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    Thursday, July 5, 2018

    #SGQ: Lone Wolf No More

    Hey yo! It's The Migz here and we're back once again for another edition of #SGQ where we talk about how the clothes make the man (or woman). I'm hoping we can make this a weekly thing where we can review fashion sported by the superstars in the industry whether in or out of the ring.

    So I watched Monday Night RAW this week and something just hit me. Can we just talk about Baron Corbin? Is it just me or am I the only one who likes the new look?

    It’s been almost a month since The Constable of Monday Night RAW debuted his new look, and I have to admit that, hey, it’s starting to grow on me. For the record, I wasn’t a fan of the way Corbin used to present himself. The greasy balding hair, the loose sleeveless shirts, the leather vest and the black tights don’t exactly scream badass to me. I know he used to be bulkier from his football days but the old attire wasn’t helping his case. It even felt detrimental at times because of how sloppy it looked.

    In a recent interview he did with KELOLAND Living, he explained the rationale for the haircut and the image change. He stated that he wanted to embrace his role as the constable of Monday nights. In his words: It was part of stepping into this role that Stephanie [McMahon] has given me. Looking professional. And if I’m gonna be telling people what to do, I want to look professional as well.” Well done, Baron. Well done, I say. I support this all the way.

    I love this dapper look. It just makes him seem (a little) respectable and believable. It gives him this heelish corporate vibe, which suits his new gimmick. This gives him more leeway to grow as a character. Just look at Gentleman Jack Gallagher—ever since he ditched the silly briefs, he’s shown more killer instinct and more viciousness.

    The same goes for Corbin: this is one of those times where formalwear makes the character feel serious. The suit makes people notice and say, “hey, this guy means business.” The new hairdo takes away from the distraction of seeing his Vegeta hairline. Plus, he gets bonus points because he has a naturally punchable face. His smug looks and facial expressions make you hate him more.

    See this? Smug bastard.

    I just can't wait for someone to clean his clock out. We're seeing him weekly in this suit as he sticks his nose up in other people's businesses. It's always going to be fun when he gets his face socked AND It's going to be huge when Kurt (or anybody else) finally breaks him. Until then, stay classy, Baron. Stay classy.

    Do you like Baron Corbin’s new look? What do you guys think? Who should we cover next for #SGQ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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