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    Thursday, March 2, 2017

    Impact Wrestling Reveals Second New Logo of 2017

    TNA might have lost the #BROKEN Hardys, Drew Galloway, and Mike Bennett, but you know how we know everything will be okay? Because they have a new logo.

    Fresh off the news that Impact Wrestling has finally found a new home in their incredibly vital UK market with Spike TV, sharp-eyed fans noticed yet another new brand insignia—the company's second in three months—in their new commercial spot.

    This new logo looks to replace the unpopular first logo under Anthem ownership that was leaked in January this year. It's certainly a more modern, digital-ready mark that will translate better across social media, web use, and branded merchandise than the previous "swooping owl" logo, with all its cheesy gradients, gratuitous drop shadows, and lazy beveling.

    The new logo also sees the return of the iconic hex-shaped element that defines TNA in most people's minds thanks to the six-sided ring the company has used throughout most of its history.

    The use of volt green is new to the TNA brand though, which has mainly been defined the last few years by blue and white. Could this be a subtle nod to Global Force Wrestling, which uses green as its main livery color, and is owned by the now-returned Jeff Jarrett?

    It's not a particularly inspired look, but we can probably agree it's a step up from where it was before.

    What do you think of the new TNA logo, Henrinites? Is it an improvement over the owl logo, or should they just have revived the 2016 logo all over again?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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