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    Monday, February 20, 2017

    [POLL] Who Will Win The Path of Gold?

    The Philippine Wrestling Revolution championship scene is going into overdrive with both current PWR Champion John Sebastian and PHX Champion Peter Versoza defending their respective belts at PWR: Path of Gold 2017. But what's really gotten the Revo-Nation rabid is the promise of the first ever 20-wrestler Path of Gold elimination match to determine the next number one contender for either title.

    With nearly the entire roster booked to enter the match, fans are running wild with their predictions as to who will follow in Jake De Leon's footsteps as the pioneering winner of this unique match format.

    PWR opened a poll to see who fans think will win this year's edition of Path of Gold.


    With just over a week's worth of votes, it's rather clear which PWR stars have the most fan support lined up for them heading into the 20-wrestler spectacle. Here's our analysis of the top seven favorites to win this grueling match based on fan predictions.

    "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto

    The runaway leader is none other than the winner of last year's PHX Championship Gauntlet, The Network's own "Golden Boy" Chino Guinto.

    You wouldn't know it from looking, but Guinto has one of the best motors on the roster today. From bell to bell, the Network's top downline can keep a match in fifth gear with his highlight reel arsenal, and is coming off a hot win against former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi at last month's show. 2017 could be the year of the Golden Boy, and a win over 19 other wrestlers could be what takes him to the next level.

    Our verdict: He's PWR's ultimate opportunist, and his Gold Digger stomp is deadly. Whether he comes in at #1 or #20, this is his match to lose. #BLESSED

    Rederick Mahaba

    The 320-pound Mahaba is a battleship in the ring, battering his foes with a punishing array of splashes and slams. But while he's shown tons more mobility and agility than anyone suspected, we have to wonder if he has the conditioning to survive the gruelling gauntlet known as the Path of Gold.

    If the King of Schlong Style gets a lucky draw and enters the match late, he could have a fighting chance. Stick him anywhere in the front half of the battle though and Mahaba is liable to run out of gas.

    And that's not even considering the latest news that his spot in the match will be up for grabs against the man who defeated him at Bagong Yugto, Alexander Belmonte III of The Network. Even if he does retain his place, he'll be coming into the Path of Gold tired as hell.

    Our verdict: We love Rederick Mahaba, but his chances of winning hinge entirely on where he comes in. He's all heart in the ring, but that often means he's got less and less to give as the match goes on—especially with a match against AB3 before he even enters the PoG. Don't bet the house on him, folks.

    Chris Panzer

    Papa Panzer is on a mini-resurgence as of late, successfully shedding his mid-career label as PWR's biggest choke artist with convincing wins against both Chino Guinto and his archrival Ken Warren. He seems to be peaking at the right time, and could use this match to leapfrog his way to the top of the contender pyramid.

    Panzer certainly has all the tools to credibly challenge for championship gold; both his Panzerschreck bicycle kick and top-rope frog splash can end a match in a flash. Can he get his game together in the biggest match of his life? Signs point to yes.

    Our verdict: We could see Panzer making it all the way to the final two in this match, and legitimize himself as the company's second biggest fan favorite behind JDL. We only have one request for whoever he faces in the end: #WagSaMukha.

    Kanto Terror

    We understand the appeal of Kanto Terror as one of the most iconic personalities in PWR. Heck, his epic ring entrance was one of the company's first true viral moments. But let's be honest: he's got nothing to give in the ring. He's clumsy, uncoordinated, and not much of an athlete.

    Don't bet on Kanto Terror to put up more than a token appearance—that is, if he even makes it into this match. As of press time, he's not even officially announced as a participant, and given the quality of the other warriors in the ring, we don't expect him to be. The man is tough as nails, but that just won't be enough for a match of this calibre.

    Our verdict: Unless announced as a last minute filler, don't bet on the Siga of Kanto Tinio to be part of the match.


    She's one of the more popular PWR talents today, with a very vocal fanbase. And after dispatching both Peter Versoza and James "Idol" Martinez in her last two matches, she's finally coming into her own as a legit star. She'll be outgunned, outweighed, and outsized, but that's never stopped the Bad-Ass Babe of local wrestling.

    We'd love to see Crystal rise to the top in this match and insert herself into the PHX Championship scene. After all, we haven't forgotten her long-standing beef with current champion Peter Versoza. If poetic justice aligns, expect to see a great answer to the question of who runs the world.

    Our verdict: It would certainly be a stamp of legitimacy for today's crop of women's wrestlers if Crystal can win this, but we doubt she'll get as lucky as she did in last year's PHX Gauntlet, where the luck of the draw allowed her to enter last. One way or another, we think Versoza will find some way to make sure she doesn't win.

    Ken Warren

    Rusty, out of sync, and battling for his second wind—that was Ken Warren in a nutshell after coming out of his six-month hiatus to face Chris Panzer last month. We know the former PHX Kingpin has all the skills to be a top superstar in the company, but he's asking too much of his body too soon.

    He'll be good for a couple of eliminations—this is Ken F'n Warren after all—but until we see otherwise, we've got to believe he's still lacking the superior conditioning that drove his championship run a year ago.

    Our verdict: A definite top-two performer in the 2018 Path of Gold. For 2017, maybe not as much.


    Where the hell does the Pinoy Tecnico go from here? From his historic 0-7 losing streak in PWR's early years, he turned things around to successfully rise to the #1 contendership for the PHX Championship, only to get crushed by then-champ Main Maxx before falling flat in a deflating loss to The Apocalypse last time out.

    More than for anyone else in the match, this is a must-win for the proud Southern Warrior, lest he risk spinning back into irrelevance in the PWR Championship scene. We know he's got the cardio, the skills, and the moveset to dominate in this match, but can he get his head together and dominate the way he did at last year's PHX Championship Gauntlet? For the sake of his standing in the company, we sure hope so.

    Our verdict: SANDATA is one of the streakiest shooters in the game; it all depends whether he can shoot his shot early and build up momentum to last until the end.


    Who do you think will rise above at the Path of Gold match, Revo-Nation? Let us know your predictions, and we'll see you this Sunday at the Unilab Bayanihan Center at 2 PM.


    PWR: Path of Gold 2017 is happening on Sunday, February 26, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. Bell time is at 2 PM.

    P350 early bird tickets or P999 barkada trio packages can be availed of by messaging the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at the gate for the full price of P400.

    Photos by "Hillbilly" Hub Pacheco.
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