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    Saturday, September 14, 2019

    Live From the 205 (9/10/19): Time-Stopping Fun

    The Triple H news we reported on this week's edition of the Grapevine explains a lot of this episode of 205 Live⁠—namely, the addition of NXT trainee Dio Maddin on the commentary team and KUSHIDA being the latest in a long line of recent guests from the black and yellow brand.

    For those who didn't bother to click on that link, it's basically him just saying that the cruiserweight division would eventually be subsumed into the NXT side of the Universe, instead of the main roster side. Not only does that kind of make sense (there are more cruiserweights waiting in the wings on NXT, and if they're not big names, they get called up to 205 Live) but I imagine that'll mean Cruiserweight Championship matches on NXT Takeovers. More minutes, more action, and definitely a lot more prestige. Maybe even another edition of the Cruiserweight Classic.

    That said, was being Jack Gallagher's partner truly the best way to debut KUSHIDA? The only acceptable answer, it seems, is that if we're not building up to an eventual Tozawa/KUSHIDA feud⁠—especially after this tweet⁠⁠—then it'll all have been for nothing. The man got the MSG crowd to chant for his name, but that's about it; the match barely tapped into what he can do.

    If there's one important short-term implication the new NXT setup brings to the 205 Live table, though, it's that it may finally stock the roster with enough talent to stabilize the face/heel ratio. I've noticed that a few people have been turning from one alignment to the other fairly quickly in recent times, simply because they don't have anyone else.

    Take Tony Nese, for example⁠—I've already mentioned that his heel turn in the previous episode marks his second turn of the year. Oney Lorcan had a mini-turn against Cedric Alexander right before WrestleMania that was also quickly abandoned after. If Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa are being positioned as new heels, it would be fresh for Tozawa, but it would also make for yet another turn for Kendrick, who turned face much earlier this year.

    Compound this with the fact that 205 Live's storylines tend to rotate characters every other week unless you're competing for the Cruiserweight Champion, and you'll get a few people who may not have settled in their roles. Importing new stars from NXT⁠, and hopefully keeping them around for longer than just a cup of coffee⁠, may solve that problem.

    Until then, let's hope this really is the KUSHIDA call-up we've been waiting for.

    205 Live 9/10/19 Final Grade: The first match was all right if not formulaic, but the show spun out of control in the main event, which featured a highly disinterested crowd that wasn't helped by slow heel work. B

    Short stops

    • Did you see that transition into the Hoverboard Lock though?
    • So I guess we're not done with the squabbling between Mike and Maria yet, and the only problem is we're no longer sure if there's a clear endgame for Mike, who has been putting in good work every time he's out there.
    • Tony Nese's first order of business after rejoining Drew Gulak is... losing. I get it had to be done to make the challengers look good, but way to throw a bucket of water on that real quick.
    • 205 Live features some of the best wrestling on the WWE slate, let's be honest, but there are times that the insistence on the WWE formula hurts what should be something special they have with the cruiserweights. I've seen more frenetic six-man tags on RAW that were more exciting than what we got in this week's main event, and the MSG crowd knew it too. Sometimes longer isn't always better, and this match might have been helped by a shorter runtime with a ton of spots crammed in.
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