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    Sunday, November 13, 2016

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Live: Suplex Sunday

    PWR Live: Suplex Sunday is in the record books, and the hundreds of PWR fans who converged at the Unilab Bayanihan Center to worship at the shrine of pro wrestling witnessed a card to remember.

    We've got full match-by-match results for everyone who couldn't make it, including a couple of breakthrough wins for some floundering PWR talents, a slew of surprise partners, and a pair of thrilling championship contests. 

    Let's get to it, Revo-Nation! 



    Match #1—Kanto Terror Open Challenge: Kanto Terror vs. Trabajador Maximo


    Kanto Terror opened the show by issuing an open challenge, answered by the debuting Trabajador Supremo. Supremo was accompanied by his Secret Council of Trabajadores—including the gargantuan Trabajador Maximo, who drew the short straw for the match.

    The Terror of Kanto Tinio Street made short work of the masked Maximo, walloping him with a giant Lakas Tama rolling elbow as the opening bell rung for the quick three-count.

    Winner: Kanto Terror via pinfall

    Apocalypse made his way out to the ring. What kind of carnage lay in store for his opponent?

    Match #2: The Apocalypse vs. Dax Xaviera 

    The rookie Dax Xaviera, better known as one half of Delirium, was in for the most monumental test of his young career, squaring off against the man who literally sliced Chris Panzer into bloody ribbons his last match out.

    Xaviera's night was short-lived, as Apocalypse finished him off with a brutal stomp, then fended off an attempted Delirium double-team after the match.

    Winner: Apocalypse via pinfall


    Main Show

    Match #1: YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores) vs. Punk Dolls (Martivo & Robynn) 

    This was an extremely enthusiastic match between some of the most charismatic talents in PWR today.

    The YOLO Twins dazzled with their trademark tandem offense, dispatching their foes earlier on with stereo super kicks.

    Ultimately, the twins went down in shock defeat after an O'Connor Roll from out of nowhere by the Man-Doll Martivo.

    Winners: Punk Dolls via pinfall

    Promo Segment: State of the Network Address (SONA)

    The Network was out in full force to give the Revo-Nation a status update on their latest happenings.

    James "Idol" Martinez formally introduced the mystery downline who helped him slip past Ralph Imabayashi at Renaissance as Alexander Belmonte III. Imabayashi then came out to interrupt the segment as Idol declared himself the "uncrowned King of PWR."

    Ralph proceeded to challenge the Network to a fight, calling out Rederick Mahaba as his partner.

    Match #2: The Network (James Idol Martinez & Alexander Belmonte III) vs. Ralph Imabayashi & Rederick Mahaba 

    Martinez was caught flat-footed by the impromptu match, quickly getting pounded with some hard-hitting offense from his two nemeses.

    Imabayashi and Mahaba showed off some great chemistry to nail the win after trapping Belmonte with the Fall of Ninja From Sakura Tree (assisted Sonic Crusher).

    Winners: MTNH via pinfall

    Match #3: Keivan Skull vs. Vintendo

    The masked Keivan Skull finally made his official debut on the PWR main roster, hoping to impress against a winless Vintendo.

    The Fighting Gamer finally prevailed in a bowling shoe-ugly match, securing his first PWR victory ever with his High Score choke slam.

    Winner: Vintendo via pinfall

    An irate Skull assaulted a PWR staffer post-match, capping off a ringside tantrum with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

    Match #4—PHX Championship: SANDATA vs. Main Maxx (c) 

    Both men were in stellar form early on, with a high-energy exchange drawing the first "This is awesome" chant of the show. Maxx looked to have his masked foe figured out, dismantling him with his own dominant submission game, leaping sentons, and big strikes to slow the match down, keeping the high-flyer grounded.

    SANDATA fought back, eventually trapping the longest-reigning PHX Champion in PWR history with his trademark ankle lock, then setting up for a top-rope huracanrana that could potentially end the match. Maxx reversed that into a top-rope superbomb however to retain the white-and-gold.

    Winner: Main Maxx via pinfall

    After the match, Maxx's Royal Flush stablemate Peter Versoza slithered into the ring to lay a beatdown on the fallen SANDATA. Maxx stopped him in his tracks, only to eat a quick Petegree by the Bulacan Babe Magnet. Looks like the Royal Flush is no more.

    Match #5: Crystal vs. Peter Versoza 

    Fine match between the two arch rivals to match the intensity of their first encounter at Vendetta. Versoza continued his douchebag ways to start the match, leveling Crystal with some low blows.

    Crystal fought back with her usual crowd-pleasing offense, and took advantage of a Main Maxx Blitzkrieg Bomb onto Versoza after a ref bump to claim her first victory in PWR with a jaw-rattling Eat Defeat.

    Winner: Crystal via pinfall

    Match #6: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax & Miguel Rosales) vs. Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk 

    The sneering, enigmatic Vlad Sinnsyk revealed himself as Mike Madrigal's mystery partner. Both squads seemed evenly-matched early on, with the veteran F4H asserting themselves via their trademark methodical, grind-it-down offense.

    Sinnsyk and Madrigal fought back hard with their chaotic, bone-splitting style, flooring F4H with an out-of-the-ring dive by Sinnsyk. Both teams dueled wildly in the crowd, leading to a double count-out.

    Winner: Draw via double count-out 

    Match #7: Chris Panzer vs. "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto

    The two young lions of PWR came out with guns blazing, each hoping to bounce back from their respective defeats at Renaissance last month.

    The crowd seemed evenly split between supporting the two, but Panzer did just enough to seize a satisfying win after a top-rope frog splash.

    Winner: Chris Panzer via pinfall

    Match #8—Bacolod Bullrope Match for the PWR Championship: John Sebastian vs. Jake De Leon (c) 

    If anyone thought Jake De Leon would be sitting pretty after his convincing championship defense against John Sebastian last month, they were sadly mistaken. JDL was a house on fire from the get-go, mauling the self-proclaimed "Wrestling Lord and Savior" with the Bacolod Bullrope early on.

    But Sebastian was too good this time out, flooring the Senyorito with a low blow, a cowbell shot, and a Killshot to the skull to claim his first PWR Championship reign.

    Winner and NEW PWR Champion: John Sebastian via pinfall


    What did you think of Suplex Sunday, Revo-Nation? Is John Sebastian winning the gold going to be good news or bad news for the Philippine wrestling scene? Let us know your thoughts below!


    Photos courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Rappler, and Smark Henry. 
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