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    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    Smark Henry's Favorite WrestleMania Moments: Seth Rollins Cashes In At WrestleMania 31

    As we count the days down to WrestleMania 34 on April 9, we here at Smark Henry want to do something different than our usual trivia promotion. Over the next two weeks, we'll be sharing and talking about our favorite WrestleMania moments in the hopes of getting some more this year.

    In hindsight, this moment shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Almost everyone who’s ever held the Money in the Bank briefcase have promised a cash in at ‘Mania, and yet we’ve never really had one during the briefcase’s then-decade of existence. We were hoping for this when the WrestleMania 31’s main event was announced, but we never really thought it would happen, right?


    WrestleMania 31’s main event felt like it was a done deal. This had to be Roman Reigns’s crowning moment. What better way to put up your next anointed face of the company than have him go over Brock Lesnar? Reigns was going to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Who cares if people didn’t like Reigns, especially after the Royal Rumble? People have gone through the whole 5 stages of grief in terms of Reigns’s chance of winning at ‘Mania. We’ve slogged through a surprisingly better main event than we expected, but the finish was written in stone.

    Until it wasn't.

    As far as stories go, the idea to go with the Rollins cash in was pencilled in by the writers just days before ‘Mania, but Seth himself was only told about the decision halfway through the show. This was as last minute as it could’ve been, and based on the reactions from the crowd both in the stadium and those watching on the WWE Network, it was the right call.

    This was a gutsy move from the WWE. The company rarely genuinely surprises us anymore, and for them to pull the rug underneath our feet—on WrestleMania of all places—was a bold and refreshing move. WWE, when it puts in the effort, can give us memorable and unexpected moments that will remain in our minds.

    We’ll always remember the crowd during Smark Henry’s WrestleMania Viewing Party losing their collective minds and marking out when Rollins’s music hit. Everyone at Skinny Mike’s watched with frantic excitement as Rollins stomped at everything that moved and finally won the WWE Championship. This was Rollins’s true star-making moment, and we’re happy we were there for the ride.

    Want to catch WrestleMania 34 live? Join us at the official Smark Henry WrestleMania Viewing Party on Monday, April 9 at Skinny Mike's Sports Bar in Bonifacio Global City! P300 gets you entrance and a free drink, as well as the closest thing to watching the Grandaddy of Them All live in the arena. It's a holiday, too, so no reason for you to miss out! For more details, check out the Facebook event page here.

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