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    Saturday, November 23, 2019

    MWF AksyoNovela TV Episode 5: Primera. Klasika. Sipa.

    We're now on the last week of the recap episodes, and starting next week, we should be seeing new content from the AksyoNovela tapings that were held earlier this month. Let's get on it!


    Tarek is back, and now that he is, I realize that he's the best host so far. PAC RG was very into his heel character, and Veronica acted in a way that advanced her storyline. But Tarek is just such a fan of their product, and that enthusiasm is infectious. Anyway, Tarek is trying to understand Twitter in this episode, presumably to tell us that he's in charge of the @MWFinsider account. It works.

    The episode itself, though, is centered on Fabio Makisig. It talks about the origin of his character as a tambay, and how he slowly evolved into the leader of HSSL. Two of Fabio's matches were shown in this episode, and curiously they were both from Road to Fate 2018 and 2019, respectively.

    The first match was the tsinelas on a pole match against Jomar Liwanag. It's a treat to see a match that I haven't seen live, especially if it's been from some time back. I remember how this match was not so well-received in some reviews, probably because the tsinelas never really came into play. I can see how Fabio, being more of a heel at this time, would not want to give the fans what they want with the tsinelas. But on the flip(flop) side, I think it would have been better if Jomar had a go with the tsinelas. Nevertheless, it was actually a pretty good match, if we conveniently forget that there actually was a stipulation. If you put a stipulation, use it, guys.

    The second match, on the other hand, was the second bout between Fabio Makisig and the legendary TAJIRI. Now don't get me wrong, it was a very good match—but there was something off about it. Is it a case of diminishing returns? It was too soon after their first bout, which incidentally you can also watch via MWF's Mandirigma matches. I do get the story they're telling, though: TAJIRI was simply named #1 contender for Ho Ho Lun in the name of CoCo Gus' Global Initiative, ahead of all the Pinoy wrestlers. That, juxtaposed with how Fabio actually fights on TAJIRI's level (and proving it by beating him this time around), shows how much the current GusCon kowtows to foreign influence.

    It makes sense, but I feel like the championship storyline doesn't need TAJIRI. I wish he was used to work more with local talent besides Fabio. Imagine a TAJIRI versus Rex Lawin match, for example. But I also hear that Ho Ho Lun wants to get a chance to have a match with TAJIRI, so in a way this is the storyline imitating life.

    Or maybe I'm just trying too hard to not seem like I'm on team Fabio Makisig all the time.

    Episode 5 tl;dr: This is the Fabio episode. Somehow he's not the #1 contender.

    For the next episode, I will shift from a recap tone to a more review-like tone, as we're heading into new content territory!

    Photo by Miggy Hilario

    Disclaimer: BJ Recio is personal friends with the wrestler who plays the Fabio Makisig character. He is otherwise unaffiliated with the Manila Wrestling Federation in any way, shape, or form.
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