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    Monday, December 16, 2019

    Live From the 205 (12/13/19): Where The Wilde Things Are

    Because the cruiserweight division spans two shows now and 205 Live is the less important one, it bears prefacing with the fact that Angel Garza won the Cruiserweight Championship from Lio Rush on last week's episode of NXT. (Oh, and he proposed to his girlfriend, so he won twice.)

    Before I go into this week's episode of 205 Live, let me just say that hotshotting the title to a fresh Angel Garza without waiting too long is a wonderful idea. It shows that someone in the back's dedicated to building up as many stars in the division as possible without focusing on one guy too much. That, and even though Rush is a great champion and standard-bearer for the style and division, Garza is hot as fuck right now. Keeping him waiting would only dampen his fire, and I can't wait for all the fun title matchups that are now available (save for Raul Mendoza, who we've seen face Angel so many times now).

    So both men get a break from action, giving the rest of the division some more time to exclusively wrestle for a crowd that simply doesn't care. And we get a new addition! I'd like to say it was planned far back, but Joaquin Wilde says he only got the call the day before, so I hope that means someone still reads this column.

    Every Week Is Raul Mendoza Week

    It just is, and you know it.

    I can't watch 205 Live matches with the OGs now and not think about what TJP said on WWE producers micromanaging the way wrestlers work. That little bit really explains why a lot of these capable cruiserweights go into a formulaic WWE match every time—which does work for the amount of time they get to have, but doesn't always succeed in waking a tired SmackDown crowd up. The formula is great for wrestlers who aren't as experienced and are still finding their bearings as a worker, but not good for people with really distinct styles. You know, artists that need to be unleashed.

    Ariya Daivari is a prime example of being a victim of that formula. He's a heel and I like the way he strikes, but he's not getting a lot of reactions out there. I feel like he can be a bit more vicious, and perhaps there are some restraints on the way he does his thing that make him feel a little underwhelming in the ring. 

    Meanwhile, Raul Mendoza is still great, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's being built up to be the next challenger after Lio Rush. I think he needs to be given an actual story for people to sink their teeth into first, because all these solid matches aren't enough to propel him to the title picture (even if his role is to give Garza a good match). We'll see.

    Born to Be Wilde

    Joaquin Wilde is finally on 205 Live, and while I hate to make the comparison (mostly because you might think it's their ethnicity) the former DJZ feels like our good ol' TJP never left. While this was a short match, all the good lucha things and flashy technique really point back toward the Fil-Am Flash, and this might just be the extra shot in the arm the show needs. Let's just hope Wilde isn't bogged down by the WWE formula like the rest of them.

    And I only have one gripe: I don't like that finisher at all. This dude is capable of so much more; a weird ass jump and the face landing on boots is not it.

    Tony Nese Is Really Still A Thing

    You're telling me that after one hell of a match last week, we're really relegating the Danny Burch to jobbing out to a directionless Tony Nese? I didn't feel like anyone gained anything at all from this win, but it's mostly because nothing of consequence really happens on 205 Live. Still, however, I would've expected the show to build Burch's star being the newcomer. Alas, I guess not.

    205 Live 12/13/19 Grade: After a decent week, we're back to a show that doesn't really mean anything other than being a showcase for all the under-205 wrestlers the company signed. You're not missing much. B-

    Short stops

    • So what happened to the Jack Gallagher storyline? Did it suddenly go away? It was the only story the show had left and we're not seeing it advance?
    • Who's willing to bet that the show won't make it to the new decade?
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