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    Tuesday, April 30, 2019

    Smark Healthy: Revo Ripped

    Everyone in attendance at PWR Live: Destino was witness to something that most did not expect.

    Nani dafuq, bruh....
    Revo Ranger's suit was noticeably getting more loose on his frame, as some fans have noticed, and for good reason. He has been hiding a lean, mean justice machine of a body underneath his Revo suit. This was likely something that PHX Champion John Sebastian did not expect when he decided to strip the Defender of Justice as a sign of disrespect. What awaited him was the product of months of hard work, as Revo Ranger said in our interview.

    Despite losing out to the dangerous John Sebastian, Revo Ranger gave the Wrestling Lord and Savior one hell of a fight. What lies ahead of this, his fans will surely be anticipating.

    The Road to Revo Ranger UItra EX

    So how did Ultra Instinct Revo Ranger come to be? The answer is plain and simple, but definitely not easy: hard work.
    "Every day is conditioning day while working on a specific body part. Basically my day consists of waking up at five, biking out at six for seven kilometers to get to an hour-long yoga class. From there I bike to work 500 meters to a nine-hour job of fighting crime. At 5:00 I bike out 500 meters to the UFC gym and get an hour lifting session. 6:30 is an hour of circuit training, then a seven-km bike ride home. Almost every day. Thursdays are just biking and lifting. Sundays are for wrestling training."
    In what was the biggest fight of his life, Revo Ranger knew he had to bust out the big guns while rocking out in his signature sentai poses. And bust them out he did. He took on a program that emphasized on giving his body a leaner look and a lot more definition. It alternates between upper and lower body work that had three supersets each.

    Upper Body 1

    A. 3 sets
    Flat Bench Press 10 reps
    Flat Dumbbell Flyes 15 reps
    Push Ups Max

    B.     3 sets
    Lat Pulldown 10 reps
    Reverse Grip Pulldown 15 reps
    Back Extensions 20 reps
    C.     2 sets
    EZ Bar Upright Rows 10 reps
    Seated DB Shoulder Press 10 reps
    EZ Bar Curls 10 reps
    One Arm DB Tricep Extensions 10 reps

    A post shared by Revo Ranger (@lendmeyourpower) on

    Upper Body 2

    A. 3 sets
    Inchworms 5 reps
    TRX Chest Press 10 reps
    Machine Flyes 20 reps

    B.     3 sets
    Inverted Row 5 reps
    Single Arm Lat Pulldown 10 reps
    Hyperextensions 20 reps

    C.     3 sets
    DB Shrugs 12 reps
    DB Lateral Raises 12 reps
    Alt. DB Curls 8 pairs
    Tricep Pressdowns 12 reps

    Upper Body 3

    A. 3 sets
    Hand Release Push Ups 5 reps
    Machine Chest Press 10 reps
    Stability Ball DB Fly 20 reps

    B.     3 sets
    KB Deadlift 5 reps
    Machine Row 10 reps
    Barbell Reverse Grip Bent Over Row 20 reps

    C.    2 sets
    DB 2 Arm Front Raise 5 reps
    Standing Military Press 10 reps
    Machine Rear Delt Flye 20 reps
    D.     2 sets
    TRX Bicep Curls 12 reps
    Bench Dips 12 reps

    Lower Body 1

    A.    3 sets
    Goblet Box Squats 10 reps
    Leg Extension 15 reps
    Wall Squat 30 secs

    B.    3 sets
    Stiff Leg Deadlift 10 reps
    Leg Curl 15 reps
    Split Squat Hold 15 secs x 2

    C.    2 sets
    DB Calf Raises 60 reps

    Lower Body 2

    A.    3 sets
    DB GTO 5 per arm
    DB Forward Lunge 10 per leg
    TRX Squat 20 reps

    B.    3 sets
    Bulgarian Split Squat 5 per leg
    Deadlifts 10 reps
    KB Swing 20 reps

    C.    3 sets
    Single Leg Calf Raises 20 reps per leg

    All of these, coupled with his everyday conditioning, bore fruit to what we saw at PWR Live: Destino: a man reborn through hard work and dedication to improving himself. Sweet mother of justice, give this man a match at Wrevolution X  (happening at May 26, 2019 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati).

    If his effort is any indication, this likely isn't even his final form.

    Follow Revo Ranger on his new Instagram account at @lendmeyourpower
    Follow Smark Healthy for more news on health and fitness in the local and regional pro wrestling scene on its Instagram account at @smarkhealthy
    Special thanks as well to UFC Gym PH
    Photo Credits go to Revo Ranger and "Tagasugpo ng mga Kampon ng Kadiliman," Hub Pacheco.

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