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    Friday, November 10, 2017

    Top Matches Revealed for MWF Balikbayan

    Did you ever imagine the local pro wrestling scene would see a grand total of 16 shows put on in one year? Us neither.

    While the Philippine Wrestling Revolution may have kicked off 2017 with a WWE-scouted bang at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto, the fledgling Manila Wrestling Federation gets the honor of peaking during the holiday season with their fourth offering, MWF Balikbayan, coming at you live this Saturday, November 11, from the Makati Square Arena on Chino Roces Avenue, Makati.

    The show card is finally taking concrete shape with four matches firmed up as of press time. Based on what's been officially announced, it seems like there should be something for everyone.

    Main Event: Robin Sane vs. Rex Lawin

    Robin Sane may still be smarting from his loss at Road to Fate that dropped his company record to 1-2, but the self-declared "Speed Chaser" of MWF seems to have fully recovered from the ankle injuries that hampered him in his last outing to face what could be his biggest challenge yet.

    Sane originally wanted MWF's CFO, Gus Queens, but he'll have to settle for the Life Coach's attack dog instead, Rex Lawin.

    The Filipino Strong Style practitioner is still basking in the glory of the tandem's surprise appearance at PWR Vendetta, and could be riding high with some new support in the form of a "collaboration" with James "Lodi" Martinez and his crew in The Network.

    Lawin, of course, is bursting with confidence after finally breaking into the win column by putting archrival Gigz Stryker in the hospital at Road to Fate, and will be out for blood against Sane. Sane, on the other hand, wants to get back on the winning track after his humiliation at the hands of Morgan Vaughn.

    Expect some wigs to be split, and 450s to be thrown out, mga ka-smarkada. And if The Network shows up to return the favor to Queens Worldwide, so much the better.

    Balikbayan Box Match: Frankie Thurteen vs. Moises Liwanag

    You can tell the "Grunge Grappler" Frankie Thurteen to stay down, but this fiery pitbull just won't listen. After being absolutely destroyed by Moises Liwanag at Republika, Thurteen has convinced MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon to give him a chance for redemption against the burly "Son of Light"—but we're not sure he's going to enjoy the consequences of his request.

    True to the event's name, Frankie's hotly-anticipated rematch against the charismatic Liwanag is going to be world's first Balikbayan Box match.

    What the hell is a Balikbayan Box match? From the way the company describes it, this is going to be absolute mayhem, with weapons, plunder, and all sorts of foreign objects galore all housed in a balikbayan box for both men to exploit. Will this be enough to give Thurteen an edge, or will he fall once more to Liwanag's Salamat Po backbreaker? Abangan.

    Morgan Vaughn vs. Mr. Lucha

    Morgan Vaughn is one cocky son of a bitch glitch, but he's certainly earned his stripes. His shocking upset win over Robin Sane at Road to Fate has certainly elevated him to the upper echelon of the company's roster, but he's in for an even bigger test against MWF's resident "gentleman luchador," Mr. Lucha.

    Lucha is undefeated in MWF, having polished off opponents like Robin Sane and Rex Lawin in the past with his brutal array of top-rope maneuvers and slams. We don't see any reason why Vaughn won't be just another statistic against Lucha, who we're pretty sure is salivating at the chance to trap his smug foe in his patented DVD-X finisher.

    Wanna see something cool? Morgan Vaughn just might get a front-row seat to the beating of his life.

    Hanzello Shilva vs. Aldrin Richards

    This is going to be a fight for pride by two young lions who are looking to prove something in MWF.

    Aldrin Richards doesn't have the seasoning of the scrappy Shilva, but he's already emerged as one of the promotion's most promising talents, his winless record notwithstanding. He's learned a lot from his embarrassing submission defeat to Liwanag his last time out, and could finally be ready to turn the corner.

    Likewise, Shilva was completely decimated by Fabio Makisig in his previous outing, and desperately needs a win to salvage what's been an uneven year for the "Howling Hunt." This could be good match, folks.

    Also In Action

    Thanks to the services of a local hilot, the 90s Action Star is ready to hit the ring once more and show everyone in attendance just how much his heart is like an open highway.

    Fabio Makisig may be the company's biggest asshole, but it's impossible to ignore his status as one of only two undefeated talents in the company. The dude is so sure of himself, he's issued an open challenge to anyone who wants to step into the ring with him, claiming that three minutes is all he needs to establish himself as the true alpha.

    We have no idea who either Makisig or Stryker could be up against, to be honest. The most exciting match-up would obviously be between both men, but we also have a couple more stars who haven't been booked yet for Balikbayan:

    • Ninja Ryujin, whose challenge to Rex Lawin was completely no-sold 
    • Ashura, who only ever seems to get booked as a surprise opponent

    We'll likely see some permutation of matches between these four, unless the company is ready to unleash some brand-new talents to close the year.


    Will you be rocking MCS this Saturday? What match has you the most excited? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!

    Tara, let's go!


    MWF Balikbayan is happening on Saturday, November 11, at the Makati Square Arena on Chino Roces Avenue, Makati. Tickets will sell for P250 and can be purchased at the event itself. Gates open at 3 PM, with bell time at 4 PM.

    Cover photo courtesy of "Hunting" Hub Pacheco.

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