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    Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    PWR Live: Suplex Sunday Preview—Mike Madrigal's Search For A Mystery Partner

    During the festivities of PWR: Renaissance 2016, the rookie Mike Madrigal took on another youngblood in the form of Robynn. What transpired was an exciting match that ended up in Madrigal's favor, wherein he pinned the earnest punk rocker after hitting the GTS.

    But in true kupal fashion, he was far from done with the punishment he meted when he started to attack her even when the match had already concluded. Thankfully, the Fighters 4 Hire, Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales, came out to put a halt to the assault.

    The Tito and The Beast were still seething from the sheer douchebaggery of Madrigal, which led them to challenge Madrigal to a tag-team match for PWR Live: Suplex Sunday this November 13 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center.

    What they didn't account for, however, was who would have the patience or deep sense of self-loathing to actually partner up with the likes of Madrigal?

    That's a valid question. Let us help you out... but not because we want to.


    Kanto Terror

    With the other half of Beer Promdi out of action for the foreseeable future, Kanto Terror is in need of someone to take on the action when he's too drunk to function. With the pickings looking very slim at the moment, you'd wonder how much alcohol the Tambay of Kanto Tinio would have to imbibe to make Madrigal seem bearable.

    This much, I assume.

    It sounds highly unlikely, to be honest. But hey, you never know what drunk people are capable of when logical thinking gets washed away by a case of Red Horse.

    Ken Warren

    The Social Media Sinister has only made his presence felt online ever since his deliberate countout loss during PWR Live: The Shawdown against Rederick Mahaba. Nary a peep of the guy was seen during Renaissance, with his fans seemingly wondering when the Twitter Tyrant will make his return to the PWR ring. To recap, he left the match in a foul mood after being paired against Mahaba, whom he considered unworthy of his greatness. He blamed it all on the lack of an authority figure to book matches befitting a former champion.

    "The belt couldn't even fit around you, KAYA SHUT UP KA NA LANG." - Inaccurate recollection of what was said that night.

    Could this be the moment that his followers have been waiting for? He mentioned on his page that he was only ever going to come back if he was given a title shot, but you may never know. The internet has a way of forgetting people who have been far too long from the spotlight. This may be him letting the world know he's been right there all along. Just like that guy who lurks in group chats but never replies.

    Vlad Sinnsyk

    Who would be crazy enough to join the Douchebag of Death Valle Verde in the same corner? Oh... probably this guy. Outside of the main PWR continuity, Madrigal and Sinnsyk shared the ring together with Miguel Rosales in a three-way match on Day 2 of AsiaPop.

    Yep, "teamwork".

    The Crazy Kupals has a nice ring to it as a potential tag team name if ever this were to happen. With so many voices already lurking around in Sinnsyk's head, what's one more annoying d-bag?

    Desperate times.

    The Apocalypse

    Speaking of desperation, Madrigal would have to be extremely in need if he were to call on The Bearer of Destruction to his side. One can already imagine Madrigal searching for the ritual to summon Apocalypse right next to the tab of the spoilers for this week's Westworld.


    Apocalypse has been on the warpath ever since missing his chance at the PWR Championship by taking out the other runner-up from that match, Chris Panzer, in an All-Out War during Renaissance. He made the leader of the Panzer Army bleed profusely from the impact of a fluorescent light tube on the back. This is the kind of intensity that Madrigal badly needs going against The Fighters 4 Hire. Whether or not they turn on each other in the end is a matter that is almost guaranteed.


    Those are the top 4 choices that we at Smark Henry are banking on, given the ones with no matches yet announced. To be honest, it really is still up in the air on who The Walking Dead Spoiler will choose when the bell rings. He's certainly tried to weasel out of the situation, only to be blocked by the returning Mr. Sy.

    Nakatapat ka din.

    It remains to be seen who will answer the call, if any would at all. Madrigal didn't make it easy for himself at all with his reputation. Let's just hope someone is willing to bite the bullet to keep the match afloat.

    Sige na, Poch.


    Who do you think will answer the call of PWR's biggest kupal? Do you think we'll be seeing the return to action of Ken Warren? Or could we be witnessing an unlikely pairing with Kanto Terror? Let us know your guess, and we'll be seeing you this Sunday! 


    PWR Live: Suplex Sunday is happening Sunday, November 13, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. Gates open at 2 PM, and tickets can be purchased at the venue for P400. For inquiries on advance discount sales, contact the Philippine Wrestling Revolution by calling +63 942 000 2007, emailing at pwr.tickets@gmail.com, or sending them a DM on their official Facebook page

    Pre-selling partners until November 12 are The Appraisery at Cubao Expo, Wingman at the Collective on Malugay Street in Makati, or Playbook Video Game Lounge & Bookshop at Circuit Makati or Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque. 

    All photos are by "Hot Stuff" Hub Pacheco.
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