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    Monday, February 27, 2017

    The Ultimate PWR: Path of Gold 2017 Mixtape

    PWR: Path of Gold 2017 may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean people aren't going to be talking about its countless highlights for months to come. From highspot parties to Sonic Crusher buffets to seven-man corner avalanches, the show had it all. No wonder so many audience members were positively giddy after the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's latest effort.

    So before our memories go stale, we've compiled a mixtape of the various memorable moments that will we think best defined the show.

    1. Rederick Mahaba unleashes the Big Bang Genki Dama Corner Splash

    We all know Rederick Mahaba is all about bringing some much-needed size to PWR, but who would have thought the 320-pound Intimate Warrior had enough raging manhood to squash not one, not two, but seven PWR stars with just one move?

    Damn. Our ribs ache just from watching that.

    2. Sonic Crusher unlipops

    Whether you like his sassy new attitude or not, there's no denying that former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi is one of the deadliest competitors in the local wrestling scene, especially when it comes to dishing out his patented Sonic Crusher #FromOuttaNowhere. Here he is spamming every member of the night's de facto Team Kupal with his mighty move.

    Woof. Say good night, assholes.

    3. Chris Panzer's golden frog splash

    We think it's safe to say that Panzer's days as PWR's ultimate choke artist are way behind him. The brutal Tombstone-frog splash combo he used to win the Path of Gold match was glorious to behold, and puts him on a collision course for John Sebastian's PWR Championship at Wrevolution X.

    You deserve it indeed, Papa P.

    4. The superkick ménage-a-quatre

    If one superkick is good, and two superkicks are great, what do you call four simultaneous superkicks? Jake De Leon, Ken Warren, and the YOLO Twins are PWR's top practitioners of the move, and it looked like all four men had each other trapped in a classic Mexican stand-off, until...

    Oh well. We hear Medical City is offering a great group deal on four-way dental packages.

    5. Peter Versoza's Maxx-sized superplex

    It's hard enough getting Main Maxx off his feet, so imagine how much pure strength it took PHX Champion Peter Versoza to dish out the Philippines' largest superplex onto the mammoth Pride of Ilocos Norte.

    We won't say we predicted Versoza retaining his gold, but after seeing this move, we pretty much figured the match was in the bag.

    6. Tower of Doom, Alipin-style

    As much as everyone loves the Tower of Doom, there's no denying it can be pretty cliche in multi-man matches. Leave it to John Sebastian, Jake De Leon, and The Apocalypse to remix this awesome spot into an Alipin Drop-flavored version that earned a monster "Holy shit!" chant from fans in attendance.

    Don't try this at home, kids.

    7. Martivo's StinkTwerkface

    "The Man-Doll" Martivo certainly sports one of the more unconventional offensive sets on the PWR roster, but perhaps that's why he get such rave reviews from his Rainbow Squad. Here's the flamboyant fighter putting on a twerking display that would put Miley to shame.

    A post shared by Ryan Songalia (@ryansongalia) on
    Poor Mike Madrigal. He's gonna need some heavy duty disinfectant after that.

    8. JDL's Orocannonball

    Two-time PWR Champion Jake De Leon may look like one chunky dude, but he certainly knows how to make the most of his Bacolod-bred heft. This Orocan-powered corner cannonball on The Apocalypse showed us why "The Senyorito" is known as one of the promotion's springiest competitors.

    A post shared by Ryan Songalia (@ryansongalia) on
    Bah Gawd, JDL. That Orocan had a family!

    9. Rederick Mahaba puts some mustard on his Jaccolade

    We'll be honest with you: We'd never ever volunteer to take Rederick Mahaba's Jaccolade. That move is just damn filthy. But whether or not you think of it as a comedy move (hint: It's not. You try sucking on a 300-pounder's sweaty nutsack and tell us how funny that is), the King of Schlong Style certainly put some serious MMA cred on it by transitioning it into a triangle choke on the unfortunate Alexander Belmonte III.

    Frankly, we don't know how AB3 held on as long as he did. We'd have tapped from the moment we first got teabagged.

    10. High Spot Party

    What's a Path of Gold match without a signature train wreck sequence? We completely enjoyed the quick succession of acrobatic attacks that the Bayanihan Center crowd roaring with pleasure.

    A post shared by Mark De Joya (@mdjsuperstar) on

    A post shared by Mark De Joya (@mdjsuperstar) on

    A post shared by Mark De Joya (@mdjsuperstar) on

    A post shared by Mark De Joya (@mdjsuperstar) on

    Who says PWR wrestlers aren't "real" athletes? They may not be professional trickers, but they're some of the greatest showmen in the country today.


    What was your favorite highlight reel moment of the night? Got any more of your own to share? Hit us up with the link in the comments section below!

    Photo and footage courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Ralph Imabayashi, and Ryan Songalia.
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