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    Sunday, October 28, 2018

    The Implosion of Mr. Lucha: The Official Todos Los Wrestling Smark Henry Preview

    Hey everyone! My name is BJ, writing for the first time here at Smark Henry. I've been tapped mostly to focus on MWF stuff, and I'll be popping in from time to time to talk about my favorite part of professional wrestling—storytelling! I will talk about storylines, character development, superpowers in the squared circle... the works! If it's about MWF storytelling, then I'm your guy.

    They say that pro wrestling is a telenovela for men, and in some ways this is true: The plot can be riddled with holes, the acting can go over the top, and shows will have a knack for ending in cliffhangers. Sometimes you even get evil twins! But we love it all, because just like the stories passed down by lola as she sits on that creaky rocking chair, wrestling stories are less about a consistent script. It's more about whether or not these stories make us feel.

    MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling is tomorrow, so what better way to start than by looking at the three founding wrestlers of MWF and where their storylines are currently at? We'll then take a quick look at the other matches on the card, and do a checkpoint of where their storylines are at the moment.


    The Mr. Lucha heel turn is in full swing, and thank goodness MWF went for this. It was hard to buy into his persona as a face. He presented himself as a veteran, but with no actual name recognition prior to the start of MWF, we apparently just had to take his word on it. Someone who projects himself as a locker room leader on the company’s day one hits all the personality pegs of your Gen Xer officemate who feels entitled to a leadership position by the sole virtue of his age—nevermind that it’s the millennials who would end up actually innovating more often than not.

    #medyohugot aside, it also makes sense for the character to act like a face despite exhibiting characteristics that I felt was more suited to heels. See, up until the Championship Tournament, Mr. Lucha was winning. He was constantly validated by his 2017 undefeated streak. But once he was defeated by Robin Sane, once his students left him after they realized that he wasn’t really doing anything for their wrestling careers, everything began to unravel. To him, he stopped being respected.

    Now that’s character work.

    When the MWF Insider blog first revealed the expulsion of the MWF founders from PWR, some fans (this writer included) believed that it was unnecessary drama for an as of yet bourgeoning wrestling scene. But as it turns out, it adds some much-needed depth to Mr. Lucha’s character. Now we know why he claims to be a veteran, and now we know why he has insecurities. Getting expelled from a group can do that, especially if you really felt like you belonged - just ask anyone who’s been through High School.

    Can Mr. Lucha, with the help of Robin Sane and Ninja Ryujin, overcome his demons and regain his stride? Can he even co-exist with his tag partners when he’s so dead set on going at it alone?

    Workhorses and Dark Horses

    Speaking of his partners, Robin Sane is pulling the ultimate babyface move by being in two matches on the card. And the other match is as far from a cakewalk as you can get in MWF – not only is it a semifinal, championship match, it’s also a match against Danger Rex Lawin. Sane may be most people’s pick as the first MWF champion, but it’s hard to see him winning two matches against high-caliber opponents on the same night. Will he give his all against Lawin and lose steam against PWR? Or will he make the mistake of underestimating Rex?

    Robin Sane is the workhorse of the trio, but Ninja Ryujin could very well be the dark horse. He was most recently seen losing against Sane in the championship tournament, and he was nowhere to be found during the altercation that occurred after PWR: Homefront. But his friendship with Sane seems to remain intact, and his relationship with the Mr. Lucha is probably as decent as it can be following the latter’s change in attitude.

    If that sounded unsure, that’s because it basically is. He could very well be the glue that will hold the trio’s friendship together as they battle three of the best PWR has to offer. Or could he just be the third wheel in what is essentially a continuation of the falling out between Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane?

    Storyline Rapid-fire

    • Fabio Makisig needs money. This is the basic motivation of a character coming from a family of humble means. With the worsening economic situation in the country, who in their right mind would come in between a desperate guy from Batasan and his ongoing quest for financial liquidity? Well, enter Morgan Vaughn. But the glitch better be careful—Makisig has experience with fighting supernatural opponents.
    • Frankie Thurteen is not afraid of ghosts. He might even be coping with the loss of his painting-GF by rebounding to Jorelle. Err... You do you, Frankie. You do you. But will a lack of fear be enough to defeat Jorelle's undead toughness?
    • Ashura may have found a proper mentor this time. Ashura's mentorship to Mr. Lucha didn't really benefit her. She was randomly placed in a pillow match when she lost, she had to tag with a disrespectful hypebeast in other times, and she was "protected" by said mentor through slapping Khayl Sison on her behalf. Guys, kicking someone's butt in the name of protecting a girl is so ten years ago. I think Martivo will respect Ashura enough to fight her own battles.
    • Team Thesis-Stryker has been losing a lot. In a sense, RG and Gigz are the wrestlers who can afford to lose a lot because they're the stars of the Sagot Kita series. But winning is winning, as their occasional third stablemate and undefeated singles wrestler Fabio Makisig can attest.
    • Jomar Liwanag vs. Hanzello Shilva feels like a bit of a bit last minute matchup with no build. Also, where's Aldrin Richards?
    • Everyone's excited about Charlie Salmon kicking Khayl Sison's butt. RIP in peas, Khayl.
    Photos from Fight Sport Manila
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