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    Sunday, May 27, 2018

    [FULL RESULTS] MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling 'Wag Matakot

    Making its return to the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, the Manila Wrestling Federation looks to continue the momentum from its critically-acclaimed MWF 1: Kasaysayan with MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, 'Wag Matakot.

    In case you couldn't make it, we've got you covered with live results from our on-ground correspondents.

    Match #1: Coach Gus Queens vs. RG

    The Life Coach made his long-anticipated ring debut accompanied to the ring by the De La Salle University Animo Squad Drummers.

    This match would spill outside to the UP Diliman campus and would actually conclude after the main event, but RG took home the win thanks to some home court support (more on this later) and a Franchiser front jawbreaker.

    Winner: RG via pinfall

    Match #2: Ninja Ryujin & Morgan Vaughn vs. The Bae-Wolves (Hanzello Shilva & Aldrin Richards)

    Energetic match that saw both reams unleash their full athleticism to the delight of the crowd.

    Vaughn saves Ryujin from a potential match-ending double-team from the Wolves, allowing him to nail a soaring Asai DDT for the upset win.

    Winners: Ninja Ryujin & Morgan Vaughn via pinfall

    Match #3—Pillow Fight: Kyle Sison vs. Ashura

    Both proteges of Mr. Lucha went to war in a match with unique stipulations.

    MWF's resident hypebeast stole the win after leveling the enigmatic Ashura with a loaded pillow.

    After the match, Lucha chastised Sison for his underhanded means to victory.

    Winner: Kyle Sison via pinfall

    Match #4: SANDATA vs. "Danger" Rex Lawin

    Former PWR General Manager and UP alumnus Mr. Sy came out in a major surprise for the crowd, bringing along his trusted buddy and fellow UP grad SANDATA to take down the fearsome King of Filipino Strong Style, Rex Lawin.

    Both men gave everything they have, but Lawin would take home the TKO win after SANDATA was unable to further defend himself from an onslaught of superkicks, leading to Mr. Sy throwing in the towel for his ward.

    Sy and SANDATA would get their revenge later on, aiding RG in his win against Lawin's manager, Gus Queens.

    Winner: Rex Lawin via TKO

    Match #5: Gigz Stryker & Fabio Makisig vs. Brother Jomar & Jorelle

    The mysterious white lady from Kasaysayan made her in-ring debut as a member of the Liwanag family to help Brother Jomar get a revenge win against Makisig and his late-breaking partner Stryker.

    Winner: Brother Jomar & Jorelle via pinfall

    Match #6—MWF Championship First Round: Robin Sane vs. Mr. Lucha

    Mr. Lucha tried to repeat his MWF Live win against Robin Sane to advance in this year-long tournament, wearing him down with his usual awesome arsenal of slams and suplexes.

    But MWF's Daredevil wouldn't be denied. A gorgeous reversal of Lucha's trademark DVD-X into a small package was enough for the raucous win.

    HKWF's Ho Ho Lun appeared on the Manila Tron after the match to challenge Sane to a future rematch.

    Winner: Robin Sane via pinfall


    What did you think of the show, mga KapaFED? Do you think MWF hit the mark they set for themselves at Kasaysayan? And what do you think of PWR's Mr. Sy and SANDATA making a surprise guesting? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the next show!

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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