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    Sunday, March 11, 2018

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR: Path of Gold 2018

    UPDATE (11:55 AM, 3/13/18): We corrected a statement saying that Chris Panzer was looking to be a two-time PWR Champion, when he has already won the title twice. Smark Henry regrets the error.

    Live from the PowerMac Center, it's PWR Path of Gold 2018! The road to Wrevolution X begins here, as we find out who wins today's 20-man Path of Gold match and gets a title match of his or her choice at PWR's biggest show of the year.

    As usual, check back on this page for the results as they happen!

    Pre-Show Match #1: Spudster and Revo-Ranger vs. The Council of Trabajadores

    Potato Corner's mascot, Spudster, came out to greet the crowd and welcome them to the show. He was interrupted by the Council of Trabajadores who were determined to give him a welcome to PWR. This prompted the Revo-Ranger to come out and even the odds with PWR management making a tag team match official.

    The Trabajadores ganged up on Revo-Ranger, but were eventually overwhelmed when Spudster got involved. A Revo-Kick banished the two back to the shadows, with Spudster picking up a win in his PWR debut.

    Winners: Spudster and Revo-Ranger

    Pre-Show Match #2 (Winner enters the 20-Man Path of Gold match later in the main card): Qu4tro vs. Kapitan PWR

    The Trabajadores' misfortunes continued as Qu4tro booked his place in the show's main event, defeating his good friend Kapitan PWR. A Destino spelled the end for PWR's mascot, despite the Council's attempts to ensure that Qu4tro would falter.

    Winner: Qu4tro

    Match #1: Dax Xaviera vs. Jake De Leon

    The Senyorito kicked off the main show with his match against Xaviera, continuing their dispute from the previous shows. JDL wisely targeted Xaviera's left arm that he previously attacked, putting himself in control for most of the match. A spirited comeback from Xaviera ensured that things would not be that easy, however, with the Sagisag ng Sigasig firing up after a series of his patented Sling Blades.

    Just as JDL looked to have the match wrapped up, SANDATA came out to confront De Leon once more. Despite the miscommunication between Xaviera and SANDATA, JDL could still not win, with Xaviera catching him by surprise with a pin for the victory.

    Winner: Dax Xaviera

    Segment: Rederick Mahaba Shares His Thoughts

    Before the next match got underway, MTNH's giant came out to speak a couple of things on his mind.

    He addressed the injury he received at the hands of Miguel Rosales in the previous show, before running down the company's critics on social media in a scathing tirade. Finally, he announced that he would be entering the Path of Gold match later in the show, at #2—to ensure that Miguel Rosales would be nowhere near the PWR Championship!

    Match #2 - PHX Championship Match: Mike Madrigal (c) vs. Main Maxx

    Mr. Sy's new client turned out to be the returning Main Maxx, who had been sidelined for most of 2017 with an injury.

    The Silent Rage's size proved a difficult obstacle for Madrigal to overcome, and the reigning PHX Champion had to pull all the stops in a battle against the Ultimate Hybrid. Maxx looked to have regained the championship after a Blitzkrieg, but the Kakaibros ran in to mess things up. Madrigal capitalised on the distraction to pick up the win, successfully retaining the PHX Championship once again.

    Winner, and STILL PHX Champion: Mike Madrigal

    Match #3 - Last Man Standing Match for the All Out War Championship: Vlad Sinnsyk (c) vs. The Apocalypse

    The two forces of destruction continued their war, making great use of the weapons the Revo-Nation brought for the match. Lego blocks, trays, chairs and a vegetable were all used to great effect.

    The Hand of Judgment retained his championship after a close ten-count, with Apocalypse failing to get up in time for the referee's count.

    After the match, Vintend0 came out and snatched the belt as Sinnsyk was still recovering at ringside, prompting the reigning AOW Champion to pursue him to the back in a fit of rage.

    Winner, and STILL AOW Champion: Vlad Sinnsyk

    Match #4 - Three-Way Match for the PWR Tag Team Championship: The Network (c) vs. John Sebastian and Crystal vs. Bolt and Zayden Trudeau

    With James "Lodi" Martinez MIA, it was up to Alexander Belmonte III to keep the championships in the Network's hands.

    This was a fun, high-energy match that saw Mr. Financially Stable try his best to fend off his challengers, but get eventually overwhelmed in the end. Trudeau looked to have won it for his team after a 450 Splash on the Network enforcer, but Sebastian and Crystal stole the succeeding pinfall attempt to become the new tag team champions.

    Winners, and NEW PWR Tag Team Champions: John Sebastian and Crystal

    Match #5 - PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Chris Panzer

    In one of the bigger surprises of the night, Imabayashi capitalized on Chris Panzer's injury to swiftly finish the match and defend his championship. A vicious Senketsu put out any hope that the leader of the Panzer Army would become a three-time Kampeon ng Pilipinas.

    Winner, and STILL PWR Champion: Ralph Imabayashi

    Given the lack of challenge, MTNH issued a challenge to anyone in the back for another match with Imabayashi. This prompted the return of PWR's Heart and Soul, Bombay Suarez, to challenge Imabayashi for the PWR Championship!

    Match #6 - PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Bombay Suarez

    The Bitch Killer wisely took out Rederick Mahaba first, ensuring that the match would be at a level playing field. Try as he might, however, he still could not overcome Imabayashi's prowess, and the defending champion picked up a second successful title defense for the day after pinning Suarez.

    Winner, and STILL PWR Champion: Ralph Imabayashi

    Post-match, Rederick Mahaba came back out and beat down Suarez, who was on the receiving end of a steel chair assault from MTNH.

    Match #7 - 20-Man Path of Gold Match

    It's hard to keep track of everything that happened in this match, given all the chaos that was at ringside. Here's a quick summary of the order of entrants and eliminations:
    • Miguel Rosales enters at #1.
    • Rederick Mahaba enters at #2, blindsiding Rosales from behind.
    • Rederick Mahaba is eliminated via pinfall after Chris Panzer came out and distracted him (Rosales - Castigo Brutal).
    • Mh4rckie enters at #3.
    • Qu4tro enters at #4 (of course he would!)
    • Zayden Trudeau enters at #5.
    • Peter Versoza enters at #6.
    • SANDATA enters at #7, prompting a face-off against his former Dual Shock partner.
    • Alexander Belmonte III enters at #8.
    • Alexander Belmonte III is eliminated via pinfall (Versoza - Petegree).
    • Martivo enters at #9.
    • Kh3ndrick enters at #10, immediately coming to the aid of his fellow Kakaibro Mh4rckie.
    • Evan Carleaux enters at #11.
    • Logan Ollores enters at #12.
    • Ken Warren enters at #13 and goes right after his former ally Logan.
    • Trian dela Torre enters at #14, despite sitting in the champion's row as the Midget Wrestling Champion.
    • Trian dela Torre is eliminated via pinfall (Logan Ollores).
    • Khendrick is eliminated via pinfall after eating a series of finishers from everyone, with Warren delivering a Wi-Fi to spell the end.
    • Mh4rckie is eliminated right after, with a Castigo Brutal from Rosales leading to a mass of bodies covering him for the elimination.
    • Yohann Ollores enters at #15, joining up with his twin to go after Warren.
    • Logan Ollores is eliminated via pinfall (Warren - roll up).
    • Yohann Ollores is eliminated via pinfall (Warren - Wi-Fi).
    • Jake De Leon enters at #16.
    • Dax Xaviera enters at #17.
    • Dax Xaviera is eliminated via pinfall after a surprise roll up from his buddy, SANDATA! 
    • SANDATA is eliminated after Xaviera leaves him to face the Senyorito's wrath, eating an Alipin Drop to be eliminated from contention.
    • Jan Evander, Pw.D. makes his debut and enters at #18, and then proceeds to break everyone's fingers!
    • Evan Carleaux is eliminated via pinfall (Evander).
    • Revo-Ranger enters at #19.
    • Robynn enters at #20.
    • Revo-Ranger is eliminated via pinfall (Versoza - DDT).
    • Zayden Trudeau is eliminated via pinfall (Versoza - Petegree).
    • Despite not being part of the match, Vintendo and Vlad Sinnsyk come out to continue their cat-and-mouse game with the AOW Championship. Versoza has a brief run-in with the Hand of Judgment.
    • Peter Versoza is eliminated via pinfall after a tag team move from the Punk Dolls.
    • Jan Evander, Pw.D. is eliminated via pinfall thanks to a sitout powerbomb from Qu4tro.
    • Robynn and Martivo are eliminated at the same time via pinfall after John Sebastian distracted them from the ring apron.
    • Final 4 Competitors: Miguel Rosales, Qu4tro, Ken Warren and Jake De Leon
    • Qu4tro is eliminated via pinfall after being distracted by the Council of Trabajadores, with Trabajador Supremo revealing that he could actually stand! Upon elimination, Qu4tro chases his former allies to the back.
    • Miguel Rosales is eliminated via pinfall after Ralph Imabayashi interfered and landed a Sonic Crusher on him.
    • Jake De Leon is eliminated via pinfall after one last Wi-Fi from Warren.
    Winner of the 2018 Path of Gold: Ken Warren

    After the match, Warren made his intentions to reclaim the PHX Championship clear by attacking Mike Madrigal, signifying his intent to challenge the Walking Death at Wrevolution X. 


    What did you think of the show, Revo-Nation? Let us know in the comments!

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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