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    Sunday, April 8, 2018

    [FULL RESULTS] MWF 1: Kasaysayan

    Live from The Elements at Centris, it's the Manila Wrestling Federation's first full show for 2018, MWF 1: Kasaysayan.

    If you couldn't be here—and shame on you if you aren't!—we've got you covered with live results.

    Opening Segment

    The whole roster comes out for a classy ten-bell salute to a fallen brother, before formally opening the show with a stirring rendition of the national anthem and a well-produced video promo detailing Commissioner Mike Shannon's quest to assemble his roster.

    Tarek El Tayech, Tristan Creed, and Sonny Go come out to hype the matches lined up for the evening.

    Shannon comes out with MWF's official correspondent Kathrina Paula to formally award Robin Sane his History Maker Award for winning the Level UP battle royal at the company's first show. Mr. Lucha, his main event opponent for the night in a tag team match, interrupts to warn Sane he'll never turn his back on him again.

    Match #1: "The Chosen One" Jomar Liwanag vs. Fabio Makisig

    Fabio Makisig was in full arrogant showboat mode from the start, showing off his arsenal of backflips and cartwheels to discombobulate Liwanag. A standing Shooting Star Press wowed everyone in attendance, but was only enough for a two-count.

    Jomar was crazy over with the crowd, showing off a running bulldog, a spinebuster, and DDT to send Fabio scampering. Time and again, Makisig would try to throw the Chosen One off his stride by going for the Libro ng Liwanag, which proved to be Liwanag's undoing. A flurry of strikes to a grounded Jomar was enough for Fabio to take the win.

    After the match, Makisig blinded Liwanag once again by grating his eyes on the ring ropes. An attempt to steal the Libro ng Liwanag backfired on him, with a ghostly girl in white emerging from the darkness to retake the book and lead the blinded Jomar to the back.

    Winner: Fabio Makisig via pinfall

    Match #2: Ashura & Kyle Sison vs. Aldrin Richards & Hanzello Shilva

    This match was essentially an extended showcase for the hyper-talented pairing of Aldrin Richards and Hanzello Shilva, who dominated most of the match with their high-impact offense, including a resounding kamigoye that had Sison seeing stars.

    Ashura and Sison tried to fight back with some well-oiled double team kicks and strikes, but ultimately fell to a vicious ushigoroshi from Richards for the loss.

    Winners: Aldrin Richards & Hanzello Shilva via pinrall

    Interview Segment: Coach Gus Queens

    Extended segment that saw Coach Gus running his mouth to claim all of MWF's successes to date as due to him, and a supposed vendetta being waged by management against him and his charge, "Danger" Rex Lawin.

    Lawin emerges from the crowd to ambush El Tayech with a rear naked choke before a flood of MWF officials stormed the ring to put a stop to the carnage.

    Lawin's scheduled opponent Frankie Thurteen came out to make the save.

    Match #3: Rex Lawin vs. Frankie Thurteen

    Thurteen came out on fire, shockingly keeping Lawin staggered with a flurry of nimble offense, including a Slingblade, a pair of face wash kicks in the corner, and even a second-rope Angel Bullet double stomp that garnered a close two-count.

    But Lawin was unstoppable. His trademark "Filipino Strong Style" mauling knocked Thurteen out, causing the referee to call the match after deeming Frankie unable to continue.

    Lawin and Coach Gus continued the onslaught even after the bell was rung, forcing the locker room to storm the ring and break up the merciless beating.

    Winner: Rex Lawin via TKO

    World Premiere: Anytime, Anywhere (Starring Gigz Stryker)

    A short film was shown starring Gigz Stryker as an action star leading man and RG as a UP student completing his thesis. The plot: a street snatching involving Maria Ozawa and a pair of goons.

    The film ended up spilling into the ring, where Stryker and RG ended up taking out both snatchers with their respective finishers. Ozawa came to the ring to personally thank both men and send the Elements crowd into a frenzy.

    Match #4: Ninja Ryujin vs. Morgan Vaughn

    This was an energetic, fast-paced match that saw men stay in high gear all throughout.

    Ryujin finally took the win after a headscissors off the top rope sent Vaughn reeling, followed by a beautiful Asai DDT for the pin.

    Winner: Ninja Ryujin via pinfall

    Main Event: Ho Ho Lun & Robin Sane vs. Eurasian Dragon & Mr. Lucha

    This was a frantic match full of fluid exchanges between all four men, with the local pair of Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane doing enough to keep up with the skill and polish of their international-grade partners.

    Sane and Ho Ho Lun eventually saw their chemistry come to a grinding halt after Sane did a risky over-the-top-rope tope con hilo on Lucha on the outside—a move that seemed to displease Lun. Dragon pounced on a disoriented Lun with a running Blockbuster neckbreaker followed by a Russian legsweep for the out-of-nowhere win.

    Ho Ho Lun went apeshit after the match, attacking his own partner and leaving him laying in a graveyard of chairs. Lucha came out for the save, and carried an unconscious Sane to the back to cheers.

    Winners: Mr. Lucha & Eurasian Dragon via pinfall


    What did you think of the show, mga KapaFED? Let us know your opinions, and we'll have you covered soon with our full show review!


    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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