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    Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    MWF 8: Halalan: The Official Smark Henry Preview

    The midterm elections may be over, but the partido fever is just beginning at MWF 8: Halalan! The wrestlers are slowly moving into different factions, and the authority figures are literally fighting instead of campaigning for the commissioner position.

    If it all feels familiar, it’s because it is. Philippine politics is less about left and right or right and wrong, and more about factionalizing into smaller groups, and maneuvering so that your faction has the ear of whoever rules. We see it in actual politics, in school cliques, or office maneuverings. Should wrestling be any different? Let’s take a look.

    It’s Lonely at the Top

    The only wrestlers who don’t seem to be headed to any faction at the moment are the ones fighting at the top. Robin Sane probably still has Ninja Ryujin’s friendship, and Rex Lawin still seems to have Gus Queens’ loyalty despite the beating he took last month at MWF 7: Kasaysayan, but these are shaky alliances at best.

    With no one else to rely on, Robin and Rex are forced to work together in a tag team match against the Youngblxxd. If either Robin or Rex loses, their opponents will get added into their title match. The Youngblxxd are a more cohesive unit than Robin and Rex for sure, but if they win, will they still work together in a four-way? Or will the top prize shut down the budding faction?

    Class D is the Majority

    While they had a match against each other last month, it seems Fabio Makisig and Khayl Sison’s similarities outweighed their differences. The two banded together recently based on their common distaste for management. According to them, just because they’re not as educated or brought up in middle-class comforts, it doesn’t give Inggliseros the right to look down on them.

    Fabio did what Fabio does—he broke into Mike Shannon’s place and demanded to face TAJIRI, the Japanese Buzzsaw himself and MWF’s guest for Halalan. Fabio’s win-loss record has been stellar, but is it enough to ensure a win against a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

    My Religion Votes as a Group

    Bahay ng Liwanag was already a faction before it was cool. And it seems that cool is what they’re up against, as they seem more interested in continuing their feud with Gigz than being part of the commissioner elections. But it doesn’t make them completely immune to politics – Jomar Liwanag is now set to face Khayl Sison through the machinations of the MWF commissioner.

    Will this spur the Liwanags to take on a more direct role in the elections? Will Jomar be able to focus on Khayl when Gigz Stryker seems dead set on “rescuing” RG? And speaking of the dead, where is Jorelle, the white lady? And for that matter, where is RG?

    TraPos Get Their Hands Dirty

    One way or another, the position of the MWF commissioner gets decided in MWF 8: Halalan. Incumbent Mike Shannon and hopeful Gus Queens will face each other in a tag team bout before their fates are decided.

    Mike partners with Mister Lucha, who spent most of last year acting more of a TraPo than either commissioner candidate. Are Mr. Lucha’s days of seething rage behind him or will he remain preoccupied with Luchadonna? Or will Mr. Lucha have a direct role in determining the outcome of the commissioner elections?

    Meanwhile, Gus Queens’ partner, Blackzilla, remains a mystery. Who is he, and why does his name suggest last night’s incognito—YOU KNOW WHAT. NEVER MIND.

    Where Is This All Headed?

    Certainly, the MWF landscape seems to be headed towards a stable war of some sort. How will it all play out? Will factions combine forces? Will we, for example, see a religious Bahay ng Liwanag authority faction with Gus Queens? Will Gigz Stryker join his on-and-off friend Fabio Makisig and be the artista-politiko for the masa? Will the Youngblxxd take and hold the championship hostage? Or, hear me out: Will MWF finally debut their tag team titles?
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