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    Friday, July 26, 2019

    MWF 10: Republika: The Official Smark Henry Preview

    Local author Dean Alfar mentions that now is the time for ultra unreal realismrealist fiction that underscores the absurdity and excesses of our situation. Filipinos need to remaster the art of satire, for somewhere in between Jose Rizal's works and the news-looking blog absurdities that fathered fake news, we somehow lost the appetite for it.

    MWF seems to understand this, and in the aptly named MWF 10: Republika, it reaches ever deeper into the well of satire to tell their stories. Will MWF's storytelling allow us to identify and counter the absurdities of today's social climate, or will it further desensitize us from it?

    I Own MWF, I'm Just Letting HoHo Lun be Champion

    At the top of the card, Robin Sane is being challenged by the international wrestling star from Hong Kong Mainland China, HoHo Lun. At this point, HoHo Lun is the archrival of our MWF championnot Mr. Lucha or Rex Lawin, not Fabio Makisig, and not anyone from PWR. But this time, the stakes are perhaps the highest, thanks in large part to Commissioner Gus Queens' administration sidestepping their #1 Contender to cater to the whims of China. (More on that later.) Common logic says that it's unlikely for a part-timer who's barely in your promotion to hold your top prize, but then common logic and wrestling logic are entirely different, and wrestling logic says that it's exactly where this story is headed.

    Imaginea Chinese wrestler as your Philippine Champion. I really hope I'm wrong.

    Chinese Customers Only

    Ho Ho Lun didn't come alone, as Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation brings over Michael Su and Bitman to challenge the tambay tandem of Fabio Makisig and Khayl Sison. Despite their recent winning ways, MWF Management doesn't like the idea of giving opportunities to what amounts to the salot ng lipunan. So instead, Ho Ho Lun gets the championship opportunity, while Ho Ho Lun's friends get to humble the tambays, in turn. But attempting to put the marginalized in their place is not always the best move. Those who do not have much tend to fight viciously for what little they have, and if there's one thing Khayl and Fabio both have, it's pride.

    Star Power

    Another exciting match on the card involves Luchadonna's upcoming match, as she goes against Malaysia Pro Wrestling's Wrestlecon champion and world's first hijabi wrestler Nor "Phoenix" Diana. Luchadonna has been steadily getting more impressive in the ring, but she has yet to achieve any significant moments in her short wrestling career. Will she find that moment in defeating a visiting champion, or will Phoenix show the Philippines why she's an internet sensation?

    Panem et Circenses

    PAC RG continues his maddening descent into trapo territory by attaching himself to controversy. His partner, Classical Bryan Leo, jumped into MWF with a lot of unresolved issues from PWR. (This author doesn't follow PWR, so this preview isn't the best source to find out more about this.) Compared to Bryan Leo, PAC RG's recent misdeeds are an afterthought, and that's just how a sellout likes it. Meanwhile, Mr. Lucha seeks to take some dignity back after being blindsided by Leo, and he's found a tag team partner in the beer-drinking Kanto Kilabot Terror. Kanto Terror, in turn, has been warming up to the Lucha family, but he's yet to help add wins to this burgeoning faction.

    Tribalism Weakens the Republic

    Speaking of factions, the two most complete factions are set to clash as Jomar of the Bahay ng Liwanag takes on Youngblxxd's Frankie Thurteen. Youngblxxd is coming from a handicap-match loss and would likely welcome a chance to regain some momentum. Jomar, while technically coming from a win, still bears the stench of having their entire House humbled by Robin Sane in MWF 9's main event. Both factions will want a convincing win, but who wants it more?

    The other Youngblxxd also gets a chance at redemption as he faces off against Lukas Buhawi. If wins and losses count in MWF, Lukas has a lot to prove, as he finds himself in the company of Fabio Makisig and Khayl Sison. But Morgan Vaughn, lest we forget, is an MWF semifinalist and is no slouch either. He also has those weird technomancy powers that help him from time to time - will he showcase them here? Or will his tech mojo be snatched by the newest hoodlum?

    And oh, Moises Liwanag is fighting the white shirt graduate of the MWF factory. Can a wrestler with an as-of-yet undetermined character last long against the converting powers of the Liwanag leader? Will Moises' giant ego be able to handle such a step-down from a championship match?

    Photo from MWF

    Disclaimer: BJ Recio is personal friends with the wrestler who plays the Fabio Makisig character. He is otherwise unaffiliated with the Manila Wrestling Federation in any way, shape, or form.
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