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    Thursday, June 7, 2018

    The Smark Henry RAW Report (6/4/18): A New Member of the Authority

    Two more weeks until Money In The Bank! It seems like all the matches and participants are set in stone already, and all they have to do now is develop what they have. That's exactly what they did on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, which felt pretty segment-heavy!

    First of all, I would like to say that Elias being thrown into the upper-mid card makes me feel like I could do a happy dance. I have always thought that his gimmick has been so over lately. Playing the mean guy always looked so easy for him and I feel like a natural like him has the potential to become one of WWE's biggest stars if given the chance.

    That said, Elias pinned Seth Rollins clean, and I'm not even mad about it. Well, okay, I'm slightly mad. He could've pinned Roman Reigns—you know, the one who keeps losing to Brock Lesnar, the one who goes M.I.A. some weeks, the one without a championship—instead but nOoOo, Seth had to be the one to protect Roman. Quite frankly, it should be the opposite! As I've mentioned in last week's report, you can't just make Seth Rollins look like a god for so many weeks, and then all of a sudden, make him look like he can't survive without Roman saving him. None of us buy it. He's Intercontinental Champion for a reason. And now that I think about it, Roman failing to break the pin makes me even more angry! He can't even be a good tag team partner! Grrr.

    But ultimately, this segment that eventually transitioned into a tag team match hit two birds with one stone—there was your buildup for two matches that are set to happen at the upcoming pay-per-view: Elias vs. Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship, and Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal. Everything then made sense, had a purpose, and it all effectively hyped up MITB.

    The worst moment of the night was a tie between Natalya vs. Nia Jax, and Baron Corbin putting Curt Hawkins through a table full of tacos. But ladies first.

    Recently, we learned that Nia Jax would be the heel in this feud she has with Ronda Rousey, bullying her and going against everything she ever stood for, really. But in great Big Show fashion, she confused the hell out of me again this week: why was she being so nice to Natalya after the latter injured herself? And Ronda was totally feeling important and she ended up looking like the selfish one here. I actually felt bad for Nia because all she wanted to do was help! This did absolutely nothing for their feud. Natalya was merely the tool to get both Nia and Ronda in the ring together—and yet, nothing actually happened.

    Next, the tacos. It made me salivate the whole time I was watching because I was really craving for a taco that time. I still am, honestly. Especially the hard shell ones. Fight me. Anyway, what a waste of food, when they could've saved people with intense taco cravings... Like me!

    I wanted to punch Baron Corbin in the face—more than I usually do—for taking away Curt Hawkins' moment like that. So. EVIL! And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, he was appointed "Constable of RAW" which basically means he's now Stephanie McMahon and the rest of the Authority's new bitch. I expect him to be as annoying as possible in the next coming weeks!

    I guess this role for Baron Corbin is still better than not having a role at all, right? He then messed with the 6-woman tag match and had General Manager Kurt Angle change the decision. But, then again, I didn't know that anyone could insert themselves in any tag match, as long as you just walk in and stand on the apron! So, I'm fine with Bayley receiving repercussions for, uh, being stupid.

    Oh, gosh, another thing that made the list of terrible moments was the Tag Team Battle Royal! The start of that match was excruciatingly awkward, when they rang the bell before Jojo could introduce everything, including the rules of the match. That led everybody to start beating each other up, while, Jojo was there... Just talking over them trying to kill each other. It was a good 30-second giggle watching all the participants look at each other so confused, gravely contemplating whether to stop or keep going.

    Sami Zayn tried to "expose" Bobby Lashley more this week through the latter's Instagram posts. Sami admittedly made Bobby look extremely soft, which is a shame because he could've been built as this strong, indestructible guy—what could've been a real threat to the missing Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. But I guess not.

    However, Sami crossed the line when he accused Bobby of faking his time in the army. Did you see the look on Bobby's face when he heard that? It genuinely looked like he wanted to break him—I almost believed it to be real. I can only imagine how insulting that statement could be for somebody who really risked his life for his country. It's so scary.

    Lastly, Finn Bálor squared off against fellow MITB Ladder match participant, Kevin Owens. It was a pretty good match, which I never doubted—but the closing scene was what truly got me so excited for the pay-per-view. The view of Finn climbing the ladder and holding the briefcase was such a beautiful sight—I felt like I was actually watching MITB, and seeing my bet in that position almost gave me a heart attack. But in a good way, of course. That was, hands down, the icing on the cake and it left me on a good and positive note. I hope the other participants get their moment next week, too.

    I noticed that the closer we get to the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, the more meaning some matches and segments have. We are only two weeks away, and this episode did a good job in reminding us just that. I give this episode a B-!

    Quick hitters:
    • Our RAW Tag Team Champions Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy finally talked! But I forgot everything they said. Next.
    • The double live interviews with Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal at the same time in different areas was trippy as heck. For some strange reason, they could hear what the other was saying and were able to interact with each other. I hope they don't do that again...
    • It seems as though Creative puts more thought into the next inhumane thing Braun Strowman can do more than anything else.

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