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    Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    PWR Vendetta 2018: The Official Smark Henry Preview

    We're almost at the end of 2018 and with less than two months from 2019, PWR is bringing us its year-ender show in the form of PWR Vendetta. If the previous cards are an indication, then surely this one is going to be lit with the rich history surrounding the matches in store for the night.

    As always, if you missed the last show, you can find the official Smark Henry review for PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll here.

    Now, on to business. If you've read my previous previews (PWR Live: Homefront and PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll), you would probably know that The Migz has a knack for a little fantasy booking and predicting how the event will turn out. This article is no different, and will try to logically dissect how each match will play out and what aftermaths they might cause. Again, these may or may not happen so be advised that this article does not contain spoilers nor any kind of insider information or trade secrets.

    PWR Championship Match: Rederick "Mainstream" Mahaba vs. Vlad Sinnsyk vs. Mike Madrigal vs. Ralph Imabayashi (c)

    Ah, the main event championship match and the first of two multi-man championship matches for the night. It's amazing to see that from the start of the year, we wouldn't have seen this coming from miles away but here we are with Ralph Imabayashi's dominant title run slowly being put into dangerous territory.

    All four competitors in the match actually have a convoluted yet rich history which ties them all together in some weird fashion and also somewhat makes this match an interesting yet organized mess of sorts.

    To recall, Mike Madrigal actually beat Ralph Imabayashi at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll, albeit via DQ, due to a Mainstream Mahaba "blunder". This actually did not sit well with Ralph – who proceeded to tease another break-up argument with Mahaba. Hence, the need to give Mike a rematch for the title. Mike was also at the losing end of a post-match beatdown which prompted Vlad to come out and run for the save... or so we thought.

    See, Vlad was actually supposed to wrestle Rederick Mahaba earlier in the night but the Mainstream one conveniently avoided that by offering (read: sacrificing) Artie 2.0 to take his stead. Here's where the Mahaba-Vlad feud kicks in.

    Now Mike and Vlad, you may remember their tag team history as the former Deadly Sinns. You might also remember how Mike betrayed Vlad after a short-lived reunion at PWR Renaissance during their tag team match. They then tried to blow off the feud at PWR Live: Homefront.

    Ralph and Mahaba though? That's a different story. That's a friendship that has been put to the test but had been subtly put into question since PWR Live: Way of the Champion. While they started the year strong, chinks in the armor are slowly showing and this is the one factor which I think we'd have to watch out for in the match.

    With Ralph having a record-breaking title run, I think it's a good time to use that belt to put someone else over. Now, normally, I would pick Mainstream Mahaba to win the championship since he's really red hot and on a roll now, but the armchair booker in me thinks that a one-on-one championship match between the two sounds much better, especially to start the next year so I'll go on with this in mind.

    Prediction: Ralph Imabayashi pins Rederick "Mainstream" Mahaba to retain the belt, starts a feud between the two.

    PHX Championship Match: "The Statement" Andruew Tang vs. John Sebastian vs. Crystal vs. Chris Panzer vs. Ken Warren vs. Jake De Leon (c)

    The second of two multi-man matches in the show. As crazy as the main event is, this is another clusterfuck of a match that actually makes sense and will be something to watch out for as a sleeper hit of the night. Six competitors. Six!

    Let me start by saying that Jake De Leon does not care who you are or where you're from (unintentional BSB reference), you do NOT touch his PHX championship. He is, in his own words, Mr. Philippine Wrestling and unofficially his Philippine Wrestling Excellency as dubbed by me.

    See, that's where this all started from. JDL has been saying that he would take all challengers which was originally just supposed to be Ken Warren since he was the #1 contender for the PHX championship. Chris Panzer just happened to be caught in between the crossfire by touching the champ's title.

    At the last show, Panzer vs. Warren vs. JDL ended in a no-contest when a crazed Crystal wielding a kendo stick beat the living shit out of all three. Why? Because she felt John Sebastian (and Ken Warren) ruined her opportunity to compete for the PHX Championship. The beatdown had extended up to a point wherein John Sebastian had to come out and pacify Crystal by offering her a chance at the PHX Championship at this upcoming show.

    That was supposed to be it, but then, a surprise competitor in the form of SPW's Andruew Tang, a man with multiple and international title reigns, appeared on the screen and expressed his intentions to visit the Philippines and wrestle in PWR for a chance at the much coveted Philippine Excellence Championship. Tang seems to be a serious threat that JDL should take seriously as he seems to be the wildcard in this match so that's an uncomputed factor.

    Of course, between having a meltdown as the GM and giving mostly everybody their demands to have a championship match for PWR Vendetta, John Sebastian decided that he might as well insert himself in the match since if he's out to grant everybody's wishes.

    To be honest, as much as I'd like JDL to retain the championship in this match, I personally believe in the saying that a stressed man is a dangerous man, and that's what John Sebastian is at this point. A tired, angry and somewhat probably deranged man who is not in the right state of mind to worry about what possible dangers or consequences he might face. Add the fact that JDL has another BIG foe to worry about in the form of MWF's Mr. Lucha and that might just prove to be his undoing as the PHX Champion.

    Prediction: John Sebastian defeats Crystal to win the PHX Championship.

    PWR Tag Team Championship Match: MSG (SANDATA & Main Maxx) w/ Mr. Sy vs. TDTxECX (Trian Dela Torre & Evan Carleaux)

    In what is probably the hottest feud in PWR right now, MSG and the whole crew of The Naughty Boys have been embroiled in a full-blown social media war with TDTxECX mostly burning the challengers in every post.

    To be honest, to me, this is slowly turning into heel territory from TDTxECX as they've continually roasted Main Maxx, SANDATA (in all his Magikarp glory), and Mr. Sy (who is still feeling the after-effects of Steel Steps' assault) despite MSG's lack of comebacks recently – that, or maybe wala lang silang maisagot ngayon on social media? Of course, no amount of bullying or teasing can one-up "The Slap" so the bad guys in this story will still be MSG because The Naughty Boys are unanimously and universally loved after all.

    (Update: The 18th episode of the Carleaux Sheaux just dropped and HOLY *expletive* did Camus get dropped by MSG. Okay, they're the bad guys. Sure na ako.)

    Now, as a fantasy booker, this is where I have trouble in. I'm invested in The Naughty Boys. I'm a fan of their brotherhood. I'm a fan of how lovable they are. I'm a fan of how they vow to #DefendTheDivision. A division that is in dire need of a long reign from people who represent the greatness of tag teaming, HOWEVER, MSG losing this match will sort of feel like a waste for me.

    Nevermind SANDATA's many prior losses, nor Main Maxx's directionless push after losing to Ralph Imabayashi. MSG just found the fire that might push their stock up and if they can't pull the trigger and get the win on this convincingly then I feel that it might ruin a push that could go very far. I've always been down with the idea that Maxx should a bad guy and that SANDATA should be a vicious rudo so building on this might be a good idea.

    Prediction: MSG beats TDTxECX to win the Tag Team Championship after Mr. Sy does something despicable again (or trips on the steps.)

    All Out War Championship Match: Dax Xaviera vs. AB3 (c)

    Dax Xaviera has played the long waiting game to reach his beloved AOWrora (All Out War championship) and his quest will culminate this Sunday when he faces fighting champion AB3.

    While AB3 has constantly shown that he can walk the walk and talk the talk, it seems that Dax is slowly coming into his own with this unhinged personality, slowly descending into madness with every second and proving that crazy isn't as bad.

    Yes, Dax and AB3 have actually faced off for the All Out War Championship before in a 4-way match, but things are different now. Dax is crazier than ever. Also, this is a one-on-one matchup which could change the dynamics of the flow.

    Although, you never know when AB3 is going to pull a trick up his sleeve. He always seems to outlast his opponents whenever it's crunch time and I personally think that Dax shouldn't be the one to dethrone him. Instead, I still hope that one day a Network 3-way match for the championship involving AB3, James "Idol" Martinez and a returning Chino Guinto would happen.

    Prediction: AB3 defeats Dax Xaviera in a closely contested match.

    "Edi Sa Puso Mo" Street Fight: YOLO Twins vs. Kakaibros

    I'm not really sure what an "Edi Sa Puso Mo" Street Fight entails, but it sounds like a good opportunity to showcase both teams' skills while giving the crowd a surprising clincher match for this rivalry.

    While I really didn't understand why Mh4rckie had to let Kh3ndrick get beaten up at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll before showing himself at the end of the match for the swerve turn, I'm guessing that there has to be some kind of payback for the kidnapping and other shenanigans and with all that the Kakaibros have suffered, I think they need to get the W here.

    All I know is that these two teams hate each other, and are the epitome of opposite ends of the spectrum. It's an age old rivalry that encompasses a lot of stories, the battle of the rich conyo kids against the not-so-rich everyman. One has to wonder who will prevail in this match but I'm picking who I think makes more sense in terms of how the story has panned.

    Prediction: Kh3ndrick defeats either of the twins due to a miscommunication on the YOLO Twins' part.

    Aysha vs. Martivo

    Martivo, as we've covered over the past few months, has been steamrolling over the competition holding impressive victories over the PWR (and even the MWF) roster. This in turn has gotten the attention of a lot of wrestlers. One such wrestler is PCW's very own Aysha who will be traveling from the land down under to challenge The Man Doll in an exhibition match.

    While Aysha may be a relative newcomer to PWR's wrestling scene, she has in fact been wrestling in PCW for quite some time, racking up victories here and there. Also, full disclosure, she mentioned during her challenge that her family was originally from the Philippines so do expect that she has that fighting Filipino in her and will not stay down easily.

    Honestly speaking, the record for foreign visitors is a little bad when it comes to wins so I'm sticking with Martivo on this one. Homecourt advantage!

    Prediction: Martivo wins.

    Dr. Gore vs. Quatro

    With Quatro recently on a hot (but not necessarily a winning) streak, it comes to no surprise that he gets a lot of good competition his way in the form of foreign competition. Like with his last match against MyPW's Emman The Kid, expect that this match is going to be a highlight reel of sorts for what Philippine wrestling is all about.
    Quatro's opponent, SPW's Dr. Gore, is no pushover though. With a name like that, Quatro will definitely be facing a brutal opponent and be tested like he's never been before. You might remember Dr. Gore as one-half of The Horrors, a team that defeated the makeshift team of Jake De Leon and MWF's Robin Sane (Team Manila) in international competition, and that alone proves that this match will not be easily won by Quatro.

    With that being said, Quatro has always held his own whether by an inch or by a commanding victory. One has to wonder though if any more "referee issues" will plague this match as Quatro has been having his fair share of official trouble during his recent matches. Is this a storyline or is he just an unlucky lightbringer? Conspiracy, eh?

    Prediction: Quatro via an awkward finish involving the referee.

    Bolt, Revo Ranger & Joey Bax vs. The End Game (Jan Evander PwD, Vintendo and The Apocalypse)

    While The End Game recently lost to the tag team champions at the last show, let it be known that they are still embroiled in a mini-feud with Bolt and Revo Ranger since the latter haven't really gotten their heat back. That being said, the addition of Joey Bax to the match is actually a weird surprise that makes me feel both uneasy and worried.

    The Fighter-4-Hire is part of this match seemingly out of nowhere, which begs the question, how will he do in his first match back? It has been quite some time since he last faced anybody in the ring and, surely, ring rust is a factor in this one. Add the fact that I think The End Game need a decisive and destructive finish and we've got the makings of a massacre, if not, a blowout of a match.

    Prediction: The Apocalypse on Bolt. Joey Bax may or may not turn.

    McKata vs Brad Cruz
    We're down to the last match on the announced card and it's something that I hope is short and sweet.

    We've seen McKata and Brad Cruz continue this story for the past few shows and honestly, the pay-off should have been at the last show, but alas, here we are.

    Unless something crazy is in store, I see no reason why Brad Cruz shouldn't win this match AND this rivalry.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    Prediction: Brad Cruz over McKata.

    With a crazy and eventful 2018 nearly behind us and an exciting 2019 for Philippine wrestling as a whole, I expect PWR Vendetta to blow us through the roof because we want to end this year with a bang.

    That's my take on the show but be sure to catch PWR Vendetta this Sunday, November 25, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight.

    PS. That poster is dope! You may want to follow Ken Lavin (@keyboardken) on Instagram for his artwork.

    Photos taken from PWR.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently managed and operated by a group of local wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Miguel “The Migz” Llado is your supposed fashion guru and male Madam Auring at the Smark Henry offices. A lover of everything music, wrestling, videogames and food, he lives his life tweeting his mind off (@the_migz) and ‘gramming random food items and locations (@tha_migz) as he sets on his journey to completely do things spontaneously. You can also add him on PSN (MigzLlado) to show your Fortnite or WWE2K19 skills. When not being a smark, he lives his life being (and trying to be) an awesome architect, musician extraordinaire and armchair fantasy booker.
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