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    Wednesday, March 29, 2017

    Meet the Stars of the Manila Wrestling Federation (Part 1)

    For those of you who don't know, you should know—the Manila Wrestling Federation's first standalone show is less than two weeks away, and should be providing a completely unique pro wrestling experience.

    Apart from the unusual "Manila Rules" format that breaks the traditional continuous-flow match format into sub-rounds, the characters who make up the roster will also present a flavour you won't find in any other local wrestling promotion.

    While we know their A-list stars Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane will be competing in the main event of MWF Live on Saturday, April 8, at the Manila Square Arena, the promotion offers a diverse range of other signature athletes. MWF management promises we'll be getting a look at the rest of the roster in the days to come, but for now, let's check out the two who have officially been introduced via promo vignettes.

    Ninja Ryujin

    What do you get when you cross a fascination for parkour with MMA stylings and a Filipino street-style upbringing? Ninja Ryujin, that's who.

    Ryujin doesn't say much, as evidenced by his recent appearance in a radio interview, but he's clearly someone who punches above his weight, and promises to outweigh his opponents when it comes to fighting spirit.

    Looking like a character straight out of an 8-bit video game, we're not quite sure how he'll actually deliver in terms of in-ring skills, but he'll at least provide some sort of theatrical flair. The masked warrior actually had a pretty decent showing at last year's HisCON, going 1-1 in his matches after falling to Mr. Lucha but pulling off a major upset against Southeast Asian star Thaibarian.

    "Fabulous" Fabio Makisig

    The whirling dervish of Filipino pro wrestling could potentially steal the show with his array of flips and aerial pyrotechnics, but the man known as Fabio Makisig doesn't seem like the type to care much about crowd adoration.

    The trash-talking loudmouth claims "walang kasinlupit, walang kasing-astig," and we're ready to believe that. Check out his moves.

    The dude is jacked to the gills, and is clearly MWF's best physical specimen to date. Whether he can prove himself in the ring is the question he needs to answer—Makisig made an appearance at MWF's guest appearance at last year's HisCON, and couldn't quite overcome either Robin Sane or Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW)'s Alexis Lee. Let's see if the Master of the Moonsault can put on a better outing this time around.


    What's your take on these two talents, Henrinites? Do you like the flavour MWF if bringing to the local pro wrestling table? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at MWF Live on April 8.


    MWF Live: MWF x MCS is happening on Saturday, April 8, at the Manila Square Arena on the second floor of Makati Square along Pasong Tamo, Makati. Tickets cost P250, and can be purchased at the gate. Doors open at 3PM, with the bell ringing at 4PM.
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