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    Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    PWR Live: Suplex Sunday Preview—PHX Championship Glory At Stake

    Wrestling purists might argue that the Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) division of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution has been the highlight of each PWR show the past few months. And that's a fair point. While the likes of "Classical" Bryan Leo, Jake De Leon, and Ralph Imabayashi may have dominated the PWR Championship scene, the massive Main Maxx has quietly carved out a niche of his own as king of the hybrids, using his unique mix of power and agility to put on some of the best matches in Philippine wrestling today.

    No wonder the PWR fanbase has been whipping up a frenzy over one of the top matches for PWR Live: Suplex Sunday this November 13 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center, when Maxx puts his seemingly-invincible reign on the line against the most unlikely of challengers, the "Pinoy Tecnico" SANDATA .

    Silent Rage

    Here's some food for thought: Main Maxx has been PWR's MVP for 2016. Nobody has had to stretch himself against such a wide range of opponents as he has—from the cunning Ken Warren to the flashy Chris Panzer to the tough-as-nails Chino Guinto to the never-say-die Crystal—and he's never put on a bad match.

    When you're as big and powerful as Main Maxx, it's easy to get typecast as a slow, plodding hoss who "can't work." But the Big Rocket from Ilocos Norte continues to surprise us each time out with his awe-inspiring all-around talents. Just ask his last two victims in Crystal and Chino Guinto; getting in the ring with him is like getting backed into by an Isuzu Elf. He's a monster.

    But we may have seen some cracks developing in Main Maxx's impregnable armor.

    Maxx is at his best when he's in full-on mindless monster mode; the dude genuinely has no conscience when he's dishing out punishment in the ring. But in his previous match against Crystal, we saw emotions we'd never seen him display before: Pity. Guilt. Sympathy. The monster revealed his human side for the first time, refusing to blast her with his spine-crushing Blitzkrieg finisher, and saving her from a post-match assault by his very stablemate Peter Versoza .

    SANDATA will have to find a way to take advantage of this potential glimmer of weakness in the PHX Champion. It may be the only opportunity he can get.


    Speaking of SANDATA, who would have predicted a year ago that he would be in this spot as #1 contender for the PHX Championship? We'd all left him for dead after an early-career 0-7 skid that had fans thinking he'd be a PWR washout, following in the footsteps of forgotten roster cuts like Mike Vargas and Robin Sane.

    But how he's rebounded since then has even nothing short of jaw-dropping. Ever since his short hiatus for some soul-searching, the Pinoy Tecnico has reinvented himself with a new attitude, new ring gear, and a deadly new ankle lock in his arsenal that's tapped out the likes of Joey Bax and Guinto.

    Don't let the mask fool you into treating SANDATA as a generic lucha-inspired high flyer. He wrestles a well-balanced all-around ring style, combining a whip-quick striking arsenal with vicious submissions and top-rope acrobatics. Don't forget—this is the same guy who pulled off the first top-rope huracanrana in Philippine wrestling history.

    He'll be out-sized, out-muscled, and out-weighed. Expect SANDATA to wrestle the smartest match of his life in his quest to complete the greatest Cinderella comeback in PWR.

    Our Prediction 

    Main Maxx will look to leverage his power advantage early on, wearing down SANDATA with big-time slams and suplexes to knock the breath out of him and keep him from switching up the match to high gear. He's no surgical submission artist, so expect him to have a single gameplan to maim SANDATA, steal his breath, and render him unable to take to the top rope.

    On the other hand, SANDATA will try to start hard and fast, gassing Maxx early on to maximize his superior cardiovascular conditioning, and leave him gasping for air. He'll aim to cripple him with pinpoint submissions to keep the PHX Champion from a vertical base, where he can do the most damage.

    But all it takes is one focused onslaught by Main Maxx to turn any match around, and we expect PWR's longest-reigning PHX Champion to prove to be too big, too strong, too mean to drop the belt to a man he outweighs by a hundred pounds. This will be the match of the night, but unfortunately for SANDATA fans, we won't be seeing a victory parade for the masked fan favorite.

    Winner: Main Maxx via pinfall.


    What do you think of our match prediction, Revo-Nation? Will SANDATA bring a happy ending to his Cinderella story, or will Silent Rage reign supreme? Let us know in the comments section, and we'll see you at PWR Live: Suplex Sunday.


    PWR Live: Suplex Sunday is happening Sunday, November 13, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. Gates open at 2 PM, and tickets can be purchased at the venue for P400. For inquiries on advance discount sales, contact the Philippine Wrestling Revolution by calling +63 942 000 2007, emailing at pwr.tickets@gmail.com, or sending them a DM on their official Facebook page

    Pre-selling partners until November 12 are The Appraisery at Cubao Expo, Wingman at the Collective on Malugay Street in Makati, or Playbook Video Game Lounge & Bookshop at Circuit Makati or Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque. 

    All photos are by "Hot Stuff" Hub Pacheco.

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