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    Friday, March 29, 2019

    The Grapevine (3/29/19): Keep Coming Back to Manila

    Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

    Is WWE headed back to Manila this year?
    • Leaked court documents reveal a possible WWE live event in Manila on September 20 this year. The court documents come from a lawsuit WWE is pursuing against bootleggers. While WWE has not yet confirmed or announced any Manila dates for 2019, insider sources have hinted at a possible return to the Philippines during Xavier Woods's media visit last November. (Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet)
    We say: If this is true, then it should only be a matter of time until WWE themselves announce it via their local public relations partners. The leak is already out there, so this is all they have to do. Sit tight and we may be getting the answers we need sooner than later.
    • Charlotte Flair winning the SmackDown Women's Championship was reportedly a decision made on the day of the show. Asuka was originally scheduled to face Mandy Rose at WrestleMania, but those plans were nixed after considering the length of the PPV and the relative buzz (or lack thereof) that matchup would have. As of today, the triple threat match is still for Ronda Rousey's RAW Women's Championship, but as always, that may change between now and WrestleMania. (Source: WON)
    We say: What a way to fail Asuka and pretty much expose a knee-jerk reaction. If there was little buzz surrounding a potential Asuka versus Mandy Rose feud, then that's a failure of Creative to get anything compelling for them. The women main-eventing may be historic, but that doesn't give them immunity from failing other women who were supposed to get a spot on the card.
    • Despite rumors suggesting that Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin would be rewritten, it seems that the match would still go on as scheduled. Meanwhile, Angle has been performing on both RAW and SmackDown in his retirement tour against opponents he has personally hand-picked. It's worth noting that the only opponent Angle didn't choose for himself was Baron Corbin. (Source: F4WOnline)
    We say: You mean the unpopular choice was the only guy Angle didn't pick? Who could have foreseen that coming? But anyway, they might as well make the omelette and have Corbin ham it up as much as he can for being the unpopular choice; Creative should do their thing too and make Corbin look as strong as possible before WrestleMania.

    Let us know what you think of this week's news in the comments!

    Photo from WWE
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