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    Thursday, December 14, 2017

    31 Days of Wrestling (12/14/17): Ubusan ng Lahi

    At the main event of an already-loaded PWR Vendetta was a match of epic proportions.

    The 10-man "Ubusan ng Lahi" match is Philippine Wrestling Revolution's answer to WWE's traditional Survivor Series elimination match. It stands out as one of the greatest matches in local wrestling in 2017 because of the story it told.

    (Also, the match name is so Pinoy and so apropos. How I wish I came up with that... #salute to the punny guy who did. Haha.)

    We got 10 of PWR's best wrestlers, with the company's future at stake. We got the face team (Team Sy) marching confidently in their matching T-shirts, and the heel team (Team Sebastian) going into the match with one man missing.

    And boy, the fifth man that completed Team Sebastian took everyone by surprise: "The Senyorito" Jake freakin' de Leon!
    I'm a big fan of multi-man matches because it unleashes the chaotic, balls-out side of pro wrestling. There's action everywhere and literally anything goes, from dream face-offs to a flurry of spots/finishers one after the other.

    Memorable and shocking moments were aplenty at Ubusan ng Lahi, from PWR Champion Chris Panzer's early exit, multiple splashes to the outside (heck, even Mr. Sy got in on the fun), and Miguel Rosales being Team Sy's last man standing against three former PWR Champions.

    Ultimately, it was Team Sebastian who triumphed to take full control of PWR.
    The visual of John Sebastian, JDL, Ralph Imabayashi, Rederick Mahaba, and Peter Versoza standing tall in the middle of the ring—and over a prone Mr. Sy—will be ingrained in PWR fans' minds for a long time.

    The match was like a season finale for PWR, closing out 2017 with more questions than answers. Will Team Sebastian take advantage of this win? What would be the fate of Team Sy members now, especially the PWR champ, Panzer? Will SANDATA be forced to unmask? Will Fighters 4 Hire be forced to break up? Will Dax Xaviera be made to wear shorter tights? Is this Mr. Sy’s last PWR appearance ever?

    Meanwhile, the Sy-Sebastian feud—though rekindled from Wrevolution X 2016—didn’t feel rehashed because there were more people and higher stakes involved. Having the missing 5th man for Team Sebastian also sustained the buzz (and the mystery) leading to Vendetta. Plus it’s interesting that the heels who had this dilemma, not the faces.

    JDL’s betrayal, while shocking and painful to some, was an opportunity for him to hit the reset button. He’s been a good guy all these years. Unlike John Cena, The Senyorito gave in to the dark side, allowing us to see an angrier, more entitled side of him.

    What awaits the PWR kingdom come 2018 under the reign of the Wrestling Lord and Savior? Only John Sebastian can tell.

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