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    Thursday, August 1, 2019

    PWR Wrestlers Fight Each Other In The New Music Video For Saydie's "Cage"

    With all the overlap in between them, it was only a matter of time until Philippine wrestling and Philippine metal joined forces for something awesome.

    Local metal band Saydie recently released a music video for their newest single “Cage”—and guess what, a lot of your favorite PWR wrestlers are in it!

    Directed by Jeremy Jay Abano, the “Cage” video's got "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren, "Dimunyu" Chris Panzer, PWR Champion Quatro, "The Hand of Judgment" Vlad Sinnsyk, "The Walking Death" Mike Madrigal, The YOLO Twins, "The Punk Rock Maiden" Robynn, and the Queen of Philippine Wrestling Crystal straight up fighting each other in what seems to be a underground wrestling show featuring Saydie themselves performing the song (it is, after all, their song), and attended by Saydie’s fans, known collectively as the KULTO.

    You don't need to look any further, because we've got the video right here:

    "We're extremely excited to be a part of the Cage Music Video with Saydie," said PWR. "Rock music and professional wrestling have always had a kinship towards one another, and we're extremely happy to be able to show that connection in this music video."

    "We hope that with this video, both the music scene and wrestling scene here in the country will continue to support one another and bolster each other up," the company added. "We wish that everyone will continue to support our local arts."

    “This is the first time in our country that a band has collaborated with a professional wrestling promotion to make a music video,” said Saydie’s vocalist Kat Taylor. “Because we ourselves are huge wrestling fans, we wanted to make sure our video did justice to our homegrown talents.“

    “Our goal was to make a video that is awesome for fans of rock and metal and fans of wrestling,” said guitarist Karl Kliatchko. “For both rock and wrestling, the entertainer’s performance and the excitement of the audience feed off of each other to create this electrifying experience. With 'Cage,' we got to capture the best of both worlds that really complement each other.”

    "Cage" and Saydie are on Spotify, too. Safe to say that we're all looking forward to more partnerships between people in the local scene.

    Saydie is Kat Taylor (vocals), Karl Kliatchko (guitar/programming), Lehmann Flores (guitar), Marvin Montero (bass), and Mark Garchitorena (drums). For more information and upcoming tour and release dates, check out and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.
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