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    Friday, November 8, 2019

    Reviewing the Elite (11/6/19): Un-Goddamn-Deniable

    It’s the very first go-home show for AEW Dynamite and I’m happy to report that they nailed it. 

    Now, if you’re an annoying smark like me, you probably have a checklist to tick off when watching go-home shows before a pay-per-view. And though the show didn’t cross them all out, it was still a wild episode with plenty of great wrestling and an amazing show-ending brawl.

    If you weren't hyped for Full Gear before, you will be after seeing this episode.


    While there was a lot of good wrestling on this show, the biggest highlight of this episode had to be Cody’s promo. I’ve actually liked a number of Cody’s promos in WWE (he even cut a few good ones as Stardust) but none of them can compare to this God-tier effort.

    As someone who has mocked the Rhodes-less son of Dusty, this was an all-time great babyface promo and easily the best one Cody has ever cut. I’d say that the man deserves a raise, but he’s probably making a lot of $$$ since, in his words, he’s part of management.

    In one amazing performance, Cody addressed The Inner Circle, hinting at a future match between them and The Elite, talked about being a wrestler in management like his father Dusty Rhodes and the scrutiny that comes with it, verbally attacked Chris Jericho for calling him an “entitled millennial bitch” while growing up as an upper-middle-class kid with a famous hockey player for a father, and, most importantly, stating that he would NEVER challenge for the AEW World Championship again if he loses to Jericho in Full Gear.

    Somehow, he managed to do all of that in a beautiful, breathtaking, promo that managed to encapsulate everything about his character and feud with Jericho, which is everything great about professional wrestling. The fact that Cody is removing himself from title contention if he loses, which is a high probability, is a great move since no other wrestler in his position has ever done that before. 

    Usually, wrestlers in management just make themselves world champion for a long, annoying, credibility-killing, time *cough*Jeff Jarrett in TNA*cough*Triple H in 2002*phlegm-filled cough.*

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Cody is one of the best babyfaces in all of wrestling and he needs to win the AEW World Championship from that STUPID DICK!!

    Go Big For Go-Home

    After the great main event, which had Jericho and “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara beat Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page thanks to interference from PAC, we got an amazing brawl. I know some fans will take umbrage with the fact that we got another show-closing brawl from Dynamite but, to play devil’s advocate, they haven’t done this since episode two. 

    Jericho, Guevara, and “Big Hurt” Jake Hager were beating up Adam Page when Cody ran in to make the save. After dispatching of Guevara, it seemed like the show would close with Cody shouting at Jericho and Hager while they were on the ramp but MJF came and attacked them. He then threw Jericho in the ring, which led to Cody finally hitting the Cross Rhodes on the stupid dick, holding the belt high.

    Sounds like a show-closer right? If you only knew...

    Jon Moxley then came in, barbed-wire bat in hand, and made his way to the ring so that he could brawl with rival Omega before their unsanctioned Lights Out match in Full Gear. The two got their weapons and made it seem like we would be in for one hell of a brawl, ignoring how Jericho dragged Cody out of the ring to brawl until Proud-N-Powerful came to ruin all the fun, attacking the two. The Young Bucks then came out to even up the odds.

    And it’s not over yet.

    Proud-N-Powerful then tried to powerbomb Matt Jackson through the stage like they did to Ricky Morton last week, but Omega and Moxley took the duo down before proceeding to brawl with each other. After that, Nick Jackson decided to do an insane stage dive to everyone left—Cody, Jericho, Hager, Guevara, MJF, Santana, Ortiz, Hangman Page, and his brother Matt—giving us another memorable visual from this fantastic episode.

    Yes, AEW needs to make sure they don’t overdo show-closing brawls, I agree with that sentiment. But when it flows this well and connects so many interweaving storylines in such an entertaining manner, I can't help but smile and enjoy myself.

    The Women's Division

    Sorry, no clever title here, I just feel that AEW really needs to give their women more time and development. 

    It was announced that Riho would be taking on her mentor Emi Sakura in Full Gear and that's going to be a great match. But the lack of build towards it in recent weeks makes the announcement disappointing and rushed. Sakura's reason for getting this match seems to be "she mentored Riho" and "won a random four-way dance in AEW Dark." Also not helping is that this is only Sakura-san's second appearance in Dynamite and Riho hasn't received any significant development as a character. We know that the two have commitments in Japan, but it wouldn't kill AEW to give them video packages.

    Now to be more positive. The tag-team match where Riho and Shanna lost to Sakura and Jamie Hayter was pretty good. Riho and Sakura have great chemistry together, giving us a great preview of their upcoming singles match on Full Gear while Shanna and Hayter also showed that they're pretty capable in their own right. Shanna's a good worker with some cool moves while Hayter has a ton of personality.

    Hopefully, we get more development for these women soon. AEW has a number of talented women on their roster but their lack of commitment to make these women stars continues to be the company's biggest weakness, especially when compared to NXT.

    AEW Dynamite's first go-home show was a rip-roaring success. I won't stop bitching over how the company uses these women, but I can't complain about the product's overall quality. This show gets a B+.

    Full Gear Match Card:
    • Cody vs. Chris Jericho (c) for the AEW World Championship
    • Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley in a Lights Out Match
    • "Hangman" Adam Page vs. PAC
    • The Young Bucks vs. Proud-N-Powerful 
    • Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura for the AEW Women's World Championship
    • SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Bros vs. Private Party for the AEW World Tag Team Championship
    • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley (The Buy-In pre-show)

    Elite Thoughts

    • Chris Jericho had a video package parodying the one Cody had a few weeks ago and it was hilarious. Sammy Guevara called Chris Jericho the youngest AEW World Champion (which isn't untrue), Jake Hager shined by staying silent, Jericho mentioned "the bubbly," there was too much to not love.
    • When it was announced that Private Party and The Dark Order were fighting for bronze medals, I thought it was laughable. Thankfully, it was revealed that they would be grappling for the third spot in the aforementioned triple threat match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship and that made their match more exciting. Private Party winning was a given but The Dark Order had a good showing.
    • PAC and Trent had an excellent opening match, even if the result was never in question. Pac got a lot of heat before winning and the crowd loved Trent and The Best Friends. The Bastard's promo to "Hangman" Adam Page after winning was short and simple, which is all it needed to be.
    • Happy to see the Shawn Spears and Joey Janela rivalry get some love after AEW Dark Episode Five. I love how Janela gave Spears his chair back just so they could fight, only for Tully Blanchard to ruin all the fun. It showed that Janela thinks with his heart more than his brains but that fits his "bad boy" character well.
    • We're getting more teases for voodoo witch Brandi Rhodes and her monster Awesome Kong. That should be a lot of fun and could give the women's division a boost in popularity (maybe even give them more time and development).
    Images from All Elite Wrestling

    Nico Parungo is a writer for Epicstream.com and has contributed several reviews for PWR and MWF. When he isn't frustrated about the WWE, he's playing video games at home and is bugging his friends with glorious puns. He's new to the world of Twitter drama but is quickly getting hooked.
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