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    Saturday, April 8, 2017


    The Manila Wrestling Federation finally made its much-anticipated solo debut with MWF Live: MWF x MCS today, Saturday, April 8, at the Makati Square Arena along Chino Roces Avenue.

    It was a lean-but-mean five-match card with some up-and-coming talents locking horns with the more established wrestlers on the roster.

    • Main Event—Manila Rules Match: Mr. Lucha vs. Robin Sane
    • Singles Match: Fabio Makisig vs. Ninja Ryujin
    • Singles Match: Gigz Stryker vs. Rex Lawin
    • House of Wrestling Showcase: Moises Liwanang vs. Hanzello Shilva
    • House of Wrestling Showcase: Morgan Vaughn vs. Frankie Thurteen

    As always, Smark Henry has you all covered with full results!


    Opening Segment—Commissioner Mike Shannon Speaks

    The show opened with Commissioner Mike Shannon introducing himself and throwing down the gauntlet by declaring MWF will one day be the greatest pro wrestling promotion in Southeast Asia.

    Match #1: Fabio Makisig vs. Ninja Ryujin

    Makisig made his entrance to boos and proceeded to run down the crowd for being fat and out of shape. Ryujin raced out to cut him off, and the match was on.

    Ninja gained an early advantage with a varied kick arsenal, but Fabio fought back with impressive flips—including the first standing shooting star press we've seen in Filipino wrestling.

    Ninja tried to fight back with what seemed to be an Asai DDT, only for his knee to give out. Makisig put him away with a roundhouse kick to the head dubbed the Primera Klasika Sipa for the pinfall.

    Winner: Fabio Makisig via pinfall

    Match #2: Moises Liwanag vs. Hanzello Shilva

    Liwanag introduced himself as the Son of Light, and offers the crowd enlightenment through his gospel, the Libro Ng Liwanag.

    Entertaining, hard-hitting match that saw Liwanag nearly steal the win with a rolling fireman's slam followed by a Warrior splash. Shilva fought back with an off-the-ropes armdrag into a knee strike called "Bel-Earth" for the pin.

    A peeved Liwanag attacked Shilva after the bell, dropping him with a crushing Liwanag sa Dilim uranage before walking out to boos.

    Winner: Hanzello Shilva via pinfall

    Promo Segment: Gus Queens Makes An Appearance

    Queens was introduced as Chief Financial Officer and investor of MWF, coming into the ring to once again thank the fans in attendance.

    Match #3: Rex Lawin vs. Gigz Stryker

    Queens revealed himself as the sponsor behind the husky Rex Lawin, who declared himself as the proponent of "Filipino Strong Style." Anyone who wants to get to Queens—in this case, the rugged Stryker—must apparently first get through the inaugural "Coach Gus Guy."

    Lawin dominated early with stiff kicks to Stryker's midsection and neck, before dismantling him with a spinebuster and powerslam. The "Action Star" fought back with Shoot to Kill (a step-up enzuigiri) and the Asintado Sharpshooter, only for Queens to break it up with a distraction.

    Stryker eventually dropped Lawin with Kalibre 3:16 for the hard-earned win.

    An irate Lawin ambushed Stryker after the bell, stunning him with a thunderous tilt-a-whirl gutwrench powerbomb to avenge his humiliating defeat.

    Winner: Gigz Stryker via pinfall

    Match #4: Morgan Vaughn vs. Frankie Thurteen

    The two hyperactive young stars put on an energetic show, with Vaughn targeting Thurteen's leg from the get-go, including a superkick to his knee as it was draped against the ringpost, followed by a vicious Figure 8.

    Thurteen mounted a spirited comeback with a superkick, short-arm Slingblade, and a top-rope legdrop for a near-fall. An Angel Bullet double stomp was enough to wrap up the hard-fought battle.

    Winner: Frankie Thurteen via pinfall

    Main Event—Manila Rules: Robin Sane vs. Mr. Lucha

    The two friends showed some sportsmanship at the start, with Robin Sane holding the ropes open for Lucha, and the two sharing a handshake before the bell.

    Round 1: Athletic demonstration between the two, with some nice chain wrestling mixed in with acrobatics. Lucha surprisingly held his own with Sane on this front, showing off some nimble cartwheels, rolls, and flips.

    Round 2: Lucha continued to outshine Sane on the acrobatic front, escaping a huracanrana with another impressive cartwheel. A Macho Man-esque top-rope axehandle to the outside dropped Sane, but he came back with a crazy tope suicida to the outside that drew the first "Holy shit" chant of the night.

    Round 3: All the aerial pyrotechnics seemed to have tired Lucha out, as he was slow to come out for the third round. Sane capitalized quickly with a pair of crushing neckbreakers, but fell victim to a vicious shoulderbreaker by his masked opponent. Two towering vertical suplexes ended the round for Mr. Lucha.

    Round 4: A battered Sane was showing the effects of Lucha's all-out power attack, barely making it to his feet for the opening bell, and crashing and burning on another rana attempt. A second try landed solidly to regain him the advantage. Sane seemed to have the match wrapped up with a stellar 450 splash called "The 450"—wow!—but the bell rang to close the round before he could capitalize.

    Round 5: Both men came out weary but desperate to end the match. Lucha overpowered his smaller foe with a spectacular powerbomb-into-DVD called "DVD X" to end the match.

    Winner: Mr. Lucha via pinfall


    What did you think of MWF's first outing, Henrinites? Which of their talents do you think has the most upside? Let us know your thoughts below, and we'll see you at the next show!
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