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    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    The Official Smark Henry Preview: PWR Special: Homecoming

    PWR Special: Homecoming is just a few days away and there's no better way to prepare and hype up the show than to speculate about the stories and the results that will unfold. I know PWR's Wrevolution X is the flagship event for Philippine Wrestling Revolution, but with a card like this, it's not too far off to say that this is another sulit bayad show.

    If you somehow forgot all about the headliners for this show, it involves international talents such as former Kampeon ng Pilipinas "Beautiful" Billy Suede, Ring of Honor's Jeff Cobb and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and current Impact Wrestling competitor TJP (TJ Perkins.) The show will be happening this Saturday, October 12, at 7:30 PM at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent.

    Let me start off by again saying that I am in no part associated with the booking of this show nor am I privy to how it will unfold. I am just a very laid-back armchair fantasy wrestling booker who tries too hard to analyze how everything will play out. Therefore, no spoilers are present in this preview.

    Kapitan Tutan vs. Evan Carleaux

    The Naughty Boys have had a good year (storyline-wise) to date, having been part of the most engaging stories of 2019. They've continuously performed to the adoring fans and they, in turn, have followed their exploits closely. This is why the Tutan/ECX story hits a little close to home.

    The NBs have always put the power of friendship at the forefront of their rivalries, but now, it has been put to the test with Kapitan Tutan's betrayal. After Trian Dela Torre fell into a catatonic state and Jhemherlhynn's defeat at PWR Live: Beautiful, Evan Carleaux might be the only one left to avenge the gang.

    This is a close call because I'm leaning towards Carleaux's favor but I want Tutan to succeed because of the heel turn.

    Winner: Kapitan Tutan wins but somehow Trian Dela Torre recovers from his state to declare that he will end this #TanginaMoTutan saga at the next show.

    Vlad Sinnsyk vs. Ken Warren

    I'm not too keen on this match because it has little heat for me. However, as consolation, I think both performers are great and I enjoy their work and I'm sure they'll have an enjoyable exchange.

    Because I think only one of the #PWOG's will win on this show, my pick is Vlad Sinnsyk.

    Cali Nueva vs. IMABAYASHI

    I've made no secrets about how much I enjoy Cali Nueva's work. The hipster's matches always amaze me because of the excitement with which he performs. Every moment feels like a highlight when you're watching this guy.

    To counteract that point, IMABAYASHI's style is more of a grounded style—at least, that's my take during this past year. He wrestles soundly enjoyable bouts that help control one's mood.

    Again, it's very hard to pick a winner because of two things: (1) MTNH has reunited so I think IMABAYASHI will win this one but (2) Cali Nueva is being built as a legitimate star so it'd be unwise to hand him the L. The big question is who has a lot to gain for winning this one.

    I'll stick with Nueva and I think the YOLO Twins will play a part in screwing over IMABAYASHI.

    Winner: Cali Nueva or we riot (I'm kidding, of course.) C'mon PWR, prove that this guy is a sneaky bastard by having him win over a big name.

    Jaye Sera vs. Robynn vs. Nina vs. Jhemherlhynn

    I somehow wish this would lead to a PWR Women's Championship soon. PWR, I'm sure you've considered this idea. Please do it.

    Anyhow, I think this is a great showcase match but I think they have to let the women have their time to shine. I was unhappy with Sera's last two performances and both Robynn and Jhemherlhynn have been in a slump as of late. I'm hoping they can give us the oomph I'm looking for similar to the women's match at PWR Live: Championship Spirit.

    Judging by #NitPickRick's previous take on the women's division. I think it's safe to say that Nina will take this one home. Sera's momentum has slightly been halted by last month's loss so it's best they stick with Nina and build her up. Sera has a cult following with the fans anyway.

    Winner: Unless they decide to go the rubber band route and let Sera win, Nina gets this.

    Desi Derata vs. Crystal

    I'm not sure why PWR decided to put Desi Derata on this card instead of being a separate attraction on another one but let's chalk it up to possible scheduling conflicts.

    Derata recently worked a few matches in Impact Wrestling, although in a losing capacity. Crystal, on the other hand, is coming back from a loss to Jaye Sera at PWR Renaissance.

    Crystal has a track record of losing to foreign talents so that's one way of looking at things. This, however, is also the reason why I think they'll give the W to Crystal. She's lost so many matches to foreign opponents that we have to start giving her wins to help build the previously mentioned "future PWR women's division."

    Winner: Crystal (and the future PWR's women's division that will be established after this win.)

    Jan Evander vs. Martivo (c) for the All Out War(la) Championship

    Let it be said that Martivo's run as the All Out War Champion has been wholly original. The Rainbow Warrior has given All Out Warla matches (as he dubs it) a different spin and made this hardcore match spin-off into a unique spot-fest of crazy weapons. For what it's worth, I think Martivo is a fun champion, but that's also the reason why I think Jan Evander should win this one. This title needs to go back to a more serious and sinister feel.

    Evander and his Endgame cohorts haven't really accomplished much despite being a villainous stable for over a year now. It's time to pull the trigger on this Smark Henry scholar and make it look like AB3 is the catalyst to the Endgame's success. Plus, Martivo is pretty over with the fans anyway. If he loses, he'll still have his solid following. Maybe he can help jumpstart Robynn's career with a feud this time around.

    Winner: Jan Evander (As AB3 proves once again that he's an asset to this group.)

    The YOLO Twins vs. The KakaiBros (c) for the PWR Tag Team Championship

    Around a year ago, we already had this feud with the Twins coming out on top in an E Di Sa Puso Mo match that made no sense to me. This time around, The Kakaibros are coming off with a win against MSG while the Twins seem to have started a rivalry with MTNH (Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba).

    It may be an unpopular opinion to some, but I think The YOLO Twins deserve to win the Tag Team Championships this time. I'm not yet sure how this will lead to an MTNH vs. YOLO Twins match for the titles, but that's how I see it.

    Here's an idea for the next show, how about if we get a three-way bout between them and the Kakaibros. Even better, what if we include MSG in the mix? MSG vs. MTNH vs. The YOLO Twins vs. The KakaiBros for the titles. PWR, book it, please.

    Winner: The Kakaibros (most likely by DQ) to retain and then this leads into my fantasy four-way match.

    "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. Chino Guinto (c) for the Philippine Excellence Championship

    Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm betting on Billy Suede for this one. I just think the PHX Championship will be a fine addition to The Beautiful One's accolades. I don't care if he loses it at the next event or two; I just want to see him have another run and also hold another championship in this company.

    Chino Guinto is cool and all but, hey, at least one "Homecoming" headliner has to be successful right?

    Winner: Billy Suede

    Jeff Cobb vs. Chris Panzer vs. QUATRO (c) for the PWR Championship

    For the love of God, I'm scared because the last time PWR booked a three-way match that involved the PWR Championship, we got that crazy ending that introduced us to the Foundation. And while I enjoyed the Foundation's matches at Renaissance, it was still a shitty way to treat a championship match.

    I'm automatically crossing out Jeff Cobb as the winner because I think this is a one-and-done deal with him at the moment. As much as I also want Chris Panzer to win the title, I feel there's a rebound one-on-one match involving Chris Panzer and QUATRO for the championship at the show after Homecoming.

    I'll go ahead and say that Cobb will murder both Pinoy wrestlers in the match, which leads into a two-on-one wherein he eats both men's finishers.

    Winner: QUATRO
    (who will probably hold the distinction of pinning Jeff Cobb) will win but this will lead to a Mr. Sy appearance, where shenanigans ensue.

    TJP vs. Jake De Leon

    While no titles are on the line, I believe these two men are fighting for an even bigger prizethe pride of calling themselves Mr. Philippine Wrestling. JDL has held the moniker for as far as I've known, while TJP has been very adamant in representing the Philippines globallyHe even wears the flag's elements in his gear and refers to himself as "The Fil-Am Flash."

    Both guys (unofficially) have the goal of being the true standard-bearer for Philippine wrestling and this match will probably take both of them—and Philippine wrestling—to another level. No matter who wins, I'm sure the local wrestling scene will flourish because of the attention that these two men will garner, not only from the loyal fans but also internationally because of Pinoy pride.

    With that much on the line, this is why—even if I think TJP will win due to experience—I'm #TeamJDL all the way because we all have much to gain if he wins this one. That and because we as Filipinos have to have them puso feels.

    Winner: JDL (and the entire Filipino wrestling community)

    Bonus Points:

    • Local hip-hop group Bawal Clan will be part of the show as musical guests. Wouldn't it be nice to see them stick it to MSG? I'd love to see a Mr. Sy spot in there somewhere.
    • Speaking of MSG, how could you not have Main Maxx and SANDATA booked in a match for a show as big as this? Ditto on Mike Madrigal, who is also noticeably off the card.
    • Rederick Mahaba is unannounced but based on this preview and my instincts, he'll appear in some form.
    Did your predictions match ours? Are you for #TeamJDL or #TeamTJP? Who will walk out as the new Kampeon ng Pilipinas? Sound off in the comments section below.

    PWR Special: Homecoming will be happening on Saturday, October 12, 2019, and is presented by ABS-CBN Vertis Tent. Tickets are available via Ticket2me.net and pwr.tickets@gmail.com or you can message PWR's Facebook page for inquiries.

    Disclaimer: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

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