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    Thursday, December 15, 2016

    Live From The 205 (12/13/16): Stranger Things

    Not sure if John Mayer's a fan of wrestling, but he may be on to something there as 205 Live was on for December 13 this week.

    A supposed "60 minute viral video of a cavalcade of global athletes" (Ranallo, 2016) seemingly was more like the flow of a clunky, beat-up 1998 Corolla with acceleration glitches cruising down village streets full of humps. It actually felt like an extended version of the Cruiserweight showcase on RAW, only this time, there were no commercials or comedy segments to save them from being worst of the night.

    For a division that was mainly recognized for its ebb and flow, 205 Live has fallen short of expectations so far. It may be the flow of the segments, uninspired performances, or the way RAW figures into the Cruiserweight universe, but it seems like the cohesion of this episode, at least, is murky at best and unfortunately, the magic of the CWC is running out fast.

    In a match pitting two different technical styles, we get another showing from Jack Gallagher—this time taking on, and winning, against Drew Gulak—but with much of the same antics all around. If they're planning to use the Extraordinary Gentleman as the fourth face of the division, they run the risk of turning him into the third Vaudevillain if we see him in the same scenario week in and week out. While it was nice seeing him politely interfere in Daivari's match on RAW the previous night, wouldn't it be nice if they moved their storyline movements on the show that was created specifically for them? Not even that friendly backstage confrontation makes the progression of this feud convincing.

    We finally see a luchador debut on 205 Live with Lince Dorado!

    And it was a high-flying affair between him and Mustafa Ali, although the Golden Lynx's debut showing fizzled out quickly like it did on RAW. The difference was that on RAW, he was an accessory piece to the Daivari-Gallagher feud whereas here with the spotlight on him, he didn't shine quite as bright because he wasn't able to showcase much against Ali, who was also debuting. The finish had both men figure in a anti-climactic double countout but a post-match cheap shot by Ali could mean we could still see more from these competitors. Here's hoping we see more of what they offer to the table.

    One thing that seems to go for 205 Live is the establishment of a main event program, which isn't close to being perfect either. The Cruiserweight Championship will be defended at Roadblock: End of the Line between three men who, at this point in time, are expected to lead the division. Unfortunately, we saw a rock-paper-scissors-like booking based on the previous shows having a formula of:

    The Brian Kendrick > TJ Perkins > Rich Swann > The Brian Kendrick

    This week we had TJP take on Rich Swann in a solid technical match that saw more time on the mat than aerial athletics. It was also a strange finish, which TJP won cleanly by tapping Swann out via kneebar. He then stood strong after superkicking TBK and cocked one at Swann before walking out. Clearly, they're booking TJP as the tweener in this match, although he hasn't shown much to prove he can swing his inner dark side (maybe Mick can help?)

    Kendrick was on commentary during this match and being the talented veteran that he is, he used it to further established his presence in a match that didn't feature him, while solidifying the cunning and sly intentions of his character. Curiously, Aries wasn't as talkative during this period. Would've been nice to see how Mauro maneuvers around these personalities while calling this match.

    We are well into the third week for 205 Live, yet we're still raising questions that are now begging to be answered.

    What is the show meant to be? Is it the clear-cut fourt show behind the Big Two and NXT or is it just an extension of the CWC meant to recreate the magic that they created in that tournament.

    The buzz is fizzling out quickly and 205 Live has got to live up to its name by picking up its momentum. Maybe with the tapings now happening before RAW, we can get a more emotionally-charged and fresher crowd who can get behind the matches. And we definitely need to see the remaining half of the roster beyond than the vignettes being shown.

    205 Live has got to shape up soon or else gravity will bring them down.


    Live Jives:
    • Spot of the Night: Lince Dorado tilt-a-whirl headscissors to Mustafa Ali on the ring apron down to the floor.
    • Line of the Night:  Mauro Ranallo: "Hyperbole is the greatest word ever!"
    • We get a vignette of Alicia Fox and Noam Dar backstage, referencing last week's shout out of Dar to Alicia to which we get Alicia confirming Cedric as her boyfriend. So that's it? No explanation?

    Quick Results:
    Jack Gallagher def Drew Gulak via Running Dropkick 
    Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali ended in a double countout
    TJ Perkins def Rich Swann via Kneebar submission 

    Photos from WWE.com


    Lynch Imbat (@imbatlynch) believes that wrestling truly is golden. Unsure if it were the plastic chair shots to the head, pro wrestling has altered his ways of understanding the intricacies of the world through finely crafted storylines and savagely fought feuds. Now that he has found a community of wrestling marks, he continues to learn and understand more while sharing his own views about wrestling.
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