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    Thursday, August 22, 2019

    SmackDown RunDown Live (8/20/19): Secret’s Out

    Nitpick Rick isn’t here to review SmackDown Live, so it’s up to his ripoff, The NickPick, a.k.a. Nico Parungo, to tell you how the Blue Brand did this week (Spoiler alert: they did okay).

    You know, we could talk about how tired we are of this Shane McMahon storyline, or how this Roman Reigns attacker storyline has gone from intriguing to comical in a matter of seconds, but let’s not. For now, at least. I mean, we have a two-hour show to talk about and you can’t expect me not to bitch; that’s what these long-form reviews are for.

    Let’s just ignore all the dumb sports entertainment for a minute and talk about Buddy Murphy, who put on another show-stealing performance. Did anyone actually expect Buddy Murphy to beat Daniel Bryan this week? At most, everyone expected him to put up a good fight against the former Yes! Yes! Yes! man before succumbing to the bigger (yet smaller) star, just like he did to Roman Reigns.

    But no, he fought off a ridiculously painful submission, beat Bryan clean with Murphy’s Law, and even got the crowd behind him during the match. I never thought I would hear Buddy Murphy chants. Now, he needs to be pushed to the moon.

    It looks like the WWE’s "Best Kept Secret" is out. Yeah, that’s what the review’s title is based on, aren’t I clever?

    Speaking of secrets and Daniel Bryan, it’s beyond obvious now that he and Rowan were behind the attack on Roman. Instead of framing another Superstar, Bryan and Rowan revealed that the “attacker” was just some dude who just happens to be bald and has the same beard as the former Wyatt sheep. Seriously, how did Roman not just beat the shit out of these two after seeing “the culprit?” There might be fans who hate this but I thought it was hilarious.

    You know what’s not funny? Seeing Kevin Owens apologize to Shane McMahon and having this feud continue. 

    Look, it makes sense for Shane to fine Owens after he attacked a referee at SummerSlam and you could even argue that Kevin’s character has always been about family so his begging makes some sense, but seeing The Prizefighter ask the dude he stunned and Frog Splashed weeks ago to take away the fine doesn’t make for entertaining television. Plus, it makes Owens look like a weak babyface who can’t fully commit to his goals. 

    I thought you were a rebel who wanted Shane out of WWE, Kevin? If you cared so much about your income and family, you shouldn’t have called out Shane in the first place.

    Oh right, this also led to Shane costing Owens his King of the Ring first-round match against Elias. I never saw it coming (no, I totally saw it coming).

    SmackDown Live was just okay this week. Buddy Murphy vs. Daniel Bryan is what made this show passable and you should go out of your way to see it. There were other positives, too, but they didn’t feel important enough to check this show out for. I’d give this show a C+.

    Match Results:
    • Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega) def. Apollo Crews to advance in the King of the Ring tournament
    • Buddy Murphy def. Daniel Bryan (w/ Rowan)
    • The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) def. Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker)
    • Elias def. Kevin Owens to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

    Quick Smacks:
    • This feud between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston is actually getting better. Randy calling Kofi stupid is just sublime to hear and the WWE Champion actually looked smart by attacking Randy from behind. Having him take down The Revival was a bit much but hey, he had a steel chair and it’s not like he totally destroyed them.
    • Andrade and Apollo Crews had a nice match, with the crowd actually behind Apollo. While the finish was never in doubt, it was good of them to give Apollo some offense. Also, King Andrade has a really nice ring to it.
    • I actually liked Elias’ backstage segment with Drake Maverick, though it would have been funnier if the 24/7 Champion showed the letter to the referee, then having Drake throw a fit for not being able to compete and consummate his marriage. Sorry, just some post-hindsight thoughts.
    • I'm also ashamed to say that I snickered when Shelton Benjamin made fun of Chad Gable's size. Not proud of it, but I have to fess up to my flaws.
    • That Moment of Bliss segment with Bayley and Charlotte Flair sucked. Charlotte just talked about how much more marketable she was and Bayley countered by... shoving her to the ground? Bayley literally beat the current Women’s Tag Team Champions by herself to retain her title and the best defense she had was a damn shove?
    • Pairing up Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura could be a blessing in disguise. These two seriously need more love from Creative and I hope WWE uses this newly-formed pair well. I can just imagine Sami pissing off his fellow Superstars with his usual rants and then having Nakamura kill them after. The beatdown on Miz was also pretty fun.
    Images from WWE

    Nico Parungo is a writer for Epicstream.com and has contributed several reviews for PWR and MWF. When he isn't frustrated about the WWE, he's playing video games at home and is bugging his friends with glorious puns. He's new to the world of Twitter drama but is quickly getting hooked.
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    Item Reviewed: SmackDown RunDown Live (8/20/19): Secret’s Out Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Nico Parungo
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