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    Friday, November 29, 2019

    MWF AksyoNovela TV Episode 6: New Format, New Issues

    AksyoNovela Episode 6 is now up on YouTube! It is in a completely different format, as MWF ditched all the elements that telegraphed how the past five episodes have been recap shows. Now a proper wrestling show, AksyoNovela TV joins other YouTube wrestling shows that have cropped up in the year of our Lord 2019, such as AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr. Can MWF compete with this renaissance of wrestling content? Is this even a fair comparison to make? Let's find out.

    The New Format

    You won't see hosts in front of a green screen here, nor will you notice any blatant match cuts. The show now has this feeling of being continuous, and with full matches being shown, it makes sense that the show is now up to 30 minutes compared to the previous shows' 20. Also, the titles of the shows are no longer styled after tabloid headlines, for better or for worse. And is Gigz Styker a ring announcer now? Huh.

    Verdict: Like

    The Illusion is Not Yet Set

    We all know that several MWF shows are pre-taped on a single day, but in several instances from in-ring promos to commentators, they alternate between acknowledging that some matches are occurring on that same night, to claiming that the show is live, to implying that some forecasted matches will not happen for another few weeks. They should pick their temporal narrative and stick to it, because it can get confusing from a storyline perspective.

    Verdict: Dislike

    Nakakainis si Bryan Leo

    I really hate the Bryan Leo character. He is entitled but mousey. He thinks he's all that but he's actually meh in the ring. He also has quite a fair bit of controversy surrounding him outside his wrestling persona, and sometimes I wonder if all the hassle MWF gets (pun intended) is worth it. But he is an effectively annoying heel, and I think I like that.

    Verdict: Like

    A Taglish Show

    Local shows on syndicated TV tend to be in Tagalog, with English peppered in here and there. Pro wrestling is a little different, with the medium so far being English with some Tagalog, perhaps because of demographics but also because a fair number of viewers are expected to be from outside the country. Now Metro Manila itself is a very Taglish region, but there is still a slight information disconnect from switching languages often. MWF recognizes this, which is why they have captions in both Tagalog and English, but for some reason they don't do that on match commentary or in-ring promos.

    I looked back to the earlier episodes and realized that they've always had this format. It's just a bit more obvious now because William Elvin has joined the commentary team as a Tagalog color commentator. Does it work? I'm not sure, but for now, in my totally biased capacity, I will rate it as a dislike.

    NSJ needs to go SSJ

    Nigel San Jose is clearly one of their most physically talented performers, and it boggles me how they've placed him in a jobber role. Is it simply because he's new? And it doesn't help that he has a smiling character. He needs to get his Super Saiyajin on before he gets Apollo Crews'd.

    Verdict: Dislike

    Total Likes: 2
    Total Dislikes: 3

    Episode 6 tl;dr: They're still figuring out the new show format, and there's a lot of potential here once they get comfortable. But at this moment, they're not yet comfortable. And while that's expected, that doesn't mean we should ignore the rough edges.

    Photo by Kelvin Concepcion Paje

    Disclaimer: BJ Recio is personal friends with the wrestler who plays the Fabio Makisig character. He is otherwise unaffiliated with the Manila Wrestling Federation in any way, shape, or form.
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