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    Friday, April 13, 2018

    Swolemates: The Best Physiques In Philippine Pro Wrestling

    To a lot of people, pro wrestlers are supposed to be larger-than-life superheroes—kicking ass and taking names, all while looking ridiculously ripped. It's part and parcel of the escapist fantasy the sport is supposed to be; even with the rise of "alternative," less-chiseled body types like those of Kevin Owens, CM Punk, or Shinsuke Nakamura, the easiest wrestlers to buy into are those who look like they could legitimately kick your ass in a fight.

    Now we're not saying physique is everything. On the local scene, men like Jake De Leon, Miguel Rosales, Ralph Imabayashi, "Classical" Bryan Leo, or Mr. Lucha can put on solid matches even without looking like members of the Baby Oil Boys Club™. But on the other hand, you have certain physical specimens that wouldn't look too out of place standing next to dudes on a WWE roster, or even Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) star and pro bodybuilder Destroyer Dharma.

    Who are the best examples? Here we go with our Elite Eight, in no particular order!

    Pete "The Nuke" Baldo (Art of War Wrestling)

    "The Nuke" isn't a familiar face to many fans, owing to his newness on the scene, but the one-time AoWW main-eventer has perhaps the thickest pecs in local wrestling. This dude ain't "all show, no go." He may be built like a tank, but he's got a compact explosiveness that makes you understand how he got his nickname.

    Uno Salvador (Art of War Wrestling)

    Salvador is the most yoked talent in Philippine wrestling, fight us on that. He's been blessed with incredibly wide delts and upper back that allow him to eclipse most other opponents just by flexing. We haven't seen much of him in the ring, but he's a big boy who knows how to make the most of his power advantage against just about anybody.

    Zera (Art of War Wrestling)

    He may still be finding his identity in the ring, but the high-flyer who wrestles as one half of the 730 Tempest tag team knows what his rock-hard physique stands for. By no means is he one of the most imposing stars of local wrestling due to his short stature, but he's got abs for days and could easily be captain for #TeamAesthetics.

    Chris Panzer (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    Real-life commercial model Chris Panzer may not be as outright shredded as the first three men on this list, but he's got a grade-A athlete's build and a solid pair of lats that look like they give him wings when he soars for his trademark Eagle Splash. Papa P is fantastic in the ring, but don't be surprised if he's got fans for reasons other than his wrestling skills.

    Quatro (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    The PWR newcomer known as Quatro is still fresh on the scene, but he's already turning heads with his athletic prowess. Again, he may not be as shredded as the AoWW talents (but then again, not many people are), but he's jam-packed with functional muscle that allows him to unleash such moves as a standing Shooting Star Press or his famed Destino.

    "Beautiful" Billy Suede (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    This list wouldn't be complete without the Beautiful One. He may be toiling in Malaysia now for Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), but his short tenure in the Philippine Wrestling Revolution opened eyes to the gap between the physiques of most guys on the scene and an international veteran. Suede is swole af, with fantastic lower pectoral separation and some solid tricep action.

    Fabio Makisig (Manila Wrestling Federation)

    Oh, you thought Fabio Makisig's name was an exaggeration? The guy is jacked. Frankly, we don't understand why the Manila Wrestling Federation allows him to wrestle with a tank top on. If his gimmick is all about being the smack-talking "Backstreet Bully," why not let him lord it over the rest of the roster with his finely-honed physique?

    Gigz Stryker (Manila Wrestling Federation)

    Hey, you don't get to be leading man to Maria Ozawa without having a legit leading man bodeh. Stryker has the wiry, compact muscles of a true fighter, with a body fat percentage that's likely in the single digits. His sweeping traps would be a point of envy for all the pencil-necked geeks out there, and some tremendous quad development that makes his Asintado kick all the more deadly.


    Got any more nominees for the best physiques on the local scene, mga ka-smarkada? Smash them into our inbox right now!


    Disclosure: Smark Henry is owned and managed by an independent group of local pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Art of War photography courtesy of Art of War Wrestling and Rappler. Manila Wrestling Federation photography courtesy of MWF. Philippine Wrestling Revolution photography courtesy of "Hulking" Hub Pacheco and Chris Panzer. Destroyer Dharma photo courtesy of FMLeague.
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