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    Saturday, August 24, 2019

    Join the Dark Side, Camus, They Have Ang Pao: PWR Renaissance 2019 Predictions, Please

    PWR Renaissance Predictions 2019

    No, this isn't the review, don't freak out. Try as I might, yo boy #NitPickRick can't fast forward to the future. We ain't nitpicking today, we're here to make picks! You should know the drill by now. I make fun of the matches, I make the predictions, then I throw the question to you. C’mon, people, this isn’t rocket science. 

    And since PWR Renaissance is one of PWR’s big four shows, Smark Henry sent the best person to hype you up for Sunday. I just wish he or she arrives soon, the column’s about to start.

    PWR Championship Match: “The Shark” Andrew Carter vs. QUATRO (c)

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Quatro vs. Andrew Carter

    Well, since I’m already here, I’ll go ahead and start things off. Remember a second ago when I said PWR Renaissance is a bonafide PWR big four show? Well, it doesn’t feel like it. For one, the foreign invasion angle has been played out way too many times. Remember PWR Live: Homefront? So yeah, nothing exciting about a group of Australians wreaking havoc.

    And don’t even get me started about how they were introduced in the first place. Just read my thoughts about in the last review. So yeah, this month’s title matches don’t really scream money matches. This isn’t a dig on the performers involved. For all we know, the main event will go down as the best main event in PWR history. We can only hope.

    As for my pick, I’ll easily put my faith in the fact that our Aussie friends will leave the Philippines empty-handed, starting with the supposed ringleader, Andrew Carter. He seems like a great fella, but he’ll probably succumb to our PWR Champion’s onslaught of strikes and flips. So yeah, I’ll chalk this one up to the owner of QuatroTV, QUATRO

    The Naughty Boys (Trian dela Torre, Evan Carleaux, and Kapitan Tutan) vs. MSG (Main Maxx, SANDATA, and Mr. Sy)

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Naughty Boys vs. MSG

    Now if we’re talking about money matches, this one had to be the biggest on the card. I’m still in awe how they were able to make GrabCamus possibly joining the dark side as compelling as it is. Sure, the man of the hour isn’t booked for the match, but c’mon, we’re talking about wrestling here. Camus will definitely make his presence known, much to the chagrin of the Naughty Boys.

    I know I sound like I’m so sure of myself, but this really can’t end any other way. It’s not like PWR is crazy enough to swerve us with an unsatisfying ending and have Camus reunite with his friends after months of being “benched” and being branded as “patalo.” And as I said before, Camus doesn’t have to pick s side. Just let him spread his wings and fly high in PWR.

    And if the Camus heel turn won’t be enough for you, we will still get to see Mr. Sy get his ass handed to him. Or maybe they’ll avoid placing Mr. Sy in the battlefield just to fuck with everyone. Either way, we are guaranteed to have an entertaining match that will hopefully end with MSG picking up the win and a new addition to their little club of misfits.

    PWR Championship Chase Tournament Finals: Chris Panzer (w/ Mr. Sy) vs. Mike Madrigal

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Chris Panzer vs. Mike Madrigal

    As long as I’m alive and writing for Smark Henry, PWR’s annual season-premiere tournament will always be known as the Championship Chase Tournament. And compared to last year’s finals, this year’s a doozy. Two of PWR`s baddest bois square off to determine the next contender for QUATRO's coveted PWR Championship. Who to pick, who to pick? 

    My pick is the lesser of two evils, boss Mike Madrigal. In a battle between these two recently-turned wrestlers, Madrigal needs this win more than Panzer does. For one, Panzer has MSG to solidify his heel character. He doesn’t need to win a title shot to be an effective heel. Madrigal, on the other hand, needs to justify his decision to add #PUSO to his arsenal.

    If Madrigal wins, it’s the perfect launching point for his rejuvenated babyface turn. His #PUSO brought him closer to glory, something he never achieved while he was still kupal. Isn’t it fun to see assholes transform into good guys? For some reason, they get the most cheers... probably because they are heroes with an attitude, a far cry from the usual cookie-cutter ones. 

    PHX Championship Match: Chris Target vs. “The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto (c)

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Chino Guinto vs. Chris Target

    Urgh, why are all the PWR titles entangled in this Australian invasion mess? Chino Guinto has yet to be in a great match since recapturing the PHX Championship, so Chris Target better bring his A-game and give our Golden Boy a run for his money. Of course, Chino Guinto is easily my pick (see above), but I’m predicting Target won’t make it easy for him. 

    All Out Warla Match for the PWR All Out War Championship: Killah vs. “The Man-Doll” Martivo (c)

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Martivo vs. Killah

    The same goes with this one. Martivo will retain his flashy title, but not without enduring some punishment. Killah looks like a legit madman, so Martivo’s usual antics probably won't faze his opponent. While my interest for this match isn’t that high, they get props for making this one an All Out War match, as the title should be defended in such a match the first place. Keep it up, people.

    3-Way Tag Team Match for the PWR Tag Team Championships: Julio & Marco Garcia vs. The Network (James "Idol" Martinez & Sam Baltazar) vs. KakaiBros (Mh4rckie & Kh3ndrick) (c)

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Garcia Brothers vs. The Network vs. KakaiBros

    KakaiBros, no doubt. Obviously, the foreigners won’t win, but the Sam Baltazar-powered Network isn’t enough to topple the Bros in their 3th title defense. Here’s a bold prediction: out of all the invaders, I predict that the Garcia Brothers will be the closest to getting their hands on some PWR gold. 3-way bouts are always fun, so let’s see if this one delivers.

    Zayden Trudeau vs. Cali Nueva

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Zayden vs. Cali Nueva

    Finally, we’re getting to the matches that are actually interesting. The Revo-Nation have clamored for this match since they saw these two one-up each other at this year’s Wrevolution X. And while we got a 3-Way involving these two, a proper one-on-one match is the perfect send-off for Zayden Trudeau as he once again leaves the country for the unseeable future. 

    So the question now is who will end up victorious? No bias here (okay, maybe a little bias), but my pick is Cali Nueva, and he’ll do it with the help of shenanigans. Remember how Zayden pinned Cali last month at PWR Live: Championship Spirit? Cali Nueva probably does, that’s why he’ll do everything to get his win back. Easily my pick for Match of the Night.

    Crystal vs. Jaye Sera

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Crystal vs. Jaye Sera

    Fresh off from her star-making performance at PWR Live: Championship Spirit, Jaye Sera finds herself facing the Queen herself, Crystal. Crazy what a big moment can bring you, huh? But now that the moment has passed and we’re back to reality, can Sera continue riding the momentum or will Crystal bring her back down to earth?

    I say strike while the iron is hot and give Jaye Sera the win. It’s not like Sera won the match where she made her mark, so a victory over the country’s top woman will catapult her momentum further. And I know it sounds weird, but I don’t want to see the moonsault again this soon. Let the moment live on for a few more months. It's Jaye's Era, people. Live with the times.

    Nina vs. IMABAYASHI

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Nina vs. Imabayashi

    It’s the sins of the past catching up on the former PWR Champion as IMABAYASHI is set to face his former best friend/love interest(?), Nina. Now that the Wrestler of Shinjuku is carving his own path of redemption, how will he handle the pent-up rage of the now battle-ready Nina? As my vote for the second match of the pre-show, this is a great incentive to #NeverArriveLate.

    As for my pick, I’ll hand it to IMABAYASHI. I mean, the guy soundly beat a fired-up Kapitan Tutan. If he puts his mind to it and controls his emotions, he’ll topple Nina easy-peasy. Not that she’s weak or anything, but it’s really hard to root for her when it’s technically just her second wrestling match ever. No way she’s going over the longest-reigning PWR Champion clean.

    I Quit Match, if John Sebastian loses, he forfeits his 50% controlling share in PWR: John Sebastian vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: John Sebastian vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

    I feel like I should care more about this match since it’ll be the first in the Philippines, but somehow I can’t. I’m not sure, is it because they’re not hyping it enough? Is it because their segment last month was too short, despite it being good? Or is it because I never cared about Sebastian being the PWR co-owner? Not entirely sure myself. 

    Anyway, my pick has to be Vlad Sinnsyk, just so we can make Poch the one and only authority figure in PWR. I really hate seeing active members of the roster become GMs or something, so hopefully, we can get a better, unhinged version of John Sebastian after all of this. Besides, I don’t think Vlad can actually speak, so he wins by default. #TeamGrunts, baby!

    Jake de Leon & TBA vs. The YOLO Twins

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: JDL & TBA vs. The YOLO Twins

    Captain Obvious here, bringing in the latest news in PWR. In tomorrow’s news, Jake de Leon and Ken Warren will team up to take on the YOLO Twins in a barnburner yet still predictable match. And of course, they’ll pick up the win, despite Yohann threatening to eat JDL on Sunday. Uh, yeah, I have nothing on that. But hey, Ken Warren will return to action! Focus on #THAT.

    Dax Xaviera w/ Gatilyo vs. Bolt

    PWR Renaissance Predictions: Dax Xaviera vs. Bolt

    While I nominate this as the first match for the pre-show, I’m not sleeping on this one. Bolt didn’t have a match last month, so I hope they’re still continuing Bolt’s My Hero Academia-esque arc of facing bigger threats. This time, he’s up against the resurfacing Dax Xaviera, now with the best wrestler in the world, Gatilyo, as his muscle. This should be interesting. 

    I definitely want to see Bolt win this one. Compared to Dax, Bolt’s character tells the better story and his character arc has more potential. And in anime, the underdog always gets his win back after suffering a total loss. It’s only natural for Bolt to win it all on Sunday.


    There you have it, my PWR Renaissance picks have been placed. Do you agree? Disagree? Don’t care? Hate me? Want me to shut up already? Fine, let’s see your picks then in the comments below or on the Facebook post where this article will probably end up. Let’s see how good your predictions are.

    All photos taken from Philippine Wrestling Revolution FB Page


    Ricky Publico (@Peepomania) is Smark Henry's resident SmackDown Live and PWR reviewer... for better or worse. He also nitpicks PWR shows when no one's available to do so. A known lover of wrestling tournaments, he's a sucker for well-executed promos and fast-paced matches. He has yet to learn how to operate a microwave. Don't judge him.
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