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    Thursday, December 12, 2019

    Dark Side of The Elite (12/10/19): Watch For Omega, Stay For Swole

    If you’re going to watch this week’s AEW Dark for one reason, it should be for this video package that centers on the company’s latest signee Big Swole. 

    Don’t get me wrong, we have a surprisingly competitive match between Kenny Omega and Kip Sabian that’s worth watching if you’re just here for the wrasslin, but Dynamite has a poor track record of showing character-building video packages. Simply put, if you want to care about Big Stole’s match against Emi Sakura in Dynamite, you need to see this first unless this week’s episode surprises me and actually shows the video. 

    Yes, it's frustrating knowing that you might not always get character development for newer talent.

    Swole’s story is a great one, overcoming death itself, Crohn’s Disease, and inflammatory bowel disease. The doctors actually told her that she could never give birth again or be an active competitor, which must have been devastating. Knowing that Big Swole now has a daughter with RAW superstar Cedric Alexander, an AEW contract just makes you want to root for her after everything she’s been through.

    Anyone who’s seen her wrestle in AEW Dark knows that she’s a star in the making and I’m beyond happy to know that Swole is #AllElite. While she’s a little green in the ring, Swole and Kris Statlander, who also recently signed with the company, are exactly what AEW needs to build a kickass women’s division.

    I am more than pumped to see Swole work with Emi Sakura in this week’s episode of Dynamite. Here’s hoping that AEW actually plays this video package during Dynamite since it will endear her to the masses. It worked for KUSHIDA in last week’s NXT and should do wonders for Swole here. 

    Now, on to the matches.

    Scorpio Sky def. Jimmy Havoc and Peter Avalon in a Three-Way Match

    Solid match here, though I wouldn’t call it a must-watch. The finish was never really in question since Scorpio Sky had pinned Chris Jericho and is currently one half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions. Havoc teased using the staple gun here but didn’t get to, and Avalon ate the pin when Sky hit him with a TKO, or a fireman’s carry cutter if you want to get technical about it.

    One interesting thing about this match is that Leva Bates told Avalon to shhh and apologized to the crowd. Is she turning face? I wouldn’t mind since, once again, AEW’s women’s division is in need of some stars.

    Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) def. Alex Reynolds and John Silver

    Another match where the finish was never in doubt, more so because Reynolds and Silver only ever appear to lose from all the times I’ve seen them wrestle. This was Jurassic Express’s first victory in all of AEW and I’m actually a bit shocked that it took them this long to secure a pinfall victory over a jobber group.

    There were some fun moves here, with Luchasaurus killing these guys with his kicks and a sick Double Chokeslam. This also wasn’t a complete squash since Marko Stunt was babyface in peril for a bit, though he did get to show off his athleticism. Say what you will about his child-like looks and physique but Stunt does have talent and is getting over with the AEW so it’s good to see him get a win. 

    With Jungle Boy taking on Jericho on the December 18th edition of Dynamite, it’s a good time to like dinosaurs.

    Kenny Omega def. “Superbad” Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

    Once again, you could argue that the winner was obvious since one of these wrestlers is Kenny Omega, one of AEW’s main event talents, but this match did exceed my expectations. While Kenny dominated PAC and Jack Evans two weeks ago in Dynamite and Dark respectively, Sabian actually went 50-50 with the Best Bout Machine, thanks to his manager Penelope Ford.

    Ford did quite a bit in this match, giving Omega a Zelina Vega-esque huracanrana from the apron early on and later giving him a Stunner near the end, which got Sabian a very close two count, capitalizing on her move with a poisoned rana and penalty kick for the near-fall. Omega was so frustrated that he actually considered giving Ford a dragon suplex before deciding against it and beating up Sabian some more.

    This was a pretty fun match and is worth watching this episode of Dark for. My only complaint is that this is Sabian’s debut singles match with Ford at his side (the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale doesn’t count) and it would have been nice to see him win with his manager before this loss happened. Still, the fact that I almost believed Kip Sabian was going to beat Kenny Omega was a miracle in itself, and I’d argue that he looked better here than PAC did two weeks ago.

    Final Grade: AEW Dark Episode 10 gets a B. One surprisingly competitive Kenny Omega match and a fantastic video package for one of AEW’s new female wrestlers make this worth a watch. Plus, it’s free on YouTube.

    Images from All Elite Wrestling

    Nico Parungo is a writer for Epicstream.com and has contributed several reviews for PWR and MWF. When he isn't frustrated about the WWE, he's playing video games at home and is bugging his friends with glorious puns. He's new to the world of Twitter drama but is quickly getting hooked.
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