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    Thursday, July 25, 2019

    Smark Healthy: Mr. International Philippine Wrestling

    When we first heard of the news, it came as a very welcome shock. The cryptic tweets, flying out to China without any prior news of a booking for any of them there, and the news that a WWE tryout would be happening that very week... It led to speculations of something everyone wanted to see. And then it was all confirmed.

    "Mr. Philippine Wrestling" Jake De Leon... "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren... Crystal, "Queen of Philippine Wrestling." All three of them were at the WWE Tryouts in Shanghai.

    Despite being busy with their preparations for their respective matches at this Sunday's PWR Live: Championship Spirit, Smark Henry got to field a few questions to Mr. Philippine Wrestling himself, Jake De Leon about his experience at the WWE Tryouts and how it all came together for him.

    A two-time former PWR Champion, as well as a former Philippine Excellence Champion, the Senyorito has won his share of titles in the local scene. He's made his own mark in the surrounding local promotions in various countries as well, having wrestled in places like Malaysia and Singapore to name a few. He was also the former president of PWR, helping to build the company into what it is now throughout his tenure. He has since passed the reins of leadership to focus on what he's most passionate about: wrestling.

    How does one even get into the WWE Tryouts?

    I don’t know if there was really a process at all. I think it all stemmed from the fact that [WWE Senior Director of Talent Development] Canyon Ceman and [WWE Asia Pacific GM] Chris Marsh came and watched a PWR show all the way back in 2017 (PWR Live: Bagong Yugto) and we stayed on their radar. I’m very thankful that they still remembered me and maybe(?) kept an eye on me as I continued to better myself as a wrestler and performer over the past two years.

    How did you prepare for the tryouts itself?

    I “tried” to do as much cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as I could and even did a bit of yoga. It was all very much a shot in the dark though because all we knew was it was going to be tough as heck.

    What activities and exercises did the tryout consist of?

    I’ll leave that to your imagination and to the videos that they’ll be releasing of the tryout. But all I can say is that it was definitely the toughest form of training I’ve ever done in my life. I definitely learned a lot about wrestling, about WWE, and about myself.

    What was the most important lesson that you took away from the experience?

    I think for me the most important lesson was that there is always a way to surpass your limits, “Plus Ultra” (or "further beyond" in Latin) in the Japanese manga, My Hero Academia, in a sense.

    InasAll Might
    If you think you’ve reached your peak then you probably have. We, however, were very lucky to have coaches and fellow wrestlers trying out who helped motivate and cheer us on to surpass our limits and reach levels we never knew we could.

    Who made a mark on you, from those running the tryouts and your fellow participants

    Everyone pretty much made a mark on me. Coach [Matt] Bloom, Coach [Robbie] Brookside, Coach [Serena] Deeb, Coach Kona [Reeves], Coach Reina [González], Coach Xia [Li], Coach Boa, Coach Rocky, and all of my fellow participants. The knowledge imparted by the coaches and the fighting spirit that all the tryout participants exhibited definitely left a mark on me from the first to the last day. The entire experience left a mark on me.

    Is there anyone from your fellow participants that you would like to face in the PWR ring?

    I’ve already faced Trexxus and Andruew Tang in the ring before but those were in multi-man matches. I’d definitely like to face off against them one-on-one. Gao Yuan from China is also someone that seems fun to face in the ring. As for a tag team, however, GIVE ME BAD COMPANY.


    It's no secret how much hard work, blood, sweat, and tears Jake De Leon has put into PWR. He has helped carry the company through tough times, all while still being able to put up excellent matches. It's the norm for him.

    Now, he gets to focus all of his energy on getting his level of wrestling to even greater heights. And that is something we are all privileged to see.


    Catch Mr. Philippine Wrestling, Jake De Leon, in his much-awaited battle against The Prophet of Pain, Shaukat, at PWR Live: Championship Spirit. The event will be this Sunday, July 28, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. Tickets are still available at discounted and bundle 
    prices. Bell rings at 2 p.m..


    Photo Credits go to Hub Pacheco and WWE.com

    Disclaimer: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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