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    Tuesday, March 12, 2019

    Smark Healthy: Better Than Be4

    The Path of Gold Match is a war of attrition. True, the entry number that one gets plays a big role in one's chance of success, but it does not hold the final word. Strategy and guile are of great importance as well, maybe even a little bit of luck. But at the foundation of it all lies one's own stamina. What good are game plans that can't be executed? Where does raw power go when it fails to catch its target?

    Philippine Wrestling Revolution is home to some stamina monsters. Last year at PWR: Path of Gold 2018, the former Trabajador, Quatro, entered fourth as is his namesake. One would think that such an early entry number would spell doom for the rising star, but he had other plans. Quatro reversed his fate by making it all the way to the Final Four, with only the surprising interference of Trabajador Supremo causing his downfall.

    Watch his incredible PoG 2018 run here. 

    Nobody knows how much farther he could've gotten, or if he could've won it all. With a loss to Mike Madrigal at PWR LIVE: NICE, he once again is burdened with an early entry slot. At the very least, we know he has the physical capabilities to have a deep run. He's already proven it. So how does the Light Bringer get to that level of stamina to outlast his opponents? Let's take a look at his typical workouts in a week.

    His secret lies mainly in variety. The training regimen consists of two to three cardio workouts and usually three sessions of strength & conditioning.


    Aqua Training & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: These are great sources of cardio as the constant drilling and rolling during BJJ ensures that the body is always moving. And since it is also a grappling art, the gas tank developed from it works in conjunction with other grappling disciplines, like pro wrestling.

    Aqua training offers a whole body resistance training with less strain on the body itself. This is perfect for people dealing with nagging injuries and joints.

    Warm up:
    High Knee Walks
    High Knee Skips
    High Knee Run
    Backward Runs

    Main Workout
    5 laps of 50m or 10 laps of 25m

    Post Laps:
    Squat Jumps
    Double Leg Bounding
    Square hops

    Strength & Conditioning

    Quatro has a basic formula that he follows throughout his workout sessions. For example, his chest day looks like this:

    Warm up:
    15-20 mins. Stationary Bike

    Pyramid sets (10 reps each set then increase the weight until only 6 reps per set. then 3x6 at that weight)
    Bench Press
    Machine Press
    Inclined Dumbell Press
    Declined Dumbell Press

    1a) 5x5 Man-Makers

    1b) Barbell Complex (5 reps of each before resting for 5 sets)
    Deadlifts Cleans Military Presses Bent Over Rows


    1a) Triceps and Core Exercises
    1b) Lat Pulldowns, Biceps and Core Exercises

    Light Workout Day

    This is where anything else that needs attention gets taken care of, be it strength or aesthetics. Not every workout requires going hard, so these light days are valuable to just get the sweat flowing. Sometimes, Quatro attends a Muay Thai class just to change things up and keep it interesting.

    If it sounds intimidating to do those all those workouts in a week, it honestly is. However, getting one's self physically fit and capable of attaining set goals is a pre-requisite for greatness. No amount of strategy or planning can prepare a participant for the Path of Gold Match if they are not ready for its grueling demands on the body.

    Quatro knows that all too well, and has improved himself by leaps and bounds from last year. He now stands as one of the solid contenders to win this year's Path of Gold, being truly better than before.


    Images are taken from Fight Sport Manila and from Quatro's own personal page.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently managed and operated by a group of local wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Catch Quatro and the rest of the PWR roster as they do battle for the chance to challenfe for one of PWR's titles at Wrevolution X when PWR: Path of Gold 2019 rolls around. The event takes place on Sunday, March 17, 2019, at 2 PM, and will be held at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati. 

    Tickets are at PhP 399 each and are also available at PhP 1099 for a barkada bundle of three (3) until Saturday, February 16. Tickets will be available at PhP 450 at the door on Sunday.

    For ticket inquiries, visit ticket2me.net or email PWR at pwr.tickets@gmail.com.
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