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    Thursday, June 13, 2019

    EXCLUSIVE: PWR Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Participants Revealed

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Ricky Publico here, fresh off from killing my nitpicking schtick and adopting a new role: Smark Henry’s exclusive paperboy for the Revo-Nation. Well, this would’ve been breaking news but PWR co-GM Poch already spilled the beans yesterday on his Facebook page. But since Poch is my guy, I’ll let him have his fun. I’ll have my own fun by telling you the participants in this explosive tournament.

    I, for one, believe they should give this season-opener tourney a proper name since it’s the second year in a row that they’re doing this. How about the Championship Chase Tournament? Or maybe the Sidewalk of Gold? Anyway, here are the first round matchups that will go down at PWR Live: Pak! Ganern! And let me tell you right off the bat: this year’s Championship Chase Tournament (name pending) is a doozy.

    First Round Match: Jake de Leon vs. Jan Evander

    Remember when Jake de Leon tweeted a list of PWR wrestlers he wants to face in the future? He's about to cross out one name from that list when he faces off against the leader of The Endgame, Jan Evander. I can't pinpoint why, but this match feels like a big deal to me. Maybe it's because Evander is finally getting the spotlight he deserves. What better way to showcase what you got by having a match with the country's standard, JDL? And with Endgame in his corner, Evander advancing to the semis isn't so crazy of a concept.

    First Round Match: Mike Madrigal vs. Zayden Trudeau

    Well, this is exciting news for fans who were afraid Zayden Trudeau’s appearance last month at Wrevolution X was a one-time thing. Although it could also be a two-night thing? Anyway, he’s up against Mike Madrigal, who should be in a foul mood after getting his ass handed to him by JDL. And tell me, have you ever seen a kupal go ballistic on a returning Canadian Dragon? Okay, you probably have back at PWR Vendetta 2017, but I haven't. That's why I'm hyped to see this match go down.

    First Round Match: Cali Nueva vs. Ken Warren

    Fresh off from his impressive showing at Wrevolution X, Cali Nueva finds himself chasing a bigger prize. Blocking his path is Ken Warren, who is probably seething too after getting betrayed by his Gym Selfie Daddy partner (RIP 2019-2019). And just like that, we got a match we never thought we needed. I'm 80% sure Warren will go over, but why do I want to see Nueva's smug face advance to the semis? Maybe MSG distracts him or something, allowing Nueva to hit another magnificent 450 Splash for the shock win.

    First Round Match: Chris Panzer vs. Revo Ranger

    Oh my. To that one person who ordered a steaming hot battle of the abs, you can pick it up at PWR Live: Pak! Ganern! Now I'm inclined to give this one to MSG's recent recruit, but let's not get too hasty. We've all seen how powerful the revved-up Revo Ranger can get, provided he employs a faster way to borrow power from the crowd. With MSG in Chris Panzer's corner and the power of the Revo-Nation in Revo Ranger's, there's no way to predict who will advance to the next round. But yeah, probably Panzer.

    Unfortunately, my sources didn't provide me with an official bracket of this tournament (cue the boos). For all we know, the bracket is designed to make Chris Panzer and Ken Warren square off at the finals. Or maybe we'll get Mike Madrigal vs. Jake de Leon II. Or if they really want to shock everyone, perhaps Cali Nueva or Revo Ranger will win it all.

    But anyway, who’s your pick to win it? Don’t miss this explosive tournament that will kick off at PWR Live: Pak! Ganern! on June 30, 2018, live at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Makati. Get your advance and discounted tickets at ticket2me.net or hit them up at pwr.tickets@gmail.com. Don’t forget to tell ‘em ya boy Ricky sent ya.
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