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    Monday, November 11, 2019

    MWF AksyoNovela TV Episode 2 and 3: It's PAC RG's Show

    With Manila Wrestling Federation now having a weekly show, I have to step up my game and cover them more often. I have been a bit remiss so far, but hopefully this will be the start of a new weekly habit! Let's go straight into episodes two and three.


    So, right off the bat, one of the issues with styling their episode titles after tabloid headlines becomes apparent. The title for this episode was a little too intense for some, and MWF received some criticism because of it. Now don't get me wrong, tabloid headlines are a lot of fun: One of my favorite tabloid headlines is still PINATAY DAHIL POGI! Tabloid titles are designed to grab your attention with shock and awe. But this same style is prone to prejudice, stereotyping, and racism, among other things, if they are handled haphazardly. MWF, for its part, does prefer to present as a promotion that will tackle difficult societal topics, so it's par for the course for them.

    Issues aside, for this episode PAC RG takes over from Tarek (who's probably busy with Shakespeare stuff) as the host of the show. He talked about championships, including the first round of the Kampeon ng Masa tournament, as well as the AWGC tag title defense, both of which happened at the recent MWF 11: Road to Fate.

    For the Kampeon ng Masa tournament, PAC RG showed the match between "Classical" Bryan Leo and "Danger" Rex Lawin. Bryan Leo is currently in the GGS pocket, while Rex has now picked up the former commissioner Veronica Shannon as his new manager in the wake of leaving Gus Global. It's a good match for PAC RG to highlight, as it ties to his own storyline as the right hand of CoCo Gus. He also reported after showing the match that Rex has suffered an eye injury, which could either tie to storyline, or it could be a reason for Rex Lawin to miss the next event.

    PAC RG then transitioned to the AWGC Tag Team Championship match, playing up the international nature of the titles as part of their "global initiative." As you already know, Youngblxxd won this match and brought the titles to the Philippine corner of Southeast Asia. I hadn't been able to watch Road to Fate, so while I knew the results of the match, this was my first time to see some nuances of the fight. In particular, special guest referee Jomar Liwanag seemed hesitant to give the three-count that would give the Youngblxxd the win and the AWGC tag titles. Clearly, there's still bad blood lingering between Bahay ng Liwanag and Youngblxxd.

    Watch AksyoNovela Episode 2 on YouTube!


    PAC RG is still the host for the third episode of AksyoNovela TV, leading me to speculate that hosting will mostly be Tarek and RG's gig, depending on who's available. I'm not sure what to feel about that if it's true. The host spot itself is a good way to build up other characters, and I'm still hoping for Gigz Stryker in his full action star persona, or Mr. Lucha in his blue barong.

    Speaking of Mr. Lucha, this episode focused on the friendship between him and the recently (semi) retired Robin Sane. PAC RG showed the clip of Robin's retirement speech, and then proceeded to add the friendship promo between Lucha, Sane, and Ninja Ryujin from their feud last year. The show then closed with the first-round match between Lucha and Sane as part of last year's MWF Championship tournament.

    They changed up the format a little bit for this episode by showing only one match, and I think that's a good thing to try out on occasion. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and this way they won't go through their entire footage backlog after just a few episodes. With an upcoming AksyoNovela taping on November 16, I am also excited to see new matches that are filmed specifically for this format. Will the commentators be at ringside? Are we going to see spots that are optimized for video rather than the live audience? I'm excited!

    Watch AksyoNovela Episode 3 on YouTube!


    One interesting point of view to consider for AksyoNovela TV is whether or not anything makes sense for someone who hasn't been to any MWF event. If you're only going by the show, will you be able to follow the storylines and be hyped for an upcoming live event?

    I am already quite invested in the MWF storylines, so I can only speculate. (Or get someone who hasn't been to any MWF event to watch it with me, hmm.) But so far, here is a quick summary of what stories have been highlighted in each episode.

    Episode 1: The MWF Championship, and Fabio Makisig's proximity to the title scene.
    Episode 2: Gus Global as heel authority figures with vague satirical overtones.
    Episode 3: Robin Sane as the former titleholder, his retirement, and his friendship with Mr. Lucha.

    What will episode 4 highlight? Personally, I'm hoping for a Liwanag retreat episode. Let us know what you want to see!

    Photo from MWF

    Disclaimer: BJ Recio is personal friends with the wrestler who plays the Fabio Makisig character. He is otherwise unaffiliated with the Manila Wrestling Federation in any way, shape, or form.
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