized in the back of the left shoe, and in the words "Do it" and "Prove me right" on the inner sides, which Vince McMahon said to him as he turned the briefcase over.

    Edge custom Air Jordan 1s

    Edge custom Air Jordan 1s

    It's a real shame that these are only made for Edge, as some of us would likely sell a kidney or two just to rock a pair, even if it's limited edition. They've set the bar pretty high—this is what we feel wrestling sneakers should look like.

    It's not the first time GOI's done a wrestling pair. Here are some more of their work:

    And that's only the tip of the iceberg—they've got more wrestling collabs, as well as hip-hop- and comics-inspired custom sneakers.

    Now if only someone could get us our own custom Jordans; that would make this quarantine period less terrible.

    Photos from GOI Kicks

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